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Posted by Fullgoldcrown @ 12:48 on July 20, 2014  

As I just emailed you


1…The Rambus Site was added to the Goldtent server when it initially started up


2…the amount of usage was miniscule compared to Goldtent


3…we never expected the site to be so successful but when it did we realized that we were using more server space and


decided to  pay our fair share


When I sent Todd that email I was definitely mindful that we had never discussed this with the tent


That was an oversite…again we never expected our website to grow exponentially…but when it did


we immediately realized there must be a split in fees


The Final bottom line here is


When the new server was purchased in December 2012 there was as you say $840 left from the Tentathon in 2012

The January tentathon of 2013 paid for the balance for the new server

Nobody has paid anything since then  except me.


The Rambus Site has paid all server fees since that date


$3600 !


Nobody was cheated..except perhaps me


Someone asked why there was no tentathon this year


The reason why is because while the Rambus Site was thriving (ergo 80% of the server)

Goldtent was NOT (20%)

So I decided to quietly pay the whole fee ( and am reimbursed by Rambus Chartology)

Nothing nefarious about any of this at all


NOBODY is out of pocket because of the Rambus Site…Period !




Now for something that really bothers me


You say you have records of what Lunarpages has charged us


How did you get those records…I am the sole proprieter of the Goldtent – Rambus Dedicated Server


hosted by Lunar pages…If you called them and asked for a fee breakdown and they gave it to you


they would have to believeve YOU were Gary Magder


This seems fraudulent on your part and neglectful on their part


The Total Server fee IS $3,600  give or take


there is one large fee bur several small monthly fees and tri monthly fees !


HOW did you get that personal and private information is my question






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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.