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what everyone misses on the israel-gaza debate

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:18 on July 18, 2014  

the left loved israel after the holocaust–they loved the socialist founders and that wonderful kibbutz system they had–in 1945 u could not find a person in germany who had a bad word to say about the jews….right or wrong, maybe out of guilt….the world voted israel a state….which was immediately attacked by 4 arab countries…isarel won the 1948-1956 and 1957 wars…but by then the left had long ago fallen out of love with israel and embraced the poor, bullied arabs…now here’s the crux of the matter–the left loved the jews when they could shed CROCODILE TEARS over the jew as VICTIM…O, how nobly they could suffer…but the israelis said F that Sh*t…and have gone on to become one of the most powerful militaries in the world…

So to make the left happy today israel should allow the rockets to fall until they have, say, 2o dead citizens–then they will be allowed to fight Hamas until they kill their quota of 20…and so on and so forth…Hamas wants a return to the 1967 borders…and a state—Hamas is like Isis–like sadam hussein and el quaida…not a shred of difference–and israel, so the left maintains–should let these fanatics have a state and a military right on top of them…and 1/2 of jerusalem??


HAMAS NEEDs TO STOP TERROR-in fact all the arabs do–and follow the gulf states example–israel vacated the gaza area yrs ago with the hope they would establish a little singapore–gaza got billions in aid…and spent most of it on weapons…i am sure most gazans want peace but they are terrorized by hamas thugs


O, yeah, did u ever see any other army dropping leaflets and warning people to move out like israel–for 60 yrs israeli leaers have publically begged for peace and prosperity with their arab neighbors–did u ever hear one arab leader do the same…O, yeah, Sadat did, and was assassinated…

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