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Thank GOD there are still some real men around

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:44 on February 23, 2016  

that can guide us through emotional drivel of young liberals ….Good grief how did they get the right to vote ? My dog is more stable than she is..

There needs to be a reason and stability test  before she  can vote  !  If this is who elects our leaders we are doomed !

Auandag @ 23:22 on February 23, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:38 on February 23, 2016  

She’s emotional unstable ,why post such drivel ?   besides being young and dumb..

Richard640 @ 19:32 on February 23, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:35 on February 23, 2016  

That article is based on a bunch of FALSE premisis that are not likely going forward ..Why repeat those lies ?

Yields of 17 % are NOT what they are paying for debt ! The yield could go to 50% and it wouldent effect what they owe ! What nonsence .!

Future costs are falling as are fuel costs ,any miner worth his salt  is hedging fuel costs out as far as he can…..duh !

What a bunch of crap!

He probably works for Goldman Sachs or JP MORGAN or has worked there !

Someone Find Her a Safeplace-She’s Been Triggered

Posted by Auandag @ 23:22 on February 23, 2016  

joe12pack @ 21:46 Good little film- too bad they don’t mention the fact that

Posted by Auandag @ 22:20 on February 23, 2016  

it takes weeks if not months to set up a building for demolition. That building went down hours after the plane hit the other buildings??????

Here’s what I see in front of us

Posted by silverngold @ 21:54 on February 23, 2016  

Chart fan lines start at the 1980 high. A little chart study might disclose pretty good evidence that we did it before so now we’re gonna do it again. Click on the chart to enlarge. FWIW!! …………Silverngold

gold snip



Free Fallin song… with a twist

Posted by joe12pack @ 21:46 on February 23, 2016  

ipso facto @ 20:50 Yeah, me too!!

Posted by silverngold @ 21:43 on February 23, 2016  

Along with about another 40 or so, and the greedy selfish lazy ones who trade in them.

Buygold @ 20:48 Is there no such thing as integrity anymore??

Posted by silverngold @ 21:40 on February 23, 2016  

What they’re dong is illegal AND immoral but I guess since Obama and all below him do it nobody is gonna complain or enforce the law. So much for integrity!!


Posted by Buygold @ 21:09 on February 23, 2016  


Just don’t try to exercise your freedom of speech outside this forum unless you get paid…

We’ll see what tomorrow brings good buddy.

Looks like GSS finally turned a profit. Amazing!

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:56 on February 23, 2016  

Golden Star Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Financial Results: Significant Reduction in Costs Realized in the Fourth Quarter


Buygold @ 20:48

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:51 on February 23, 2016  

LOL ain’t American great! 🙂


Posted by Buygold @ 20:50 on February 23, 2016  

Well OK…just glad we heard the BS from whoever.

Mr, Copper called it out quite nicely IMHO


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:50 on February 23, 2016  

I’ll be happy when GLD and SLV those fraudulent black holes blow up and disappear!

No propaganda…no never… what a joke. Silverngold you’ll love this one…

Posted by Buygold @ 20:48 on February 23, 2016  

Truman Show USA – “Concerned Citizens” At Townhall Meetings Exposed As Paid Actors

Meet Adam Swart, CEO of a company called ‘Crowds on Demand’, which will stage rallies and demonstrations for almost any candidate or cause. “I have worked with dozens of campaigns for state officials, and 2016 presidential candidates,” Swart told NBC4, adding that he won’t name any names. “I can’t go in to detail… if I did, nobody would hire us.”


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:48 on February 23, 2016  

You can make a pipe out of your tinfoil hat!

ipso facto @ 19:36….I completely agree!!

Posted by silverngold @ 20:35 on February 23, 2016  

Traders or investors are eventually gonna get their heads handed to them, and in the mean time they are providing the funds that are being used against them (and us) to control the markets. Not only that but the ETF’s are derivatives, which means that the big banks etc running these things are not going to give back all the money they took from traders on the way down. Just when these traitors….I mean traders…. are high fivin each other for being so smart and trading these ETF’s they will simply delist because they can’t find anyone to take the other side of the trade. Then instead of walking away with a fortune they’ll be crying foul…..but they won’t be able to say they hadn’t been told. IMO of course…….Silverngold


Posted by Buygold @ 20:33 on February 23, 2016  

I fell sleep while doing my last post, but then R640 woke me up, wonder how his DUST purchase worked out? Course, never mentions that.

A bong will do if memory serves…

Probably already in China

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:16 on February 23, 2016  

Venezuela’s Gold Liquidation Begins: Maduro Quietly Exports 36 Tonnes Of Gold To Switzerland



Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:43 on February 23, 2016  

I only got this far…..

“These companies face increasing costs against falling revenue and downward revisions in the value of their assets. This means that the trade is not buying gold miners.”

Huh?? All energy prices are LOWER. Steel etc lower. I posted a while back the miners should start reporting profits. Some even still pay divs. ETFs? They are not good long term. Sometimes they don’t even do what they are supposed to do.

Hecla?? That’s mostly a silver miner, and silver (like a penny stock) has been treated as an industrial metal like lead copper and zinc. Gold is the blue chip where BIG money goes. If you had to invest $100k in silver, you would need a safe deposit the size of a washing machine. $100k in gold would fit in a small box. About five rolls of 20.

