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“The Donald”

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:23 on August 9, 2015  

Has hit a Nerve among those that voted with emotions in the PAST and it is they that Got us into this MESS   …..

This President is the embodiment of all that wrong Headed emotional thinking ..the kind of stuff that sinks economies all around the world

with Leaders that have NO IDEA what a BALANCE SHEET is all about or a P&L STATEMENT  …..They just want MORE !

They gang up and denigrate on anybody that SEZ WE CANT AFFORD THAT !   I NEED,I NEED , I NEED   when what they were really saying was I want,I want,I want  ..and I’m going to ELECT ANYONE who will give it too ME    …Thats where the DEMAGOGUES  enter the Political Arena and are epitomized by Obama who will Pander to all the I Wants,I deserves,I am entitleds……

and FUNDS it with DEBT,DEBT,DEBT  ……Give em what they want…and then make em pay for it …..!   boy WAS THAT EVER true….!

its THE DEMOCRAT  CREDO….and thats how they get elected !

“THE DONALD” is going to get elected to be  most hated man in America by telling the TRUTH ! and identifying who THEY ARE that voted us into this MESS.  Every special interest group ….MEDIA WHORES ,Feminists ,Gays,Lesbians,Blacks,Hispanics ,Mexicans and soon Puerto Ricans ..

The first question is will “THE DONALD ” hang around with the MUD slinging and NAME calling,and threats to his life and family really get started  ..It seems to me ROSS PEROT went through the SAME bull shit and decided not to.. and everything ROSS warned about came TRUE !..REMEMBER  HIS  GIANT SUCKING SOUND  ? that sound was jobs,jobs,jobs  ,but the DEMOCRATS won that bet and got elected !

Are you happy with THAT victory over a truth teller ?

Each time someone emerges that wants to FIX it ,its a bigger Problem  and the HATE Gets Worse…! NOW we have the Black Communists to deal with  !  Donald you have NO idea what your up against…Your going to need the Balls of Genghis KAHN..the discipline of a Military General …Who is watching you Back ?

Good LUCK!….Bon Chance !,Bona Futura !

Its NO WONDER the Founders NEVER gave us a Democracy  !   It always ends like Greece the inventors of it !


In short the WHOLE DEMOCRAT PARTY …..the Question is will this HATE get him elected by that REST who have had enough of it   !


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