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Weapons the jabbers hate

Posted by eeos @ 20:54 on March 6, 2023  

New Curtin research has found the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2, a strain of coronaviruses that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, become trapped when they come into contact with silicon, gold and copper, and that electric fields can be used to destroy the spike proteins, likely killing the virus.

Lead researcher Dr. Nadim Darwish, from the School of Molecular and Life Sciences at Curtin University said the study found the spike proteins of coronaviruses attached and became stuck to certain types of surfaces.

“Coronaviruses have spike proteins on their periphery that allow them to penetrate host cells and cause infection and we have found these proteins becomes stuck to the surface of silicon, gold and copper through a reaction that forms a strong chemical bond,” Dr. Darwish said.

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No volume drip

Posted by Buygold @ 14:46 on March 6, 2023  

nothing but algo’s selling 100 share lots all day long.

I guess this is the path of least resistance?

We’ve got Powell speaking to Congress the next two days, that’s generally a shit show for pm’s, and then jobs report on Friday. Hard to see anything good coming out of those events.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:34 on March 6, 2023  

Actually I love the Aussies … great people to hoist a few with!

Too right……I shared a house with some Aussies, when much younger…it was a non stop party !!!!!!

Comic relief…

Posted by old-timer @ 14:10 on March 6, 2023  

South Park explains the Trans thing.

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:33 on March 6, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:15 on March 6, 2023  

“descended from criminals” LOL LOL LOL It’s to be expected!

Actually I love the Aussies … great people to hoist a few with!


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:12 on March 6, 2023  

How stupid are the guys who made the decision to debase their gold! They destroy their reputations and are going to incur significant cost for the saving of chump change … plus there’s that lil ole criminal problem!

The US gov has been counterfeiting for a long time, to the detriment of the citizenry.


Posted by Maddog @ 12:40 on March 6, 2023  

I seem to remember the Perth Mint got done for having paper gold instead of phys, for unallocated accounts……the problem is in their genes…they are all descended from criminals….!!!!!

@ Ipso – Perth Mint – Changing of the Guard?

Posted by drb2 @ 12:12 on March 6, 2023  

Perth Mint – say it ain’t so.

I am so old that I can remember when it was just the opposite – things made in China were crap.

We’re seeing The Tytler Cycle in action.

How to fix things?  see Red Highlight below  👍 


My Feeble attempt to Fact Check = Appears True >> perth mint + scandal + china – Google Search

Perth Mint sold diluted gold to China, got caught, and tried to cover it up

From <https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-03-06/perth-mint-gold-doping-china-cover-up-four-corners/102048622>


The historic Perth Mint is facing a potential $9 billion recall of gold bars after selling diluted or “doped” bullion to China and then covering it up, according to a leaked internal report.

Key points:

    • The mint started “doping” its gold as a cost-saving measure
    • When it got caught for some of its gold dipping below Shanghai Gold Exchange standards, it kept it quiet
    • While the gold remained above the 99.99 per cent requirement, it exceeded the amount of allowable silver in Shanghai




PMs flat, HUI down … the interest rate boogeyman rides again

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:59 on March 6, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:46 on March 6, 2023  

Perth Mint sold diluted gold to China, got caught, and tried to cover it up


Vaxx damage going mainstream in Italy

Posted by Maddog @ 9:38 on March 6, 2023  


Weak open for the shares

Posted by Buygold @ 9:34 on March 6, 2023  

Hittin’ em’ out of the gates. Hopefully we’ll get a sense of direction after the first hour shenanigans.

Could we possibly rally 6 straight days?

… and China has recently been trying to attract more foreign investment! I don’t think so.

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:47 on March 6, 2023  

“I Can’t Get My Money Out”: Billionaire Mark Mobius Says China Blocking Investment Outflows


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:23 on March 6, 2023  

Heliostar Announces Upsize to Previously Announced Private Placement to C$20.4M (US$15M)


McEwen Copper: Los Azules – Initial Exploration and Solid Delineation Results


Banyan Commences 2023 Exploration Program and Expands Technical Team, Aurmac Property, Yukon


Wallbridge Continues to Expand Fenelon Gold System in Multiple Directions


Summa Silver Intersects Additional Vein Zones in Step-Out Holes at the High-Grade Silver-Gold Mogollon Project, New Mexico


Pacific Ridge More than Doubles Size of Land Position at Chuchi with the Acquisition of the Chuchi South Porphyry Copper-Gold Project


Gelum Reports Promising Assay Results for Initial Drill Programme at the Eldorado Gold Project


Core Assets Reports Assay Results From the First Four Drill Holes Completed at the Silver Lime Project, Including 1.25m of 215g/t Ag, 18.8% Zn+Pb, 0.36% Cu & 5.37m of 51g/t Ag, 5.1% Zn+Pb, and 0.19% Cu


Metals Creeks Acquires Additional Property in The Shebandowan Greenstone Belt near Delta Resources


Prosper Gold Outlines Large Area of IP Chargeability at Skinner North, Golden Sidewalk Project, Red Lake, ON


Steppe Gold Ltd to Acquire Anacortes Mining Corp to Create a Leading Diversified Precious Metals Producer


