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Ipso 22:01

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:20 on May 6, 2024  

If they’re trying to prove their humanitarian and not on the wrong side of history this time instead of fascist they’re doing a bad job of it. Real bad.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:02 on May 6, 2024  

We’ll get ready to travel place to place. If they turn every town into Hiroshima they’re just fulfilling their promise when the food rations drop you will own nothing and be happy. Then they can build back better.

Meanwhile Israel resumes it bombing this time Rafah where civilian refugees gathered next. Where ever they go or even told to go the bombs follow. Bury their dead, gather what they have left, search for water and food and rush to the next place to be met with more bombs. Rush away, to where I don’t know and since there’s no standing military their fighting they are killing everyone and destroying their infrastructure. This time gave them a little warning they were going to destroy their place away from the so called war next. If Hamas truly hid behind civilians esp since they have no military home to speak why aren’t they bringing the hostages to Rafah?



When telling the truth is a crime

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:01 on May 6, 2024  

NATO starts deploying troops as Russia races to win

Posted by Maddog @ 19:45 on May 6, 2024  

NATO starts deploying troops as Russia races to win

Ipso 12:21

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:30 on May 6, 2024  

I am no Bidenomics fan but I can’t put the blame all on him other than cost of business inflation which is bad enough but rising housing or building prices is also a big part of it and started before both Biden and Trump and kept moving up faster and faster with Aid of the Fed.

Seems like a simple solution of forgoing greed and lowering the rent because no one wants to lose money for the purpose of making money for some greedy person and they already knew that and that’s a big problem right now. It also brought established properties to raise prices in the herd mentality resulting in a  stampede which then brought higher tax’s to areas and insurance forcing the rest to have to raise rents too affecting everyone including the majority homeowners.

If newer buyers bought at higher prices and assumed people would pay what ever they demanded or needed to charge to make money they put themselves in a risky position of no competitive leverage where they would lose money if they lowered the rents then they’re stuck and can’t lower it, then it’s a matter of time when the lease runs out if the renter can wait that long. That will result in trying to sell it if they have any equity and in 08 even equity of longer term buyers vanished because with the first group of the last buyers foreclosed it kept going down from there and they didn’t even have higher interest rates of 7 % or more like the previous longer term buyers. That pisses off longer term buyers.  They dropped to 3-4 percent. Now they’re back up to 7 % or more and prices are up and too high.
Then of course the banks own the loans and apparently the Feds too.

A vending machine that sells gold is installed in a Florida mall

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:09 on May 6, 2024  


“Gold bullion products are becoming more and more sought after as a hedge against uncertainty, and gold continues to hit all-time record highs,” say PMX Gold officials in a statement.

Marcus Grubb, managing director of investment for the World Gold Council, agrees.

“There was very strong demand for gold in third quarter, and it appears that the gold industry is headed for a record year,” Grubb said. Demand for gold jewelry in China and India, coupled with a revival in the use of gold by industry, are key factors driving up gold tonnage and gold prices. The most important dynamic driving up gold prices is the difficult economies in some countries.

“The marketing of physical gold bullion in the United States has traditionally lacked fair pricing, quality control and acceptance by the general public due to non-standardized distribution methods,” company officials say.

A vending machine that sells gold is installed in a Florida mall | ATM Marketplace

Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:10 on May 6, 2024  

Good luck to us!

IPSO re: I-80

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:57 on May 6, 2024  

me too !

Thank Dementia Joe

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:21 on May 6, 2024  

Hungarian Foreign Minister Warns Macron Risks Sparking World War III

Posted by Maddog @ 12:09 on May 6, 2024  


Thank God for the Hungarians….

Scumprints all over this

Posted by Buygold @ 11:22 on May 6, 2024  

If the SM rolls over we’re probably in trouble.

