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Posted by goldielocks @ 16:14 on February 2, 2016  

In all fairness to Margaret she only knows what the shadow gov gives her and wants her to know in NZ and in that probably elsewhere as it spews out its government propaganda globally. They will use any words they can to discredit. She does not see it as a attack on the free people of America and I appreciate her input on what is being said in that it is telling us just how ” far” they will go to play dirty and distract from themselves. Anyone can be deceived by misinformation or not enough.
It’s like once when I ” used to” speak fluent French and after a friend asked the meaning of a few words some used commonly in VNam she said well at least I can say she pronounced Sacre blue. I told her but don’t say that to French person. She didn’t know it was a curse word. I explained to her Sacre bleu means scared blue. It’s one of the colors on their flags. That basically they are cursing their flag which is okay for them to use in context but would not be the same for a non French person who said it. Especially if they didn’t know what context to put it in and just blurted it out.
In the same way she is not understanding the context of the attacks on Trump by a shadow gov that wants to pick their own puppets so they can continue ruling including corporate individuals like Soros donation to Killary.
The same BS caused the republican elections before and apparently they haven’t learned their lesson.

Margaret, they are scared to death of someone like Trump coming along upsetting their bipartisan business as usual apple cart and even in some cases of the non elected appointed their jobs as well as corporates inability to bribe these parties for personal gain at the people’s expense.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.