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Seems like the US Protectorate Puerto Rico

Posted by frr @ 13:20 on August 4, 2015  

has won the race before Greece going bankrupt.
Even if its just some 3/4 of a Billion Dollars

– if one can’t pay what isn’t his’n
he’s got to buy back or go to prison!
… or some such “poetry”!

And think – now I’ve got ’em by the Shorts –
in reality and the warped judicial System,
it is the defendants Banks and other
financial instititutions being the culprits
while the management is doing “God’s Work”!

The Loyds, Jimmies, Janets, and their EU
and international Counterparts have more than
raided the “real assets” of numerous countries,
partly by war but mostly by stealing in
flooding their victims by counterfeit Money –
still Atlas shrugs: It’s not Price it is
always real value – measured by tradeable
goods – and only sporadically vs a state
defined and defended legal tender, being
just another IOU of no consequence!

Or better. the only consequence is a state
of in-Equilibrium, when usually the Major
disruptions of the realm of our history
quite suddenly turn upside down.

And while the majority still think we’ll
be back to our comfort Illusion, the globe
has changed and the next Generations will
have to pay for our largesse.

Anyway, Precious metals seem to be once again the
only solution, as even most of Canadian co’s
“are seeking safe havens!

FRor now and our heirs …

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.