Bought more IAUX I-80 Gold

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:53 on May 6, 2024  

Red Pine Provides Update On Assay Results for Wawa Gold Project

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:26 on May 6, 2024  


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:27 on May 6, 2024  

Trailbreaker Resources Receives Exploration Permit for Swan Target at Atsutla Gold Project


Pampa Metals Intersects 448 m @ 0.42% Cu, 0.46 g/t Au including 126m @ 0.66% Cu, 0.74 g/t Au in Second Drillhole at Piuquenes, Argentina


Gold Basin Announces Signing of Option Agreement to Acquire New Pass Gold Property, Nevada and Grants Stock Options


Impact Silver Intersects 213 g/t Silver over 17.30m Including 1,400 g/t Silver over 0.75m on New Discovery at Guadalupe Mine


Eagle Plains Completes Initial Compilation on Theory Copper-Gold Project in the Toodoggone District


Aurion Resources Provides Corporate Update


Silver Wolf Engages Strategic Financial Advisory Firm Salman Partners


Idaho Strategic Reports First Quarter 2024 Operating and Financial Performance


Bravo Continues to Intersect Increasingly Wide and High-Grade PGM+Au+Ni Mineralization in the North and Central Sectors at Luanga


K92 Mining Announces Latest Drilling Results Extending Multiple High-Grade Zones and New Dilatant Zone Discovered


Cerrado Gold Announces Receipt of Second Advance Under Secured Loan From Subsidiary of Hochschild Mining PLC


Arizona Metals Corp Acquires Additional Private Land for Development Infrastructure


Hi-View Provides Corporate Update on Its BC Gold Properties






Spanish Mountain Gold Commences Trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange


Roscan Gold Announces Debt Settlement


CMC Metals Ltd. Clarifies Technical Disclosure For Canadian NI 43-101 Compliance


Aston Bay Holdings Files Amended Offering Document and Refiles Interim Financial Statements




Mayo Lake Minerals Update


Bonterra Announces Closing of Brokered Private Placement for Proceeds of $8.5 Million


Novo Resources Corp. March Quarterly Update


Rockhaven Announces Improved Metallurgical Test Work Results on its Klaza Project, Yukon


Collective Mining Announces Plans to List on NYSE American Stock Exchange in Q3 2024


Looking to bounce today?

Posted by Buygold @ 5:39 on May 6, 2024  

Kudos to Deer79 for keeping the faith, and Mr. Copper if he called the bottom.

Seems currency markets may be turning into a mess, nonetheless the Fed had to keep us down on their appointed days, Fed meeting and Jobs report.

It is very early, but silver up 2% looks strong, gold up $16 – nothing to write home about, but hopefully the bleeding has stopped. Shares firm in premarket. It’s early though.

Charts definitely make most of this stuff a good place to bounce as GLD and SLV are still above their 50 and 200 dma’s. Overbought worked off, RSI’s 50 and 46 respectively.

Charts of shares are all over the map. NEM has yet to have the 50 cross the 200 dma. Others like GFI, GOLD, KGC have already and are holding.

BTG looks incredibly cheap to me, chart looks muddy but this is a good spot for it to bounce. They pay dividends, now at 6.5%. Canaccord Genuity has a price target of $5.48 USD, better than a double. DYODD though.

KGC announces earnings tomorrow, they are already expected to beat, so that might be factored into their price already. They’ve outperformed, so I don’t know. Probably depends on what the metals do – as always.

Long way to go yet, we’ll see.


Posted by goldielocks @ 4:47 on May 6, 2024  

I looked up the movie on YouTube and it showed the whole word on that sign. Magazine



Posted by goldielocks @ 4:23 on May 6, 2024  

I had a quiet day today. I had a background movie on that happened to be the Alamo with John Wayne while doing some research. I’d rather do things like help children who have trouble learning to read learn not not only read but like reading. I guess I found another gift I had. Anyways when the Alamo was near it’s end based on a true story who BTW evacuated their non combatants ” women Children”  offered by the Mexican leader before they were over run by Mexican soldiers sad ending.  At the near end I glanced over to see John Wayne was standing in front of the Ammunition ready to blow it up and soldiers were taking the sword to him on the right side of the building next to him was a partial word on a sign and it said MAGA. I kid you not.

Looks like France who gave us Vietnam, another war America as well as other allys should of not condoned France being there in the first place wants to play with fire.  AGAIN


Posted by Maddog @ 3:49 on May 6, 2024  

It is widely beleived that Micron is a Schwab zombie, just like Turdeau or Jacinda Arden was in NZ……so this move looks to be an escalation of the Ukraine situation, almost certainly to try and stop yr elections…..

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:36 on May 6, 2024  

Silver Zephyrs all night long


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