Ridgeline Minerals Reports Remaining Assays from the Q4 2022 Drill Program at the Selena Project, Nevada


Orezone Intersects 1.72 g/t Gold Over 40.40m at P8P9 & 5.59 g/t Gold Over 15.00m at Maga


Golden Tag Announces $9M Non-Brokered Private Placement Financing in Connection with the La Parrilla Acquisition


Fireweed Drills High-Grade at Tom: 40.6 m True Width of 15.2% Zinc, 14.6% Lead, and 181.6 g/t Silver, Including 20.9 m of 20.7% Zinc, 22.4% Lead, and 280.0 g/t Silver


McFarlane Intersects 9.20 Grams per Tonne Gold over 26.40 Metres – Intersection Includes 15.43 Grams per Tonne Gold over 4.60 Metres


G Mining Ventures Hosts Inaugural Site Visits to Tocantinzinho Gold Project and Provides Project Update


Palladium One and MetalCorp enter into Definitive Agreement for a Business Combination


PureGold Provides Update on CCAA Proceedings; Announces Management Departures


Meridian Delivers Strong Economics for Cabaçal’s PEA:


Bonterra Provides Operational Update and Launches an Exploration Program at the Duke Property with Joint Venture Partner Osisko Mining


Cerrado Gold Receives Permits for the Las Calandrias Heap Leach Project in Argentina


Arras Minerals Drills New Gold Zone 3.2 Kilometers From the Main Deposit on the Beskauga Licence, Northeastern Kazakhstan


10 yr actually down a couple bips

Posted by Buygold @ 7:18 on March 6, 2023  

as bonds continue to rally following Friday’s gains.

Oil is down a buck or so. Feels like oil is down almost every day but it still manages to stay in the mid – 70’s

I forget I’m in the east, and forget that it still early in the day.

Maya – Monday, Monday

Posted by Buygold @ 5:31 on March 6, 2023  

Maya – hoping you still have that can of Whoop Ass that Wanka left you! 🙂

Monday Morning Drift – pm’s down a little, USD down a smidge, guessing the 10 yr. is probably up a couple bips as well.

So, we’re down going into the SM open in a few hours, but it’s nice not to be facing a waterfall decline that comes out of nowhere to start the week. That, in itself, is a bit of a victory.

Seems like things are a little quiet in the SM and in the news cycle, maybe a little too quiet lately.

More Preps

Posted by Maya @ 0:15 on March 6, 2023  

To go along with the Dehydrated Water I posted a couple days ago, I also have a can of  HAWAIIAN DARK… canned under the total eclipse here of 7/11/91.  So if the sun goes nova, I have a can of eclipse darkness to open up.

Derwent Mills Professional Location

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on March 6, 2023  

Derwent generators industrial area is a great place to live, work and play. This can be a very amazing area that has a lot of leisure areas and other visitors attractions. It is also painless to have around.

This kind of industrial location is a centre for a variety of businesses. This makes it really simple for folks to go to their careers. It is also close to a number of urban centers, which makes it incredibly convenient for everyone.

It is a great place to live, work and play

The Derwent hole may be a new background site that includes a series of mills built to accommodate a whole cotton content spinning technology manufactured by Richard Arkwright in the eighteenth century. These types of generators became the model for factories throughout the world.

It had been in this area that your first modern commercial www.derwentmills.com/2020/06/01/the-benefits-of-the-derwent-mills-industrial-location/ settlements were established. Just read was centered in regards to river, together with the water providing capacity to the organic cotton generators and workers’ box.

There are a variety of different sites that you may visit when visiting this area, including Cromford Mills and Sir Richard Arkwright’s Masson Mills. These sites are a fantastic method to learn more about historical past of the location.

You can also go to other fantastic sites which can be worth visiting, such as the Derwent Valley. This can be a beautiful location that is rich in history and way of life.

The Derwent Valley is actually a World Historical Site, and a lot of historical sites to see. Also, it is home to many traditional generators and other complexes.

What exactly VDR Data source?

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on March 6, 2023  

A VDR database is mostly a secure, web based repository designed for documents and other files related to business financial transactions or legal proceedings. It uses a central machine and a great extranet connection, with incredibly controlled access.

The most common use of a virtual data room is definitely during mergers and purchases, where secret information has to be shared and disclosed to interested parties for due diligence. This type of purchase involves huge amounts of documentation and requires an efficient approach to review and exchange documents in a safe environment.

Investment brokers are some of the most common users of your VDR, as they often deal with sensitive company documentation during IPOs, capital raising and M&A processes. A reliable virtual info room could make https://vdrdatabase.info/ these types of processes easier and less high-risk for all involved.

Tech firms also benefit from the secureness, control and ease of use that virtual info rooms provide. They can close deals while not having to travel or even set foot in a physical info room, conserving time, funds and effort.

Choosing the right vdr to meet your needs is important, as a data space should be easy to use and provide the best level of personal privacy for all members. In addition , it should include features including access control and digital legal rights management to keep data right from unauthorized gatherings.

The most reputable virtual info room services offer a choice of services in order to meet the needs of their clients, including support and advice. These types of services are usually free of charge and is tailored to the actual needs of each consumer.

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