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Sure glad those Russians are helping us with our space program

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:17 on August 5, 2015  

NASA signing $490M contract with Russia

NASA informed lawmakers on Wednesday that because Congress has failed to fully fund its Commercial Crew Program for the last five years, it is signing a $490 million contract extension with Russia to send Americans to space.

The new contract, running through 2019, means that NASA will continue to depend on Russia to get its astronauts to space even as tensions between Washington and Moscow escalate.

It will put money in Russia’s pockets even as U.S. economic sanctions seek to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government over the conflict in Ukraine.
It will also make the U.S. susceptible to threats from Russia, which in the past has suggested it could stop taking U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station. The U.S. has relied on Russia since retiring its space shuttle program.

more http://thehill.com/policy/finance/250322-nasa-signing-490m-contract-with-russia

Sitting on the bench and spitting chew in Mudville

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:15 on August 5, 2015  

Barrick Reports Second Quarter 2015 Results


Turquoise Hill Announces Financial Results and Review of Operations for the Second Quarter of 2015


Gold Resource Corporation Reports Second Quarter Results; Maintains Lower Range of 2015 Annual Outlook


McEwen Mining Reports 2015 Second Quarter Operating & Financial Results


Great Panther Silver Reports Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results


Some one once made the comment that the police better be careful how they treat the public.

Posted by Auandag @ 19:14 on August 5, 2015  

There may come a time when they may rely on the same public to cover their backs instead of taking advantage of a situation to seek revenge.


Louis Farakan has had enough. He recently called for an uprising and requested that 10,000 men, who are willing to risk their lives, stand up and be counted. Mr. Farakan is calling for these men to take the fight to the murderers. Farakan has a plan, similarly to the criminals in blue and the criminals in Washington DC and on Wall Street, have a plan. Farakan is not calling for a race war, he is calling for an uprising against the murderers. Is this an appropriate response to what is happening in our world today?


JJG Grains

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:49 on August 5, 2015  

jjg 2008-9Triple Bottoms for farmers and Retail Inflation for Consumers WTF  !

Is this true re: the XAU? Murph mentioned it tonite?

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:42 on August 5, 2015  

The XAU lost 1.17 to 44.51 and is close to being 50% lower than in September of 1998 when the price of gold was below $300.

The HUI chart has had to be lowered again as its price fell 2.45 to 104.85. Can you say extinction?


Thanks ipso facto @ 17:18

Posted by silverngold @ 17:45 on August 5, 2015  

I wonder if it is a Canada thing?? Anybody from Canada having issues?? I know there has been some weird stuff with the ISP’s fighting in Canada, petitions going around, some slowdowns etc. I do not see how one video can play sound and on the same page another video will not play sound unless they are being censored in some way. Very Strange!!

silverngold @ 17:12

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:18 on August 5, 2015  

I’m listening to the interview right now with no problems. Just clicked on the vid Moggy posted.


Posted by Ororeef @ 17:15 on August 5, 2015  

may be the best thing that ever happened  …He’s cheap and thats a “GOOD” thing for a President  not to be a spend and elect democrat  …He’s got CLASS  and thats refreshing compared to low BUDGET,low MORAL  money losers whatever  …..He INVESTS  money ,NOT SPENDS IT….when the return is there …thats a good thing..

ITS what America needs ..if he can do for America what he would do for himself  ..he will be a Great President… QUITE a change from “I ask what my Country can do for me” current  candidates…owned by special interests.   He has accomplished  so much that the Presidency would be a “STEP DOWN ” from his current position  ….

Accepting that job would be an act of Patriotism …..I hope he is sincere about this especially when they start throwing the MUD and NAME calling…….to his kids  and family  …The Stakes are HIGH and he will risk his life,his Fortune,and his sacred honor  …just as the Founders did……They were all Rich Men……too !

Moggy @ 15:29

Posted by silverngold @ 17:12 on August 5, 2015  

I think we are being messed with. Wondering if anyone else had this issue. I tried to play the Greg Hunter/Paul Craig Roberts video. It streams fine but no sound. So I tried opening it in another window with same browser. A commercial came on loud and clear but again the GH/PCR video was silent. Then I tried another browser with the same result. Then to be sure it was not my PC I opened another video in the same window and it played loud and clear.

Anybody else have this issue?? It sure appears they do not want me/us to hear what PCR has to say. Anybody??????

Barrick Announces Streaming Agreement With Royal Gold

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:07 on August 5, 2015  


Glad to see the SAUDI’s Defending themselves

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:57 on August 5, 2015  

So they won’t expect us to do it ……Its the only good thing to come out of this mid east bullshit  ..Apparently the US defense agreement with the Saudi is no longer being enforced ..that s a good thing  ,and Israeli has to defend itself  ..thats a good thing …NO more US AIR FORCE doing the work for SAUDI or ISRAELI…

Every time the US wanted to withdraw its risk in the Mid EAST   our “FRIENDS ” provoke a WAR DRAWING us back in…. ….Maybe Obama did something right for a change !

Israeli is like a little brother that keeps getting into fights because he knows “BIG” (US)brother will come to his defense  ..Sooner or LATER “BIG” brother says “you start another fight and your going to get yourself out of it ”     Thats what it looks like to me !

