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Posted by Fullgoldcrown @ 22:56 on July 20, 2014  

Hindsight is always 20 20

I never knew when we started the Rambus Site what was going to happen

Like who ever heard of Rambus

And would anybody be interested in what some yahoo hick in Arkansas has to say about the PM Markets

I had no Idea it would become so popular and would consume so much of my time

I didn’t realize I needed permission from anybody to follow an interest in learning more about technical

analysis..excuse my ignorance

For a long time I handled both Forums

But the Chartology Forum got busier and the Goldtent Forum was in good hands

So I drifted away

I don’t think I was ever clandestine about what I was doing

I used to Post Rambus Free stuff he sent me here every day before he went to a pay site

and even after he went to a pay site..I made sure the tent got a lot of his pay per view posts

in the public format..unfortunately the bearish calls were greeted with less than enthusiasm

I am still shocked that with all the hundreds of Goldtent Posters who saw his calls from 2008 and 20012

for caution in the PMs…. that so few tenters joined the site

not 5% of the members are from Goldtent

Ironically I would say about 80% are disenchanted goldbugs however

Like you and I and most here… they believed strongly in the manipulation theory…and they still

held on long thru all the carnage

But like one fellow just said at the Chartology Forum..IF we were so sure of the omnipresent manipulation

why play long all the time

Anyhow in hindsight the speech you wrote for me would have been perfect had I realized what I was getting into


Fully the Villain

IF There has to be a villain to justify the creation of this new site..I will happily play that role

Last time it was the evil nefarious Dr V …(Dr Evil)

This time its Fullgoldcrown and Audept

BTW Audept sends his regards..he doesn’t fee at all compelled to defend himself

He says he only feels relief !

Strange fellow



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