Within the next 3 hours Goldtent will Disappear into Cyber ether

Goldtent Posters Paradise has been connecting Goldbugs World wide since 2006

Audept and Fullgoldcrown are Extremely Proud to have conceived and created

and Funded this Incredible Free Resource which fostered so many friendships worldwide

We were even so fortunate as to have many members send $100 to help offset costs over the years

The many THOUSANDS of HOURS donated to this Cause have all been worth it

To the Thousands of Lurkers …some whom we have met personally …thanks for looking in and making

goldtent your favorite bar

To the hundreds of Posters over the years thanks for the memories

We feel blessed by this turn of events

We feel liberated

We Start Fresh Anew

The Archives will be purged

Out with the old and INN with the New

The Bottomz INN for Goldtent

we’ll be Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack !

Love you guys



I raise my Glass and Salute you