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Posted by goldielocks @ 17:31 on March 18, 2023  

They’re no investigating a crime their investigating a person and trying to build a crime against him to keep out of office. Currently as far as I know they’re trying to turn a alleged misdemeanor state crime into a Federal felony. Again like fake dossier braking and ignoring laws to do it and everyone knows it’s political.
He exposed the corruption and threw a monkey wrench in their now world order.

… Even when Trump launched the vaccines 1,5 years sooner than the cabal had planned, he totally subverted their agenda. Their plan was to have at least two full years of lockdowns, which would have totally devastated the entire world, and paved the way for a smooth transition to the Great Reset of the cabal. Trump ended the lockdowns after 8 months, instead of 24 months, which totally crashed their agenda, and forced them to scramble, and regroup.

This is basic military strategy: use the plans of your enemies against them. Trump could not prevent the planned pandemic, neither could he prevent the vaccines, but he could pull their own agenda forward, to sabotage them.

Because of these rushed injections, hundreds of millions worldwide have discovered how dangerous vaccines are in general, which again is a massive victory. Trump gladly takes the blame for the adverse events, as he knows they would have occurred anyway, and he looks at the long term outcome: humanity waking up to how criminal Big Pharma is.

Everything he has been doing, has exposed different realms of criminal activity by the Deep State.

If the Manhattans District Attorney’s Office follows suit with their plan to arrest Trump, this will once again expose a fundamental crime in our society: the corrupt judicial system. It will be another massive victory for Trump and humanity.

We however don’t know if they will proceed with their scheme, as it is being exposed beforehand, and already causing a nationwide outrage. Even at the DA’s office, chaos has erupted:

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.