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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:29 on June 11, 2024  

What if they don’t plan on cutting rates at all this year. Maybe listen carefully next Fed meeting. If they cut they have a rising stock market but more economic hardships. If they raise it they have a unhappy stock market and more economic hardships.

Looks like ol Biden is still using his son for clout.

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:04 on June 11, 2024  

To take the spot light away from the political warfare they’re pulling on Trump hoping people don’t know they’re comparing apples to oranges. Next it will be, see Hunter can go to jail for real felony in some suite so why can’t Trump for fake ones they made up and try to draw fake sympathy.


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:42 on June 11, 2024  

PMs still could be all over the place day by day and that’s without knowing what foreign investors are doing. Seems to me the point of interest will be if the range and direction is moving up in the highs and lows or down. I just hope this July rumor the Fed is going to lower rates isn’t going to mess things up for people if it doesn’t materialize.

I agree about Schwab, why are they trying to monopolize and bite off more than they can chew and also want to charge OTC type trades and the process of buying and selling is slower. Awhile back a stock breached support so I went to sell and then got this page telling me my sell price was lower that the ask.. like about a penny or so because it was dropping. What the heck, then had to read and acknowledge I knew that. Then because it was dropping and after wasting my time it dropped lower than that so I had to cancel that order wasting more time and make a new one when trades were moving fast. . Luckily it was dropping by cents not dollars.
I’m thinking about diversifying in brokers.
Also I got a email on a ongoing agreement I didn’t know anything about certain stocks like the OTC type by a certain date or couldn’t trade them I didn’t know you had to agree to or why other than they may charge but didn’t mention that charge where Ameritrade didn’t.


Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 18:23 on June 11, 2024  

Yes, we’ll see what they do tomorrow. They’re expected to stand firm, maybe they’ll change their stance and get dovish. Just a thought.

Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:46 on June 11, 2024  

Boil, I bought a little last year, and the suddenly did a reverse split. Luckily it was moving up and luckily I was able to sell it for a little more that I bought it for cuz  it kept heading down like I figured it would after that price change.  Watch the seasonal patterns but I guess that depends if your accumulating or not and believe it’s too cheap. Too cheap is food. Why is something affordable, especially for those living in the north too cheap. Maybe it’s just some guy sitting behind a computer somewhere on a island in the Caribbean who doesn’t have to worry about their gas bill.

Maybe about 7 or so yrs back I had a traveling nurse friend from Wisconsin here her youngest son married and they had a baby. He rented a probably half ass insulated barn. Great he’s in the country, probably had great plans but not to far from city until winter hit. He calls his mom for help. The gas bills were more that he could keep up with. Meanwhile the mom took early retirement and limiting her hours or would have to pay it back and trying to save as much as she could while she could but now had to worry about her infant grandson freezing to death.

With utilities like oil predicted to go up in the future to some ridiculous amount people better prepare now. When the time comes having cash on hand to buy the stocks might help take the bite off the bills maybe.

But if they did a reverse split before, will they do it again. Check the stock through Edgar what ever  regularly for that.

@Buygold We’ll Have To Wait Until Tomorrow At 2:00 pm

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:22 on June 11, 2024  

After the hopeless hapless Fed chief blabs his blab. AU AG etc will probably go up after that. Yes bear trap. The shorters think prices are going lower, start shorting (or selling other peoples stocks) driving them lower, they make some unrealized profit, but soon after the longs lap up the lower prices, and butt slam the shorters.

What does the bond market know?

Posted by Buygold @ 14:54 on June 11, 2024  

The 10 yr. is down 6 ticks and falling now @ 4.40%.

The dollar has been slowly fading all day, but still up a little.

Mr. Copper talked about bear traps. Just wondering out loud if this isn’t a bear (oops bull) trap in the dollar. It was on the verge of breaking down until Friday’s shenanigans with the jobs report.

If so, it may also be a bear trap in the metals and the shares as Copper mentioned.

I still think the Fed surprises and follows the Euro zone with a cut. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part, but stranger things have happened, and the Fed does not like to take blame for crashing the economy. Never know.

Who on earth wants US Treasuries?


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:42 on June 11, 2024  

I think he said: “mablegleenysquork” best I can tell!

Are Any Of You Looking At Natural Gas??

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:41 on June 11, 2024  

I Started buying the dip on 6/3, got more on 6/7 and got more on 6/10. Using BOIL its very scary, volatile I almost cashed out a few times.

BOIL etf  https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=BOIL&p=d

Nat Gas  https://finviz.com/futures_charts.ashx?t=NG&p=m

Nat Gas has been too cheap for too long.

ipso 9:46

Posted by aufever @ 14:23 on June 11, 2024  

I never listen to that guy.
Could you translate it for me, please.


