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Posted by Maya @ 23:24 on July 25, 2014  

Why would they have sleeper cars on a train like that going through MadMike’s territory?  Who would ever want to sleep when you are getting a ride through beautiful scenery like that.”
Well… when it gets dark there’s not much scenery to look at, and I guess some people like to sleep at night!  🙂

“The Canadian” is a trans-Canada train that runs for days across the continent, and you gotta sleep sometime.  I suspect they arrange the train schedule so that the most beautiful parts of the line are crossed during daylight hours so passengers can enjoy the scenery.

I know the old “California Zephyr” from Chicago to the west coast was scheduled to cross the most scenic parts of the mountains during daylight hours that way, and I am told that the Amtrak  “Empire Builder” from Chicago to Seattle on the westbound run is also scheduled so it passes through Glacier Park in the Rocky Mountains during daylight hours for the passengers’ enjoyment.

The best part about train travel is that you don’t have to drive and pay attention to traffic and roads.  One is free to enjoy the full rapture of the scenery going by!

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