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Floridagold re RMB developing quickly as major world currency and things look Worser and Worser for the dollar

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:59 on July 21, 2014  

Imo regarding my reversal observations, what is going on is not a coincidence. It has to be the global powers, behind the scenes, changing things around. The global agenda that started after WWII ENDED in 2008.

The USA got screwed when it was determined by the global PTB, back in 1945, that the USA was getting key currency status. England had key currency status before 1945. That status has many advantages, but like in any machine shop, “wherever there is a plus, there is also a minus.

The prime disadvantage is the USA after the foreign war, was able to import goods from other countries at very steep discounts, (a plus) but at the same time we lose businesses and jobs. (a minus)

The other bid disadvantage, constant ongoing trade deficits. Those deficits were settled in GOLD at $35/oz until 1971. After 1971, instead of exporting our gold, their system made us export jobs and industries.

Bottom line. That trend (embezzle the USAs wealth for the have not countries) has ran its course. They took and took and took until that meltdown in ’08. The  final DRAIN. Nothing left to take. The middle class was finished.

It makes sense that the USA is now a “have not” country, and the global master planners finally got it thru their thick heads in 2008, and are now in the process of making some other “have” country or countries, be “blessed” with key currency status to enable THEM to import cheaply, and drive up THEIR deficits.

You could even say globalization (integration) is in reverse. Look at all the separatist movements. Various people and countries seeking independence. Nobody with a brain wants to be merged with some other country that has “baggage”.


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