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Posted by Ororeef @ 14:24 on July 22, 2014  

RGLD is a good choice ,I use FNV  for the same reason ..buy,buy.buy    no debt., cash cow ,no employees(almost),no energy costs,NO Labor Costs .

The money just rolls iin and is currently used to rinse and repeat  until there are no more deals left than they have FREE CASH FLOWS of BILLIONS ber year  to distribute for DIVIDENDS ,buy backs etc..NO DEBT…RGLD ,FNV,SLW ,SAND  ….. I see no reason why RGLD,FNV,SLW wouldent sell at 500 /share based on cash flow alone….I been telling that story for 5 years now and few were listineng…..Most people thing they are MINING companies ..thay are NOT !

THey are mining FINANCE COmpanies   How would you like to borrow money at $4 per ounce and lend it at $21 per ounce     THATS a good LOAN to MAKE !

AND the $4 borrow cost stays the SAME and the Lend COST goes up with the SIlver price …your pay back is unlimited only by the top price for Silver…

You must think different with these companies ..they are not mining operations …they are LOANS !…at enormus interest RATES  ! that what you all need to wrap your heads arounnd  !     Look and think outside the BOX  !

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.