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Wanka – Double rich

Posted by Aguila @ 23:58 on August 30, 2015  

I’m still looking for my first install job.  After that then I’ll be triple rich!




Posted by ipso facto @ 23:21 on August 30, 2015  

Better than paper and electrons!


Posted by ipso facto @ 23:04 on August 30, 2015  

You wouldn’t be knocking my refrigerator box home would you? :mrgreen:

“Beads” You’re going to be the BEAD TYCOON! 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 22:58 on August 30, 2015  

Gold Coming Off the LBMA Spiked Last Week

There was a interesting spike in physical gold activity last week on the LBMA.

It could be some seasonal phenomenon connected with the end of August and the approach of the prime season for gold.

But it also seems consistent with the ‘tension on the tape’ that I have been seeing. And a number of little indicators and some interesting things, like the generally ‘well informed’ Goldman taking delivery of gold at the Comex for their house account.

One outcome of this increase in physical gold flows *might* be the realization of the cup and handle bottom formation on the gold chart, and a quick run to target around the 1250 to 1270 area. And depending on what else goes with it, that might just be for openers.

Or it might once again be ignored and come to nothing.

But it does seem that the gold flows from the West to the markets in China and India are intensifying at these prices based on a number of diverse data points.

One cause of this could be a divergence between the paper price of gold with leverage and the actual physical markets because the price of gold as set in London and New York is below the clearing price in dollars as part of a momentum trend in the forex markets.

If a commodity price is set below the natural clearing price, one would expect to see the demand for the real underlying asset increasing.

Those who flatly dismiss the possibility there can be such a divergence between the market price and the natural clearing price have not been paying attention to what has been going on in any number of rigged markets over the past few years.

The excessive speculation fueled by a surfeit of paper money in a few hands and slack regulation that permits the unsustainable reckless pyramiding of positions is a good contender for the theme of the last two decades.

For what it is worth, I am seeing what appear to be increasing signs of ‘fragility’ in the precious metals market. And in a nutshell, I am thinking that we are seeing a bear market bottom. Trends, especially in forex related markets, often tend to overshoot and overstay their time.

But like the proverbial search for the lost keys, we will find the end of this era of financial madness in the last crisis, and perhaps that will be the one that breaks the Banks.

more http://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com/2015/08/gold-coming-off-lbma-spiked-last-week.html


Posted by ipso facto @ 22:50 on August 30, 2015  

That’s a lot nicer house than the one I imagined you lived in. :mrgreen:

Wanka here is a hurry-cane info source for you

Posted by Aguila @ 22:22 on August 30, 2015  

But I don’t see your house!


Floridagold @ 21:20

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:14 on August 30, 2015  

D’oh! I wouldn’t want to have stocks on margin at the SSEC! 🙂

Sell your shares and go to jail …

How to be PC

Posted by Auandag @ 19:21 on August 30, 2015  


opportunity is what you recognize as opportunity

Posted by treefrog @ 16:51 on August 30, 2015  


Scruffy 9:42

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:22 on August 30, 2015  

Tough on crime started all this.
Who was behind it? The Democrats initiated the tough on crime and Obamas VP behind it big time. Google Biden and tough on crime.
He initiated and encouraged states to implement longer sentences, more death penalty crimes, boot camps for kids which was a disaster and killed a few kids, make it more difficult for convicted to return to society including denying student grants. It’s now being seen as a mistake.
There was a guy hired by him can’t remember his name but encouraged violence by cops after police violence erupted. He was last in NY saw his name after Garner was chocked to death.
Yet these black lives matter not only vote Democrat but are okay with anyone a black leader picks as VP or anything else and now dividing the country.
In the 80s and early 90 s crime was rising and something needed to be done. These ghetto created Gangs were becoming a threat to society but they went too far as well as started causing harm to regular citizens. It was really originally focused on war on Gangs.
Like a Pendulum it tends to swing one way to another with no medium or even common sense can get thrown to the wayside.
Yet other country’s like the UK sending for these so called advisors like the one mentioned that promotes violence perhaps it should be the other way around due their to lack of character judgements.

Mr.Copper @ 10:31

Posted by silverngold @ 13:39 on August 30, 2015  

From what I know of you, you have certainly been a faithful and loyal American and true to your country. Unfortunately it appears to me your country, or at least your country’s leaders, have not been faithful or loyal to you. IMO they have sold you out. It hurts to see a country I once admired and respected turn into something I no longer want people to know I was once a part of. Actually I believe they are now  just another part of the UN who is dictating all they do for an agenda that is to destroy all freedom on this earth. What other purpose could there be for the “in your face”destruction we see happening right before our eyes??  Vaccines and GMO’s, just to name a couple, and of course Agenda 21 to depopulate the world.

Sorry I have no more time today but IMO we are in a sad state of affairs and I can see no way out.  All The Best…..Silverngold

silverngold @ 21:31 Is Your Car Made in America?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 10:31 on August 30, 2015  



Even if a foreign car is ASSEMBLED in USA of foreign made parts, it still adds to the trade deficit. Every imported car you see on the road reflects exported man hours and money, hurts the USA wages. Hence, the problems of today. Born decades ago.

I have a Ford E-150 van that actually says…Made In USA on the door jam. If I ever had to drive a foreign car, that I inherited or got for free, I would at LEAST put a Chevy bow tie emblem on the front and back, to show where my heart is.

Its too late now anyway. The camel got its nose under the tent. And now standing tall inside the tent. Smoking is a bad habit. Drinking is a bad habit. Buying imported cars for 40 some years is a bad habit.

All bad habits show their harm or results later on. Like now a days.

National City, California – Imported cars on the dock at the Port of San Diego.

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