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Posted by goldielocks @ 2:27 on July 21, 2014  

That would be great Augirl, I remember those pictures and that you had them. I’m glad you kept them. Maybe others could also share any other photos that have. Let the three musketeers rest tonight, they’ve been through a lot.

FGC, I’m not technical enlightened enough to understand all the lingo of running a site not less running it. Only thing I could do is apply common sense in what is most important and that would be the Tenters first and like trash building up if things were getting full or no longer there get rid of it and try to save what most important.   I do understand as a newbie how one can get lost in TA though and the hours you can put into it. In the process you let the tent go by the wayside and one of those things where you assumed someone else was watching when perhaps your partners were assuming you were. This lack of communication seems to be a part if the problem that has caused a loss of trust with the other Admins. Why that happened I don’t know as these guys are the most understanding guys around. If they survived me and Augirl without a ribbit that’s not a underestimation. I was wondering where you went though. Thought you got tired of it and lost your trust in gold as I remember you said something to the effect Rambus said it’s over.

When doing TA though keep in mind that part of TA can be affected by bias. For instance one could take a chart and make a bull chart out of it while another can make a bear. Their is a lot of directions you have to look at including what’s driving it. In short can turn into food fights. But when learning it is fascinating and can get involved. At the same time although Wanka was dealing with some serious issues including life threatening through the years he never lost tract of the tent and also gave a lot of his time unselfishly and I feel he was acting in the best interest of us all under the circumstance and hope you can’t blame him for that.

Because of my technical limitations in computers somehow as far as the money can’t say for sure I think you got stuck holding the bag. Not about the tent but the other guys.

Hope it all gets straightened out.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.