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Can you beat this

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:34 on August 5, 2015  

I would like to SELL something I dont own…pocket the money then do it again and again until the owner stock price goes to zero ,goes out of business ..and then I dont have to buy it back and replace it from whom I borrowed it…..100 % profit ….Do that to a $10.00  stock and make 1000%profit  ..Is it a wonder the money changers can continue to do this without getting SHOT…

There was a time when”He who sells what isn’t his’en,must buy it back or go to Pris’on” was true,but not anymore..that was the good ole days…

Now a’days  Keep selling what is,nt his’en  then counterfeit it and sell it again ,and again until the buyers figure its not worth buying “paper” with NO value  ..

They run out of “Greater FOOLS”  ..Thats when you pay too much for something because YOU think your going to sell it to a Greater fool than you were !

(Thats the Greater Fool Theory)…    The SHORT sellers argue they add liquidity to the Market because they have to buy it Back  …thats NOT TRUE anymore !

Neither is it true that a large short position is a support to a price …no longer true  !

Not when you can short a Stock out of business or until it gets DE-LISTED below the minimum listing price .Then has NO following ,no market and its stock has NO value because it left the MARKET PLACE ….   STOP THE SHORTING  MADNESS  !

MAKE it illegal to Short a Stock to below its minimum LISTING Price  !    AT THE VERY LEAST  !

At least make the SHORTS buy back any stock that gets DE-LISTED at the Price they shorted it at retro actively …STOP the Predators  !


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.