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@silverngold re12:57 ETFs

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:35 on March 12, 2023  

Ya know? On Friday I was up 25%, and I wanted to sell it, but I forgot until it was after the close. And Monday it was down 25% so I sold it. I’ll stick with the miners.

Well shux

Posted by Buygold @ 20:23 on March 12, 2023  

Looks like the SM Guys are going to BTFD! No doubt a buyer has been found for SVB keeping the hope alive that there is no contagion.

They’ve got pm’s under control, silver was the tell as is usually the case.

Regardless, gotta be grateful for whatever gains they’ll give us until things break loose.

So u bank with a bank, that doesn’t bother to replace its CRO for 9 months

Posted by Maddog @ 19:34 on March 12, 2023  

, whose London CRO spends all day boasting about how queer she is and attending queer workshops and when it goes bust…the Fed steps in and bails everyone out…….

Well, good Sunday evening!

Posted by Buygold @ 18:21 on March 12, 2023  

Up nicely out of the gates as the USD is getting spanked, down 1/2%.

I imagine bonds will rally pretty hard tomorrow. Should provide some nice tailwinds. SM futures are flat – a little surprising.

Should be a wild night.

Tropical Snow

Posted by Maya @ 16:17 on March 12, 2023  

This is what Mauna Kea looks like from south of Hilo.  The mountain (13,700ft) is about 30 miles distant here.  Nothing like a snow-cap overlooking a tropical paradise!

That’s close enough to winter for me.  Summit area has 12ft snow drifts!

And speaking of winter…

Posted by Maya @ 15:35 on March 12, 2023  

The Big Island of Hawaii has some great snow caps on the summits of Mauna Kea (upper) and Mauna Loa (lower).  Mauna Kea had 12ft drifts at the summit.


EV in Winter?

Posted by Maya @ 15:25 on March 12, 2023  
From an anonymous Wisconsin State Trooper
I’m not a fan of all electric vehicles. Too many variables affecting battery consumption. Definitely not suited for cold climates. The following experience just cements my distaste for EV’s, especially Teslas.
I get sent to a motorist assist the other day, at the start of our snowstorm. Tesla on the side of the interstate, dead battery. So, I arrive on scene and the occupants have the right-front door open. They tell me that they can’t open any other doors, because the battery is dead. Sure enough. Can’t open the doors from inside or outside. The driver also can’t get her license out of the glove box where she put it during their trip. Because the glovebox opens electronically… and the battery is dead. You actually have to use the computer in the center of the dash to open the glovebox.
They said they had 10% battery left, should’ve been plenty to get from that location to the charging station nearby. Then all of a sudden, the whole car shut off and they coasted to the shoulder.
So now I have to find them a tow. No one wants to tow EV’s. Finally found one company to do it. 8-mile trip to the charging station in Tomah. $1,000! Normal vehicle on the flatbed would’ve been $150.
So now we’re at the Tesla superchargers. Guess what. Can’t open the f’n charging port because the battery is dead!!! The ports open, you guessed it, electronically!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤬. And we also can’t open the doors now (had to close the one open door when it was loaded onto the wrecker). The owner’s manual is in the on-board computer, but the battery is dead.
I got the occupants to a store where they’d be warm while calling the rental company to figure out how to charge this POS, so I’m not sure of the outcome. I had to leave for a crash report.
EV’s may be the way, someday, but certainly not today!! I’ll stick with my dinosaur burner.

Mr Copper, here’s one for your collection, and it’s for sale! Maybe you can buy it with your ETF winnings!

Posted by silverngold @ 12:57 on March 12, 2023  

So much going on these days

Posted by Buygold @ 7:26 on March 12, 2023  

Watching Tucker Carlson on FOX who absolutely trashed the corruption of the J6 Committee and imprisonment of the so-called rioters. Now that new video evidence shows the Capitol Police acting as guides for these so-called rioters and there was zero violence.

Anyhoo, he did a segment on SVB with Stephanie Pomboy. They said what I said yesterday, this SVB failure is just getting started; surely there’s a lot more damage underneath the surface yet to be discovered.

Could be an interesting Sunday evening if this thing is contagious.

How you can Write Effective Business Paperwork

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on March 12, 2023  

Business documents are files of various types that record unique details regarding an organization’s internal and external dealings. They are usually essential for a firm’s management, because they provide the data required to manage the http://www.salientdemopages.com/how-much-does-it-cost-to-build-a-website organization proficiently, and information on transactions to parties.

Effective business papers can be a must for your firm, and can help in promoting its reputation, getting new clients and contracts, and improving upon productivity. Nevertheless , despite the importance, they are often intimidating to write.

The first step to writing a business document is usually to distinguish the purpose of the document, which can be crucial due to the effectiveness. Employ this purpose as a beacon in your posting process, so that you don’t stray from this and help to make needed revisions when necessary.

Besides, identifying the purpose of your doc can also help you organize and structure this accordingly. Make sure that the content is pertinent and informative with respect to the reader, and this it provides clear and concise studying experience.

In order to achieve this, it is recommended to consider your viewers and just how they will receive the information offered within your document. For instance , if you’re composing a marketing products / services brochure for a consumer, you should use a wonderful layout and visual appeal that could grab the interest of the visitors.

Using basic effective format can help convert a lengthy, redundant, and monotonous (gasp! ) business file to a compelling and visually-appealing production. Learn how to do that correctly and you will considerably improve your organization writing skills!

Triggering Avast Secureline VPN

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on March 12, 2023  

Activating Avast Secureline VPN is a simple process. Once you download and install the software program, you can start using it right away.

The first thing is to type in your activation code or perhaps license record that you find inside the order confirmation email you received by Avast. Then, release Avast Secureline VPN and go to the My licenses alternative.

Avast Secureline VPN is actually a virtual non-public network (VPN) service that encrypts www.worldataupdate.net/avast-antitrack-premium-top-reviews users’ internet traffic, protects their online identity, and allows them to alter their online location. Additionally, it allows those to access blocked websites and services.

You can use Avast Secureline VPN on about 10 gadgets at once. Nevertheless , it’s necessary to remember that this is a device limit, not a simultaneous connection limit.

If you’re aiming to try out Avast SecureLine VPN, you can do so for free. The company offers a seven-day trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The application has a clean interface and is simple to run. It offers the capability to switch between servers and a helpful dashboard, and doesn’t take up much storage area. It also helps P2P links. Moreover, it may work on a wide range of operating systems. It even includes a kill move and internet browser extensions with regards to Firefox and Chrome.

Asus Gaming Notebooks

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on March 12, 2023  

Asus video gaming laptops will be one of the best alternatives for PC gamers. They have a high end display, wonderful battery life, and powerful factors, all for any good price.

The ROG Zephyrus G14 is a solid entry-level gaming notebook computer that has plenty of features to hold you active when you’re not really playing video games. It uses AMD’s Ryzen processor and Radeon graphics, and also possesses a touchscreen and a LOCAL AREA NETWORK port.

You are able to upgrade the RAM and SSD to meet your requirements, and you have an alternative to add a ray go to this site tracing GPU if you want to fully make use of RTX technology. The design can be sleek, and the 15. 6-inch display is a good size for video games.

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly choice that’s a a bit more sexy compared to the TUF Splash, this is the laptop computer for you. It can not quite as outstanding as the other Asus laptops we have reviewed, nonetheless it still provides a lot of effectiveness for your money. It is 144Hz refresh rate option is fantastic, with very good color range coverage and peak illumination. It’s also one of the better performing games laptops toy trucks tested, it will play various mainstream applications at 1080 p with no problem.

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