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:51 on June 11, 2024  

Hunter Biden Convicted On Felony Gun Charges


Schwab is down

Posted by Buygold @ 10:02 on June 11, 2024  

Too bad TD Ameritrade bought Scottrade and Schwab bought TD Ameritrade. Schwab sucks. Especially their app.

Probably a good thing that I don’t have to see the shares getting beaten down again.

Noticed platinum and palladium have been knocked around lately, down another 2% or so each. Not sure why that would be, demand falling?


The worm has turned

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:52 on June 11, 2024  

Alice Weidel AfD leader: “Those who work are stupid because they break their backs not for themselves but for others. Over 60% of those on benefits in Germany do not have a German passport. This is why immigrants (fake asylum seekers) arrive!” This is case throughout Europe. Stop this madness now!


Sound bite of the day

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:46 on June 11, 2024  


Commodities to equities ratio

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:37 on June 11, 2024  


Usual Pre open bashing ritual session

Posted by adogsbody @ 9:24 on June 11, 2024  

Could have made quite a bit of money shorting gold from 9-9.30 am every day!


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:40 on June 11, 2024  

Transition Metals Initiates ZTEM Survey at Pike Warden, Yukon






Noble Acquires Mann Twp Claims and Spruce Ridge Units, and Agrees to Purchase Interest in Carnegie Twp Claims


Vizsla Silver Reminds Shareholders about Important Dates in Connection with the Potential Spinout of Vizsla Royalties


Almadex Announces Plans to Drill at Paradise, Acquires Royalty at Willow, and Provides Corporate Update on Mexico


West Red Lake Gold Intersects 16.69 g/t Au over 8m, 6.17 g/t Au over 17.83m and 7.48 g/t Au over 12m at South Austin Zone – Madsen Mine


Almaden to Pursue International Arbitration Against Mexico; Moves to Drop Mexican Lawsuits


Vista Gold Corp. Announces Favorable Changes to the Northern Territory, Australia Mineral Royalties Regime


Alpha Exploration Provides Exploration Update


G Mining Ventures Commences Processing Ore at Tocantinzinho Project: Start of Hot Commissioning


Meridian Delivers More Strong Shallow Drill Results at Santa Helena and Cabaçal


New Found Provides Update on Deep Drilling Program, Engages Devico Directional Drilling Services at Queensway


Azimut Updates on its Strategic Approach, Launches Work Programs


Group Eleven Drills Best Hole Yet at Ballywire Discovery: 29.6m of 10.6% Zn+Pb and 78 g/t Ag


Liberty Gold Announces Approval of the Fourth Plan of Operations Amendment, Black Pine Oxide Gold Project, Idaho


Mawson Proposed Merger with Southern Cross and Dual Listing


Montauk Metals Announces Arbitration Decision in Claim Against Colombia


Torex Gold Outlines Multi-Year Exploration Strategy


NV Gold Announces Amended Triple T Property Lease Agreement


Adamera to Consolidate Common Shares


Santacruz Silver Mining Executive Chairman Arturo Prestamo Provides Production Update


Fortuna Completes Offering of Convertible Senior Notes


Bayhorse Silver Underground Drill Program Assay Results – New Mineralized Zone Identified


DFR Gold Inc. Announces Amendment of WUO Land Option and Insider Loans




Karora Extends Fletcher Gold Zone to 800 metres of Strike Including Drilling Results of 17.3 g/t over 14.5 metres and Clusters of Fine Visible Gold Mineralization


Thesis Gold Announces $20 Million Private Placement



Posted by Buygold @ 8:00 on June 11, 2024  

Hope so. Up in July sounds good to me.


Posted by goldielocks @ 7:35 on June 11, 2024  

Looks like gold could be running in a 100 dollar up and down range for a while. Like a richter scale.  Currently anyways. Then start moving up in July.. maybe but still jumping around.

London calling

Posted by Buygold @ 6:23 on June 11, 2024  

Looks like they got the call overnight to stomp silver back down. Currently, gains from yesterday are gone. Gold faring a little better, but that will change.

Dollar looks to open higher, but 10 yr. down 3 bips.

This action from Friday makes a lot of sense if the Fed is about to cut. If they do, despite their best efforts, gold and silver will explode. That’s the only hope I can see. Otherwise, it will probably be another long and ugly summer of despair.

SM futures are weak, Bitcoin getting hit, down 4%. Somehow, that is comforting. 🙂

I pulled up the COT Report. I know it’s all lies and butterflies, but it is an interesting look. Seems as though volume is drying up? Not much longer before the non- commercials will hold no shorts, and the commercials will hold no longs.

CFTC Commitments of Traders Report – CMX (Futures Only)

Anyone know what silver is doing in Shanghai? I pulled up a site and converted yuan to dollars and it looked like it was on par with the world markets? Somehow, I thought Shanghai sold at a premium?


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:35 on June 11, 2024  

Diving under the vineyards


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