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Good Morning Ms Moggy and Fellow Goldhearts

Posted by Farmboy @ 8:33 on July 25, 2014  

Moggy, I do believe I recognize that little paw sneaking up between the cracks. Sneaky things those cats. lol

Thanks for the coffee ! Off to pick a few blackberries and play in the garden while the morning temperatures suit me best.

Mr Cooper, That post from 2005 was pretty depressing. Seems my spelling and correct use of the English language has shown no improvement in almost ten years. And my adventures are not so exciting anymore. The blackberry patch seems to be about as far as I get from home these days.


Every now and then I do think about those fellas from long ago. I hope they made their fortunes in the jungle of a war torn country. Had to admire their independence and courage in what they were doing even if I did not understand it much at the time. Reckon there is some sort of kindred spirit amongst adventures of all kinds.


Did the heart good to see the gals of the Oasis kicking up their heels a little yesterday and posting.  Even that pesky ole Augal. Yep, good to see all of them.


Well, somebody go throw some ice water on Mad Mike and get him moving. Check back in later, Farmboy

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.