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Posted by amals @ 21:49 on May 3, 2024  

Thanks for the replies. I think the consensus is that of course nobody knows what’s going to happen, and nobody knows what will happen to the currency in the event of bank failure. I also think the consensus is that nobody trusts the banking system. The result is that we’re on our own to make the best judgements we can and live with the consequences. It’s a sad state of affairs, and it wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the Fed and its ability to print at will. Even worse than that, not even printing, but making digital entries that find their way into the economy. We’re screwed.

These students should be learning from these two instead of paid agitator flunkies.

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:01 on May 3, 2024  

I found this video by Piers Morgan allowing a debate between to Jewish Professionals Alan Dershowitz you see on Fox a lot and Norman Finkelstein who’ve I’ve never seen on Fox and doing some DD found his difference of opinion. despite being Jewish and raised close by Alan got him band by Israel twice because he found another way back in lol ( From last December I believe.)
These college kids should have learned by now instead of listening to these flunky paid agitators what an argument is, that it’s not bias or yelling screaming name calling or personal attacks but presenting their opinions based on facts.Yes it can be emotional sometimes but on point based on facts. It doesn’t give much of a vote of confidence for the students who haven’t even learned that. ( Because the subject could be anything, like vaccines???)
Dr Finkelstein has some good questions to what may be considered the bias side and makes sense to me a third non partisan party should be involved but is that possible.



Ipso 8:24

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:56 on May 3, 2024  

Remember after 911 all of a sudden we got this diversity show via media and commercials. I think it was the start of the weaponization against whites  so didn’t work when you start bringing up the past and every country has one in what ever country with it. I think initially it started maybe in good intentions so people wouldn’t go around attacking Muslims. It was rather childish since so many people piling in America we weren’t strangers to diversity. Taking out the paid agitators I understand what they’re doing and crucial to stop the genocide although better places at Congress , including their anger at the Demos destroying this country with a few Rino’s with it right now but they crossed the line by attacking fellow citizens no matter their opinion, disturbing classes, canceling graduations, then trying to block citizens. I’m surprised there wasn’t more violence because in our time someone tried to block us like that after all peaceful attempts were made there would of been a fight.



Posted by old-timer @ 15:48 on May 3, 2024  

Another bit from behind the US Debt Clock’s “secret window”.

Below I posted on April 9th.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:32 on May 3, 2024  

$2,000 GOLD, Rest In Peace,

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 10:13 on April 9, 2024   -edit-

The scum kept Gold under $2,000 for almost four years. Finally it has broken out to new all time highs. We will never see sub $2,000 gold ever again. A similar situation with Silver soon if it breaks $30/oz which it will. They held it down below $25/oz for almost four years too.

Comment today:

I’m thinking we may never see gold below the $2,300 area again. The US Dollar and rates are both in the high zone. Giving Gold a headwind, or Gold would be much higher today.

Maddog- King Solomon said it best

Posted by Buygold @ 11:03 on May 3, 2024  

“There’s nothing new under the sun”

So says a man who had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Gold and silver were the least of his problems.

Absolutely nothing has changed in pm’s.

LOL too bad he’s gone

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:53 on May 3, 2024  

That was quite

Posted by deer79 @ 10:10 on May 3, 2024  

a shaking of the tree!!!!


Posted by Maddog @ 9:51 on May 3, 2024  

scum well in charge here….SM flying, along with Dollar while PM’s battered……yet the No’s say the exact reverse shud happen…..as rates have to be eased….

Usual pre open dump

Posted by adogsbody @ 9:43 on May 3, 2024  

by the slimey scum.



Won’t end well

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:23 on May 3, 2024  

The real numbers must be very bad indeed!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:01 on May 3, 2024  

April Payrolls Unexpectedly Plunge, Biggest Miss Since 2021 As Unemployment Rate Rises


Those were uber bullish numbers for pm’s

Posted by Buygold @ 8:54 on May 3, 2024  

Dollar getting pounded again, and yet everything but pm’s are screaming higher.

What a shitshow.

scum say 2320 is enough….can they get us back sub 2300 for the weekend…..

Posted by Maddog @ 8:37 on May 3, 2024  

which is all bs as the mkt clearly has loads of buyers and all the scum are doing is selling paper cheap….

Meanwhile the SM takes off…but Gold is held back…

Maddog @ 6:05 re: Klaus Schwab

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:26 on May 3, 2024  

With any luck we won’t be seeing his mug again!


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:24 on May 3, 2024  

“I just hope Jews in other country’s don’t get hurt or canceled because of it.”

Yes that’s totally unfair. For all Jews to be painted with the Zionist brush and mistreated because of what the gov of Israel is doing is just wrong.

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:20 on May 3, 2024  

Cassiar Gold Closes $6.8 Million Private Placement


NewOrigin Announces Cancellation of North Abitibi Back-in Option and Termination of Non-Brokered Private Placement


Gold Resource Corporation Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter 2024


Signature Resources Announces Equity Financing and Commencement of 2024 Field Programs


American Eagle Upsizes Previously Announced Private Placement for up to $8.2 Million


Sandstorm Gold Royalties Announces 2024 First Quarter Results


Guanajuato Silver Files Amended Offering Document for Brokered Financing


Signal Gold Announces 2024 First Quarter Results


Gold Digger Announces a Non-Brokered Private Placement




Santacruz Silver Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End 2023 Financial Results


Sandstorm Gold Royalties Announces Sale of Select Non-Core, Non-Precious Metals Assets and Renews Normal Course Issuer Bid


O3 Mining Terminates Option to Acquire Aurbel Mill from Eldorado Gold


Silver Bullet Mines Commences Processing of Third Party Silver Material


Vista Gold Corp. Announces First Quarter 2024 Financial Results


Revival Gold Announces Closing of Previously Announced Brokered Equity Financing and Update on Ensign Acquisition



Posted by Maddog @ 6:08 on May 3, 2024  

First they will throw money at the situation……after that yes Banks etc become very vunerable and we ahve already seen money taken in Cyprus ..

I have had money taken from a bank account in France to pay a local tax bill, by the government !!!!! and they charged me a fee to do it !!!!!!

Is Mad Schwab on a spit roast down below ?????

Posted by Maddog @ 6:05 on May 3, 2024  

Not been seen for 9 days now !!!

Where is Klaus Schwab, what will They call Charles III’s death, and why is the Secret State in Dollar Doom denial?

Morning amals

Posted by Buygold @ 5:05 on May 3, 2024  

I’m sure you remember what happened in Cyprus several years ago. When their banks failed the people were reimbursed up to a certain amount, the rest of their money was treated as if they owned shares of the bank. I forget if it was up to $50 or $100K. Withdrawals from ATM’s were limited to $200 or $50 or something like that.

Who can know what these criminals will do here? Maybe they’ll just try to replace it with CBDC’s. It’s really nothing to them to print up a few trillion to make everyone whole, but they don’t do that for us useless eaters. Rather they’ll inflict a maximum amount of pain and chaos to bring us to our knees and usher in whatever they’re looking to accomplish.

If you think about it, bank failures should never happen with ability to print, nor should their be any taxes.

I know I didn’t answer your question, I suspect they’ll make you whole up to the FDIC amount, whatever that is now, used to be $100K. Anything over that I suspect will vanish.

One thing for sure. If there is a bunch of failures, all the talking Fed heads and soothsayers will claim they didn’t see it coming.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 4:59 on May 3, 2024  

The Great Northern lives!


Second Boeing whistle blower dies.

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:53 on May 3, 2024  

Only 45 of bacterial infection.

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