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Posted by Richard640 @ 22:29 on June 8, 2024  
The end is nigh, brother, the end is nigh! 
World markets are like a pie crust stretched across the roof of a volcano!
Fu Manchu is about to pull the lever to the trap door!
Warbucks signals the trusty  Punjab to cut the cords of the rope bridge!
Grease the skids! Happy tobogganing!

All speculation FWIW

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:37 on June 8, 2024  

Fed will cut rates in July instead of September.


Captain Hook

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:19 on June 8, 2024  

The juniors have always seem to a drag on the sector. They’re like a canary in a coal mine more suspectable to the economic changes. They’re faced with a lot of adversity with current stagflation the left have caused and more cash limited and can tend to go into survival mode and liquidate, stunting their future growth keeping them or perhaps forcing them to stay juniors forever. They have something familiar with these developing nations in that in a bull market certain sectors can move up the fastest but any change even temporary they can go down the fastest because they tend to be exploited as a friend in need by others in greed because it doesn’t cost them as much then is something changes and no longer in need the developing company with limited cash has no safety nets. Many of them are also working in those countries. So you can’t blame all the companies that have good management but bad players around while the other times are currently economically working against them.

American companies with changing one sided wokeness cannibalizing as well as Europe more will struggle because the current system have abandoned the concept from stepping forward to help out to deceiving malicious intent to exploit them for their own profit. So now these companies have become get rich quick schemes by governments as well that in the end will leave the companies and counties broke and rinse and repeat until it’s gone because it’s so volatile and safety nets are non-existent. What bothers me is these badly run companies who exploit people in the same manor like lithium mines in Africa paying pennies on the dollar for that horrid work and getting all that on their skin eyes and lungs even children living pay check to pay check getting nowhere and they call them poor because their lazy. What a oxymoron.

TXSE this time might be different, a bigger cowboy in town wearing a white hat

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:42 on June 8, 2024  

Lee told The Wall Street Journal that the TXSE is apolitical, but the publication noted there have been rumors among traders of an “anti-woke” exchange being launched in the state. Though the company’s press release did not detail all of its investors, Citadel’s CEO Ken Griffin openly criticized “woke ideology” in Chicago’s schools in November 2022. Citadel’s global headquarters moved from Chicago to Miami in late 2022, reportedly due in part to crime rates and rising taxes. Earlier this year, Griffin stopped his donations to Harvard University and said he was worried elite students are becoming “whiny snowflakes,” also telling Bloomberg in mid-May that his endorsement of former President Donald Trump is contingent on his choice of a running mate. However, BlackRock has been viewed as “woke capitalism” by conservative groups, which have in turn targeted and attacked the company and CEO Larry Fink.
We estimate Griffin to be worth about $32.7 billion. We estimate Fink to be worth about $1.2 billion.


Yes that could be a game changer …

Posted by Captain Hook @ 12:15 on June 8, 2024  

… for PM shares … especially for juniors if they can list.

Because shorting rules are likely not going to favor the manipulative big boys … at least not at first.

And heaven knows the juniors are being suppressed to keep excitement out of the sector right now.

What’s more, this should open up the market in terms of capital and awareness.

Replacing or simply adding to the alternatives of the current broken markets like Canada’s can only be a good thing.

Great news

Macron is goin down

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:49 on June 8, 2024  

Macron Faces Crushing Defeat In EU Elections

According to Wednesday’s opinion poll by IFOP-Fiducial, Macron’s party has been unable to improve four days before the European Parliament elections, standing unchanged at 15 percent. At the same time, Marine Le Pen’s party is polling at 33 percent. No governing party in France has lost by such a humiliating margin since 1979, the first European Parliament elections on party lists. True, it is also rare for a governing party to win what can be considered a roughly midterm election; the last time this happened was in 2009 when then President Nicolas Sarkozy won the EU parliament election.


This is awesome Don’t mess with Texas

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:46 on June 8, 2024  

After all if your going to succeed you’ll need your own stock exchange.

Texas to rival NYSE opening their own stock exchange.

Agenda 21

Posted by goldielocks @ 2:46 on June 8, 2024  

Read by N Pelosi in 1992 to share with anyone who calls it a conspiracy theory. Jf they want to depopulate up to 2/3 s of the population what up with open borders increasing housing demand and strain on environment? I guess they need to votes then worry about it.

Jeff Berwick – Third Reich NaZi(onists), Flirting with Death, Apocalyptic Bird Flu!

Posted by silverngold @ 0:41 on June 8, 2024  

From another site but very interesting presentation and covers about every current event you can think of.

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