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Santa Monica

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:06 on June 1, 2024  

Weather not so bad while SacĀ  gonna have a short heat wave nothing new. Homeless not so bad today, coffee amazing.

When non security citizens and illegals worry about who’s coming across the border what does that say about the Democrats.

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:13 on June 1, 2024  

The numbers are much higher than states here. I heard on the news a month or so ago about 75 thousand Chinese nationals got across Calif border and another 75 thousand less than a year into 24. I don’t know what the count is at the other borders. Now internal military threats not seen at this level since Obama where adversaries were visiting homes of military men when they were away.

Another 4 years and we’ll have enough for a Vietnam style military TET offensive.

In the meantime they’re working with the cartel to bring in and sell Fentanyl and then there’s cyber security, spy balloons and boat, missiles and plane foreign tourist trying to get in military bases. But nothing to see here.




Chinese trying to gain entry to naval bases weekly.

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:32 on June 1, 2024  

Late last year in September news came out they were posing as tourists.

Now it’s weekly said head of Fleet Command.



Posted by Buygold @ 9:16 on June 1, 2024  

Yes, hopefully he’s seen the wickedness of his ways. Manchin has always sort of been middle of the road and keen to take care of his political interests. W. VA. is almost 80% Republican anyway and maybe he’s angling for a position if there’s another Trump presidency.

So many unknowns before November. If Trump is the real deal, they can’t have him as president because he’ll be expected to go full scorched earth. If he’s part of the club, I suppose he’ll be ushered in and very little will change.

Trump’s VP pick will set the tone and tell us a lot about him. I’m going to go out on a limb and put my stellar reputation on the line and say he picks Byron Donalds, the black Florida Congressman who grew up in Brooklyn. To me, Donalds would be a great pick, and give me some hope.

Captain Hook would call it wishful thinking on my part, and he may be right to say it. I suppose the biggest point is that Trump is still alive and why haven’t they killed him? ergo, he’s part of the plan. I think it’s too late to kill him now, because if they did, civil war would be immediate. Exciting times.

He has too much sense to be a Democrat

Posted by ipso facto @ 1:25 on June 1, 2024  

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin leaves Democratic party, registers as independent


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