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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:53 on November 18, 2023  

Zig Zag up the mountain



Posted by old-timer @ 22:44 on November 18, 2023  

Greg Hunter and Jon Rubno discuss the “situation”.

Interesting discussion, Greg  is in adult mode.

U.S. Financial Death Spiral – John Rubino

Israel might make a deal with Hamas for a 5 day seize fire for 50 more hostages.

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:38 on November 18, 2023  

I think they should demand all of them back because Hamas likely not set up for long term war but hit and run scenarios to stir up things and they’re closing in on them.
We see jihad Joe giving Iran more money and on top of a partial hostage release are collectively just empowering the terrorists and invite future trouble if they think they can profit off it and while they hold 200 hostages.

Richard you might remember this fire.

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:07 on November 18, 2023  

I always wondered what happened to the thriving Chicago and what brought it down to a opposite of what it was once a thriving working class community or I remembered visiting in the 60s after being pulled away from Wisc and extended family as far as Chicago but by 70 s navigating through the town to Wisconsin I could see a change already to potential unsafe areas that popped up I happened through.

I came across a story of the fire that ravaged through a multi story Catholic school that children were trapped two and three story’s high where there were no fire alarms, no fire doors, stairways and walkways made of wood, where along with the from no fire doors smoke nuns couldn’t get the children out. The whole building actually that started from below and delayed fire response way too long due to lack of initial alarm.

Even one of the band Journey was a survivor in that fire. There wasn’t a street that didn’t lose a child or more than one.

After the fire the memory’s were too hard on the whole town. The Italians moved first and new people moved in causing resentment , combined with racial unrest and demographic change, community was going away as more and more moved away and the place went down hill since.

With the new people and unemployment the church shut down and and reopened later as a food bank and resource center. I guess other business left too for similar reasons all because people in office didn’t have enough sense to protect  all though children.


Im sure it was more than that like maybe outsourcing but maybe partly because the workforce left.


Coming into the light

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:31 on November 18, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:06 on November 18, 2023  

Pele-gin … I stand corrected.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:02 on November 18, 2023  

Big like Texas


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