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Lyn Alden

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:21 on May 11, 2024  

Fiscal dominance. Months away from a collapse.


Posted by goldielocks @ 9:05 on May 11, 2024  

This young man who went through special forces said something about the people behind him is why he’d keep going and maybe call me a conspiracy theorist I see a strategy behind separating the Palestinians even walling them off.

That it would give them the feeling they’re in a different country, a country of their enemy instead of shooting your possible friends and neighbors.


Buygold 5:55

Posted by goldielocks @ 8:24 on May 11, 2024  

Was that Goldman that put it out or a third party for Goldman or by themselves is my question but rumors not coordinated with any real even to me is bait or someone trying manipulate. Then of course the do the opposite since they got caught at that.  The upside movement from be reversed head shoulder or cup handle has already happened at least twice with a multi year and a year so only question is does it have a few hundred to go or does it go sideways and drop and make another one… Hopefully.

I watched a good but long video on a young IDF soldier who was in the Oct 7 the fighting. He and his reserve team didn’t wait for orders and saved a lot of people, almost lost his arm and long time friend didn’t make it. He doesn’t want to think Netanyahu was in on it but incompetent. I don’t even know if it crossed his mind yes elections but another agenda to exterminate the whole Palestinian slash Arab et all population and would sacrifice all those people a why they delayed, he said the other troops had to wait and help could of been there in a minute so Netanyahu could say see what they did.  That if they could just get rid of Hamas that would end the problem not seeing the upper ranks are the problem, want to wall them off like a prison and refuse a two state or allow them to have their own reps. It’s their government. This was before what their government did next. He tells what happened how they went house to house getting hostages out then got over run. He’s lucky he’s alive.



Posted by Buygold @ 6:30 on May 11, 2024  

Trades on the weekend. Noticed this am that sometime after the SM close until the new trading day started today it dropped from $63K to $60. Now around $60,800.

Not sure why that matters other than I’m wondering if it has topped out in the $72K area. It has not rallied with the QQQ’s like it usually seems to do.

I’m not sure the BRICS are going to embrace Bitcoin quite like the west has done. I’ve heard talks of the BRICS using crypto, but a gold backed type crypto. I dunno.

FWIW – I have a real uneasy feeling about the next couple of weeks for the country or maybe even the world.

I don’t subscribe to ZH so this is just a headline that you’ve probably already seen

Posted by Buygold @ 5:55 on May 11, 2024  

Usually this means a beatdown is coming. No idea what it means now. I’d like to know what “significantly” means to Goldman. I’d also like to know if they and the other banks are accumulating at these uber low fiat prices. We won’t know that until we wake up one morning and gold no longer trades on the Crimex. It could happen.

“Most Central Bank Gold Buying Is Unreported”: In Stunning New Report, Goldman Sees “Significantly Higher” Gold Prices

teaser image

“We show that central banks drive the increase in gold demand since mid-2022, and that new geopolitical or financial shocks may push gold prices significantly higher.” – Goldman

Can Powell have it both ways?

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:00 on May 11, 2024  

Nope just save the banks while the middle class gets smashed.

Michael Pentos take. If he complains living in Florida with costs imagine what’s going on in California.

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