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Posted by Auandag @ 19:20 on July 18, 2014  

The Comex Manipulation Is Getting Worse And More Blatant

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and I collaborated on another article which discusses the blatant and illegal manipulation of the gold/silver market on the Comex using fraudulently issued paper futures contracts.  The growing conspicuity of the manipulation reflects the growing desperation of the Fed/Government in its efforts to prop up our system with fraudulent money and fraudulent policies.

You can read our article and the evidence supporting our assertions here:   Insider Trading And Financial Terrorism On The Comex.


My respect for Dr. Roberts grows by the day for his willingness to take the time and effort to pull back the Wizard’s curtain enshrouding our Government.  That he is a former high-level insider increases the brightness of the light he’s shining on the truth.

It’s clear that your elected Government is choosing to look the other way on this matter, as there are plenty of regulations and laws in place – and a long precedence of enforcing those regulations in the trading of many other commodities.   Every day the fraud and corruption on the Comex gets worse, just like every other aspect of our entire Government.

On another note, I hope everyone does not jump to the conclusion that it was Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine who shot down that airplane.  I find it curious that Obama and Biden were quick to pull the trigger on that accusation yesterday – with the U.S. media piling on the rhetoric aggressively – despite the complete lack of evidence as to which side in Ukraine fired the guilty missile.

I have a gut feeling this situation is similar to the knee-jerk accusations by Obama, Biden and Kerry that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons, when in fact it proved out later that the weapons used originated from the U.S./Saudi-backed rebels.

Oh wait, did everyone already forget about that?  What about Iraq’s supposed “weapons of mass destruction?”   Still wanna believe the U.S. Government?

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.