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Posted by grin @ 19:24 on July 22, 2014  

“At some point when gold takes a moonshot there’s going to be a lot of leverage in these barely making it little companies.”

Not to deflate your balloon, but which ones will not be at – 100% by then?

If the ratio is 9 out of 10 then you need  something like a ten bagger just to break even. That sounds like pretty awful odds and is likely why the etfs have sucked so much money flow out of this very tiny cap sector.

I can’t even stomach the thought of investing in a jr gold co after what I have seen in 13 yrs. Who can?

ps ;amals another believer or another sucker, honestly I dont know. Fully posted some gap analysis that was very useless. Sure they fill the gaps pretty much 100% but when? How much cap do you loose looking for a fill? Show me the real time trade data and the net gain or loss in the longer time frame and count me in. Otherwise………….Its easy to paint charts after the fact and say see…look .and then change your mind after the fact and say well this happened..



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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.