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Posted by Fullgoldcrown @ 11:40 on July 20, 2014  

From your sidebar history


quote….so the new contract which instead of being 2400 per year was now 3000 per year was divided by our 20% or 600 dollars of usage and since we had a prepaid credit of 840 bucks off the old contract we were paid up in fact over paid up by 240 dollars. the server contract was renewed in may of this year for 3000+ bucks and they expected us to do a tent-a-thon for 1000 of it which would be ok given proper IT for the pp site….end quote




This prepaid usage of 840 was for the year end July 2013


so the $240 you say was stolen by Rambus Chartology was in fact more than compensated by the fact that NOBODY


paid a red cent for any server usage for the period from the last tentathon until NOW


Again I wish you well here..It is great to see all the old and new posters returning


It is great to see the site rejuvenated


I have great hope that there will be a general revival of interest in the PM markets and this site will thrive


I plan to participate as a simple poster here


that will be refreshing


BUT…do not start this site with the misrepresentation that anybody was cheated …


Presently I am OUT  OF POCKET $3600 (YES $3600)


the $3000 server fee was a one time fee which I just paid last month


there are other monthly and trimonthly fees which amount to $600


No need to thank me…you are welcome




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