Can you beat this

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:34 on August 5, 2015  

I would like to SELL something I dont own…pocket the money then do it again and again until the owner stock price goes to zero ,goes out of business ..and then I dont have to buy it back and replace it from whom I borrowed it…..100 % profit ….Do that to a $10.00  stock and make 1000%profit  ..Is it a wonder the money changers can continue to do this without getting SHOT…

There was a time when”He who sells what isn’t his’en,must buy it back or go to Pris’on” was true,but not anymore..that was the good ole days…

Now a’days  Keep selling what is,nt his’en  then counterfeit it and sell it again ,and again until the buyers figure its not worth buying “paper” with NO value  ..

They run out of “Greater FOOLS”  ..Thats when you pay too much for something because YOU think your going to sell it to a Greater fool than you were !

(Thats the Greater Fool Theory)…    The SHORT sellers argue they add liquidity to the Market because they have to buy it Back  …thats NOT TRUE anymore !

Neither is it true that a large short position is a support to a price …no longer true  !

Not when you can short a Stock out of business or until it gets DE-LISTED below the minimum listing price .Then has NO following ,no market and its stock has NO value because it left the MARKET PLACE ….   STOP THE SHORTING  MADNESS  !

MAKE it illegal to Short a Stock to below its minimum LISTING Price  !    AT THE VERY LEAST  !

At least make the SHORTS buy back any stock that gets DE-LISTED at the Price they shorted it at retro actively …STOP the Predators  !



Posted by ipso facto @ 15:59 on August 5, 2015  

When are WE going to be able to lie around in the Hamptons eyeballing the young maids?

Moggy @ 15:29

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:57 on August 5, 2015  

Seems like they’d be crazy to do so. Thanks for the PCR! 🙂

Junior Scum doing well, while Senior Scum lie around in the Hamptons, eyeballing the young maids

Posted by Maddog @ 15:54 on August 5, 2015  

SM flat to up, rates firmer yes but that goes along with the “we will raise rates soon” dream….Pm’s on their arses along with Oil and the Dollar remains near recent highs.

So Junior Scum will be in line for new Ferrari’s come bonus time.

Ipso @ 10

Posted by Moggy @ 15:29 on August 5, 2015  

Rate hike? Not too smart … but have they painted themselves into a corner?

Paul Craig Roberts says they dangle the rate hike to keep folks calm but they have no intention of raising the rate

It’s a great interview by Gregg Hunter, Roberts has a lot to say about gold and silver around 28/29 minutes…gives this gold bug something to ponder.

Note to military families

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:51 on August 5, 2015  

Apparently Obamas peaceful refugees are finding out where military familys live and going to their homes intimidatimg their wives. Like to say we know where you live. Has Tshtf yet or wait till they light one or two of their families up first?


Richard640….Agreed nothing buillish is allowed to effect PM’s or Oil anymore.

Posted by Maddog @ 14:34 on August 5, 2015  

‘Bin out and about tdy…checked mkts and see that Oil got smashed Gold style…just as it was about to move higher on the Figs….seems oil is now under the same Algo as Gold, as soon as any new Figs are announced they hit it hard on the Figs….Gold had of course already been hit.

Takeing out that industry is a whole different ball game to killing the PM miners…but it sure looks like the Scum are doing it, by the way we are tradeing.

Thanks Portugeezer

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:02 on August 5, 2015  

Maybe that’ll tick off the Chinese enough so that they rock the boat a bit … probably not.

Portugeezer @ 8:00

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on August 5, 2015  

“Also, the YUAN has been refused SDR role for another two years. I wonder if China will wait or will they step up the pressure on the dollar.”

Do you have a link for this? Haven’t seen this news elsewhere.

Rate hike? Not too smart … but have they painted themselves into a corner?

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:00 on August 5, 2015  

US June Trade Deficit Surges 7% To $43.8 Billion As Strong Dollar Slams Exports, Imports Rise


They did a “Number”on China

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:50 on August 5, 2015  

The shorts took them down in order to buy the US some time before we lose Reserve status  of Dollar …

Thats OK ,but now there is no need to FEAR GOLDs  discipline for another two years…No need to do anything about Gold…for two more years  ..

Raise the Price and inflation will follow and will rescue the Debtors ….and by that time the US Economy will be stronger  and the Dollar can weaken to stimulate trade…

problem fixed  …..

Priceline up $130 earlier-now up $91–gold down 2.30…I rest my case…

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:48 on August 5, 2015  

Maddog–Iran-Saudi war? A very gold bullish ADP report out today-the $ index down 950bps the other day…

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:40 on August 5, 2015  

and gold was down on each occasion…all news is bearish for gold…for now…maybe that will change some day…but don’t hold your breath…gold is in the grip of a criminal conspiracy…

Stocks are soaring on this news….

ADP Employment Tumbles Near 2015 Lows, Below Lowest Estimate And Down 20% On The Year

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/05/2015 – 08:20

Following June’s small-business-driven better-than-expected rise in ADP employment, July printed a stunningly weak 185k against expectations of 215k – the biggest miss since March. This is around the lowest level of the year and lowest since Q1 2014. It is also 20% lower than the 232K ADP print a year ago, and the weakest July print since 2013: all signs screaming QE4 a rate hike is imminent.



Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 9:34 on August 5, 2015  


A good Gold Train can always wiggle you out
of a tight spot… just like a few coins.


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