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SNG 21:25

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:50 on June 9, 2024  

Had to turn the sound down but yep. The main thing is people understanding what they are, what they do and why they’re doing it.

It leads back to Agenda 21.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:57 on June 9, 2024  

Yeah their all in on a collusion and flow the money.  Who’s over in China when all fingers point back to Fauci and NIH who was told to scrap the experiments so farming them out to China through a third party and gets away while pinning it all on China who can block any investigation. I haven’t seen the video but what’s the point other than self survival because no body is going to do anything about it anyways. They have enough information. If they want to start a group start a accountability group and get rid of the bad players with in the systems they are sabotaging. It’s not just medical. Where’s environmental, where’s forestry, of course the stock market. This is not first world thinking and they didn’t sit in a lab and come up with anything. They corrupted others to do that. That’s not even discovery. That takes to long. They used modern technology thought up by someone else’s They just make it up from something already there and make it more toxic virulent and give it gain of function.

Metals Guy and Goldielocks, Speaking of not trusting the WHO, Try this Maria Zeee video exposing what just happened at the close of the WHO meeting

Posted by silverngold @ 21:25 on June 9, 2024  

IMO worth every minute because it exposes the truth.

Maria Zeee REALLY knocked it out of the park with this video

Metals Guy

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:58 on June 9, 2024  

Don’t trust the WHO? Don’t trust any of them. If we had a  real CDC and FDA the WHO wouldn’t be as embolden to try to take over our medical system. The WHO,  who buddied up with China and just couldn’t figure out where that virus came from.

Mexico a man gets a bird flu found in chickens but wasn’t exposed to chickens unless it has a very long incubation period but not enough information. Back during the swine flu someone in Mexico comes down with it near a bunch of pigs but pigs weren’t sick. So where did he get it. This person was bed ridden at home apparently not exposed. Family likely waited too long till he crashed and men can be more difficult when it comes to seeing a doctor. With both vomiting and diarrhea you can get dehydrated pretty fast, especially infants and children over night, elders but he wasn’t that old but medically compromised , He  probably should of been placed on IVs bypassing the GI system and treated for his underlying conditions. Another person gets a different variant in the US from cows that was exposed. Question is are they up to something or someone starting up a conspiracy theory. Since the FDA is also compromised sounds like the animals need their own uncompromised form of tracking.

Captain Hook

Posted by Maddog @ 17:01 on June 9, 2024  

We could well have a summer pause in the bull…..sparked by these events in Europe, as the parties winning all the elections are all anti the Nut Zero madness….driven by their voters, I might add, so there is no backing away from calming the rush..or even stopping it……

Further out we could well see the collapse of the scum and their mkt games…which will expose the massive shorting in PM’s and no metal in ETF’s etc…..there are loads of heavy reason we could see $ 600 Ag etc…..

Micron gets thrashed in Euro elections and calls a a parlimentary election in panic

Posted by Maddog @ 16:55 on June 9, 2024  

and if his party get thrashed the same by Le Pen…then life in Europe becomes very diffrent and maybe thank God WW III get puts back in it’s bunker……

Maddog @ 7:56

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:13 on June 9, 2024  

China and India (two notables) are not about to slow their EV growth if it provides the cover to keep buying PMs, which they are doing to formulate the backdrop for a grand BRICS rollout this fall.

After that it will be catchup for everybody else. (Imagine if western countries are forced to buy.) This will go on for years … especially for silver because they have been hypothecating for so many years.

$600 silver is on the way … minimum … starting in July.

At least that’s the way I’m playing it because much like what happened post the Y2K bubble in 2000, once the larger equity complex is shellacked next year a la 4-year cycle (Presidential Cycle – think lower currency debasement rates crashing stocks) dynamics, the next inflation should be something in the order of $10 trillion just in the USA – and that’s going to spur a crack-up boom in commodity prices never seen before.

Cheers all


Posted by MetalsGuy @ 14:03 on June 9, 2024  

I know what WHO said, but this one from the Mexican health ministry is more recent.
Disclaimer: I don’t trust WHO. 😉

Metals guy

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:12 on June 9, 2024  



Posted by MetalsGuy @ 11:54 on June 9, 2024  

No bird flu in Mexico.


Posted by goldielocks @ 8:46 on June 9, 2024  

The PMs yep, hard to say or it can go like  a richter scale scribbling a few points up a few points down anf play day trading game here and there before the big one.

Right now insiders in gov are playing get ready for hurricane season selling insurance companies and buying building supplies but so far it’s working against them. No wonder Pento from Florida said his insurance went way up. Maybe insiders got the crop report first.


Posted by goldielocks @ 8:00 on June 9, 2024  

I guess I wasn’t in a stressed enough zone to remember seeing that before but pretty creative quotes. I suppose it could be considered parroting. Like the end is near. Parroting to me vs quoting is more in the zone of things like COVID vaccines is safe and effective. Why because Fauci is science… fiction. Ivermectin is horse medicine. Nay said one horse to another, they had no horse sense.

This time I do feel it though, and my mind keeps going back to 911 and the towers falling. Thinking of all the people who suffered, the people who did not line up to drink the Kool Aid with willful ignorance but we’re forced to choose the way they will die with fire burning their lungs with every breath they took or jump out a window and wait for that sudden stop as their only choices all because of certain cretins who got in the government in a first world nation with a third world mentality. Just smart enough to abuse and exploit others on a third world level at the first world’s expense for nothing, because it won’t change anything about them or the first world for the better because now they’re still third world level and can add depraved cowards acting like tough guys at someone else’s expense and totally dismiss the victims they make to do it. It’s kinda like that feeling of the Towers but you can’t see it other than the detriment to this country or know where it is you just feel it, like something coming and it isnt Eli. But you might guard your heart though.

Meanwhile the vaxed who woke up are slowly starting to ask questions. One of my friends is asking me more and more many times repeating myself about what it was, how it works, how it can harm you, how the Ivermectin works, then relays it to others also asking. Just yesterday again on the phone a hour. She’s trying not to be scared about what the side effects can do and why she didn’t want to think about it.
Now threatening the bird flu scare but the kind they’re talking about isn’t easy to get less they put it in a lab but seeing the symptoms of a rare case in Mexico point to keeping the person hydrated with electrolytes and guarding symptomatically any ongoing health issues and not waiting till severe malice to get help.
I think I feel something like the Palestinian citizens feel like the bombing just never stops. I could only stop caring if my heart grew black like theirs.


EU elections

Posted by Maddog @ 7:56 on June 9, 2024  

There are EU election for MEP’s going on right across Europe and in Holland Wilders has done very well, as have the Farmer party….most elections are today and the polls say that anti immigration and anit Nut Zero parties are gonna sweep the results.

It may not happen immediately….but an awfull lot of the Nut Zero policies are gonna get scrapped over time….this is probably hitting Copper and Silver…..MEP’s don’t have much power…but these results will point the way Country elections go.

Long term I see inflation running prices way up, as the clowns will print and print…but we may have a near term sell off…..

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 4:11 on June 9, 2024  

Rocky Mountains, by train



Posted by Maya @ 4:09 on June 9, 2024  

Where ya been?  Richard has been parroting that plagiarized line since the last century!  It only comes out at times of extreme stress, though.  I even had some crusted volcano images to go with it way back when.


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:21 on June 9, 2024  

Wow I didn’t know you were such a creative writer. Action writer no less. And here I thought I might do some day trading here and there in the weeks ahead. You should write a action movie. It would be quite exciting and un-woke. I would watch it.

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