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Posted by Fullgoldcrown @ 15:52 on July 20, 2014  

Of course this is what I am here to dispute

and The email states in plain language that I and Todd are Crooks

and that we somehow conspired to steal tentathon money for our own use

Here again are a summary of the facts

Because I wont stand accused and convicted without a response

The Rambus Site was started in late 2011 ..the early amout of traffic (for 1 year at least)

was negligible

Todd used the Same server as Goldtent because it was easier to manage

We had no real expectations..we just wanted to see if there was interest in Rambus work on a pay site

Turns out there was ..and the rambus site became busier

We then decided to pay a % of the server fee

which of course I have detailed in previous posts here

There is NO doubt we have paid our fair share of the server costs

we did not set out to hide the fact we were on the same server

It was just done for expedience at a time when we had no idea Rambus would become in such demand

In fact IF we had not paid our fair share of server costs Wanka would be correct in stating we were

hiding something

Nothing is further fro the truth


having said all this..I am very happy to see the tent resurrected


I have spent a huge amount of energy and heart and soul on this site

Thousands of sidebar links


hundreds of hours monitoring the site and welcoming new members


and my favorite accomplishment…the Locator

are not diminished by one mans mission to discredit his partners


the post below is malicious in its intent


Moggy just said it best


let go of the bad


Is this post a basis for the foundation of a successful venture











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