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The Fed

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:30 on July 22, 2014  

Should continue to buy DEBT until they have ALL us DEBT on THEIR Balance sheet ,not the US TREASURY Balance sheet .THENNNNN

shut them down and send them back to LONDON  like Andrew Jackson did !      Maybe while there at it they can take some private debt also like STUDENT LOANS that THEY are responsible for since they are PREDATORY LENDERS  .also the Mortgage LOANS under water ….W e need a clean sweep and a new beginning…..Then we need to re-establish some morality to lending and bring back interest rate CAPS .If a loan is so risky it deserved a 24 % interest rate ,it shouldn’t have been made to start with !Why encourage the poor to get into debt they cant possibly get out of  ? How is that helping the Poor ? Its immoral ?

Yes Morality needs to be re established…How does the Government justify telling lenders they cant refuse loans to the Poor ,but can charge them 24% interest rates ? This is what Liberals have brought us.! Usuary LAWS need to come BACK .Virginia use to have them ,now you can buy a car and lose your house if you dont pay the outrageous rates..now  we have become a Predatory Lender State due to political Contributions by MONEY LENDERS ! Usuary laws set a 12 % CAP on loans to everyone PERIOD .IF Lenders cant live with that ,dont make the LOAN….Give them assistance ! Its cheaper than everybody subsidising bad Loans.


MY Banker friend tells me 2% of credit card loans goes to pay for non payment defaulted loans.What it amounts to is ALL of us pay 2  % more to the LOAN SHARKS to pay the difference .Why give a SUBSIDY  to the Money Lenders ! Thats all it amounts to ! Send the FED Packing ! THROW  the money changers out of the TEMPLE again…nothing has changed in 2000 years ..

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.