Gold miners are good only if gold goes higher. So the story is implying lower gold higher dollar. I’m not buying that.

Richard640 @ 19:32

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:36 on February 23, 2016  

That guy sounds like a short that’s being killed. The proof is in the pudding!

GLD and SLV are scams which don’t have the metal they say. They are paper instruments and people who buy them aren’t doing the PM universe any good at all, in fact they are working against their own interests. People who recommend GLD and SLV I figure are either ignorant or part of the rig.

Bearish articles on gold like this one are rare as hens teeth these days–not saying I agree…just saying…

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:32 on February 23, 2016  

Trading Arguments Against Holding Gold Stocks

The recent spike in gold and its miners, along with the calls from the bulls to back up the truck on “cheap” gold stocks, may tempt some into getting long the mining sector. We are not so easily convinced. These companies face increasing costs against falling revenue and downward revisions in the value of their assets. This means that the trade is not buying gold miners.

Even if one were bullish on gold, the trade would not be to buy gold mining companies. There exist a number of varied ETFs that offer direct long positions on gold that can be easily traded. GLD is single long gold, DGP is double long, and UGLD is triple long. This means that if one wanted a position that outperformed a gold long by triple, as miners did in the recent spike, then one could easily get that by buying UGLD. This trade would achieve the desired returns if the bullish view is correct without any of the risks involved with gold mining companies.

Suppose that one insisted on having long exposure to the gold mining sector. Buying gold stocks would still not be the best way to go in terms or risk reward dynamics. Consider Hecla Mining, whose debt yields over 17% a year. For a long position on the company’s shares to outperform their bonds over a 5 year period, HL would have to more than double in value. Even in one of the best 5 year periods for gold, 2007 – 2011, gold mining stocks did little more than double. How can one reasonably expect them to perform better than this in an environment where gold is a third lower and more likely to fall than rally?

This is not to mention that in the case that one’s bullish view on gold stocks is wrong and the company starts to lose money. In this situation, the debt has first call on the company’s assets. This means that your downside risks are much higher when holding the stock versus holding that same company’s debt. Given that long debt exposure offers a considerably higher expected return and much lower potential losses, holding gold stocks has poor risk reward dynamics even if one insists on having long exposure.

Therefore, we recommend not holding any long exposure to shares of gold mining companies. It is our view that there is no reasonable situation in which long trades on these companies can offer positive risk reward dynamics. Long trades are simply not compensated well enough for the risks being taken.



Posted by ipso facto @ 19:14 on February 23, 2016  

If JPM is a hurtin then I’m a smilin! 🙂

Bong? Don’t you know for sure? Can’t remember? :mrgreen:


Posted by Buygold @ 18:55 on February 23, 2016  

Ha! You pegged me right, I’m a #3 buzz cut type. 🙂

As for the doobie well I prefer the bong?


Anyhoo, good day today, who wouldda thunk it? Not me.

I still think something is breaking despite the recent SM rally and and the pm weakness. JPM got smacked today as they needed to “revise their energy losses” Poor bastards.

Feds targeting sheriff for defending Bundy

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:46 on February 23, 2016  

Cliven Bundy has recently been arrested and indicted for the standoff at the Bundy Ranch two years ago, falsely accused of brandishing weapons at the standoff when he was not even present. InfoWars journalists who reported live from Bunkerville during the standoff and for several days leading up to it, never witnessed Cliven Bundy carrying arms.
Yet the federal criminal complaintaccuses Cliven of using “a dangerous and deadly weapon to forcibly assault, resist, oppose, impede, intimidate, and interfere with federal law enforcement officers” while “guarding and protecting government personnel and equipment located at the Impoundment Site at or near Bunkerville, Nevada”.
As someone who was there, witnessing, broadcasting and recording, I can say with certainty that Cliven did NOT “use and carry firearms, which were brandished, during and in relation to a crime of violence”.
To consolidate
The difference between the other sheriff, federal agents, and Sheriff Palmer is not a difference of actions, but a difference of opinion. Sheriff Palmer has sympathy for the people of his county who elected him and whose livelihoods are being destroyed by overbearing federal mismanagement. Palmer has said an injustice was done to the Hammond family, sentenced for a backfire that briefly got out of control and burned a tiny amount of land on which they had grazing rights. But even the judge who initially gave the Hammonds a sentence of a couple of months, said it would offend his conscience to sentence them to the mandatory minimum of 5 years and refused to do so. The federal prosecutor appealed and has now jailed the ranchers for five years. Sheriff Palmer agreed with the judge and with the majority of the community, that the sentence was draconian.
In the past, Sheriff Palmer has openly proclaimed that he would not enforce any executive orders from Obama on gun control and he has deputized members of the community to work on a natural resources plan that would enable the community to survive. Sheriff Mack points out that Sheriff Palmer was one of the first sheriffs in the country to join the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA.org) and CSPOA is working to support Palmer.
The state government’s action, labeling the sheriff a “security leak,” is absurd on its face, especially when contrasted with Hillary Clinton not being charged for massive security breaches and what could be considered “leaks” of top secret information.
But the sheriff’s persecution serves as another example of the federal government’s desire to label all dissent as terrorism.

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