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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:53 on November 13, 2023  

1938 and one of the first streamliners, the EMC E1



Posted by Maya @ 23:52 on November 13, 2023  

Hawaii walks a fine line in aiding the homeless.  The aid they DO give they are careful to ‘vet’ the people who receive it to be sure they really are Hawaii residents.  One state director was severely criticized  for not being more ‘generous’ in aiding ALL the homeless.  His reply was  “You want to see more hordes of mainland homeless coming to our shores because the benefits are so great here??”   That was the approach that Californica took, and look where it got them.  You know well.


Posted by 2_point @ 23:26 on November 13, 2023  

http s:// www.tiktok.com/@drvashiva/video/7301078669101927710


Ipso 16:10

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:02 on November 13, 2023  

Lmao why not lol

Sure why not …

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:10 on November 13, 2023  

China Took Delivery of US Based Gold Last Month



Posted by goldielocks @ 15:37 on November 13, 2023  

Yep and they told me they get more money so even moved into Wisconsin for that reason who didn’t want them either.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:26 on November 13, 2023  

They said the same thing about the weather here. I don’t know what happened to a lot of them here but do know they cleaned up one area near here then they’d come back and they’d do it again over and over especially in fall  and winter they’d come back till spring. I haven’t seen them yet. Few yrs ago a martial arts instructor came out to tell me my grandson who took off his sandals and ran in the dojo without out them saying he didn’t need them and jumped out of the car told me not to let him do that. He said the homeless come out at night even sleep on the walkways and leave needles all over the ground in front of their place.
They police  pretty much cleaned that area up and less come back. Where they went I don’t know. Cuz if tree spaces along the the FWYs they were rows of them with tents apparently given to them for free.
Thats when I found out there bussing in thousands and stressing resources including food donation for family’s and eating their food running out of donated products leaving many local family’s after higher rents and economic woes without that help.

I remember talk when in Hawaii where the Islanders  could sleep on the beach except for one day a week. Why they were bringing the homeless  I don’t know.I could see why they could get angry.  I only saw one a older black guy sitting at a light crossing years before probably targeting people on vacation and foreign tourists.
In Calif now they’ve spread to Oregon starting in summer to avoid the heat of N Calif and then other northern states but you see what happened to Oregon.

I just hope they remember that and especially if Newsom starts Campaigning of any Democrat or Rino. They were funded all the way through and never had to take a bus boy job and work up the ladder. .
Prople think housing and rents and taxes too are bad  now,  imagine if they got away with retro fitting every home, building and Apts to they can’t afford “

and maybe they’ll give them a special loan and if they can’t pay it guess what happed and what these slime do next, with all electric when they can’t even support the demand now. So hope renters like the type that are usually immigrants or subsidized or just don’t care better realize it won’t be just home  but apts too and prices doubling AGAIN.
But these people playing the good guy when they’re  part of it or not caring about other states or borders when this is their country being turned into Anti- American ghettos now happening to them deserve what they get. Including red stated they’re bragging instead of worrying including some financial culprits or the Pelosi’s coming to their states instead again without thinking besides those working class  on their own dime who else is coming for cheaper housing beside seniors and will drive  their cost and crime up to them too and maybe different demographic voting.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:58 on November 13, 2023  

If I was homeless I’d rather spend the winter in LA than Chicago!

I thought we’d see more green today. At least a few shares are doing OK.

goldielocks @ 12:42 – Hawaii had that problem, too.

Posted by Maya @ 14:29 on November 13, 2023  

Homeless welfare cases being enticed to ‘go to Hawaii’ where it was warm and you could ‘eat fruit off the trees’.  We had plenty of mainland homeless appear… usually in the autumn just before winter.  Once here they found life was not so rosy, and even the local homeless disliked and abused them.  The State here got wise and started offering them a free ticket back to where they came from, along with some stern legal words for the mainland state agencies that sent them here.  The problem has lessened quite a bit since then, but I’m sure it still happens.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:42 on November 13, 2023  

Another issue in California coming from other states is what’s been going on for decades is sending us their bums, mentally ill, criminals druggies,and drunks.

And the midwestern like Chicago and eastern states like NY, NJ. PA also had a lot of them. Then the illegals which then have large family’s cumulatively with the bums changed the voting demographics and even the ones then being elected weren’t from Calif like Pelosi or from out of the country.

I remember back in the early 70s people told me they’re state of NEW York was paying welfare recipients to leave the state.

Same happened with all the homeless. All of a sudden we’re

swamped with homeless tent city’s  down town spreading to communities. The majority of them were from others states paid to go to California. They were being bussed here.

The river here we’re being contaminated with their waste getting into the water.

They even did that before that by LA sending their gang bangers to northern Cal and caused havoc and murder in its path to ordinary citizens and business they were robbing because apparently they got away with it there but in the north they got shot or locked up.

Then these other states with their fake moral authority who’s been taking advantage of others for decades that build noting just destroy or wreck it for others then  window dress themselves saying see no problems here, “ cuz we sent them elsewhere like to California because their home grown generational  under underclass and their policy’s got too many and sent them out to Calif and other states like throwing the trash out someone else’s back yard. South of border doing the same. So some of theses states are now suffering by Karma what they did to others. Except special interest states of course like hiding rats behind the scene like Martha Vineyard.

This in turn cause hardships and more problems by raising prices to keep them out which passes the problems to the communities harming family orientate areas to the lower income to the middle income, retired  and young looking for their first job pricing them out of rentals in their own communities or young adults having to stay at home of their lucky to have parents who care enough not to rather throwing them into the streets to their death or to be subject to every kind of low life from these other states or country’s and not all survived and got a education of hard knocks by these low lives criminals and parasites where most others that did survive on their own were injured or came out injured in some form or with a addiction.

So these states and their low lives in office have nothing to say when they’ve been doing to others for decades and promoting it, just not to them , saying bus them to California or Texas or Arizona after they got enough of them on the take in office and management positions in the private sector they did not build either to destroy that and bring in more next.

They know what problems they caused, they’re just playing dumb then try to pretend their one of the victims instead of the perps.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:07 on November 13, 2023  

That’s why I hate to say anything sometimes cuz it might be misunderstood and turn into something else. I don’t live in those areas it’s something else. These areas won’t put up with it as long as we don’t move away. Even a woman citizen tasered one of them who openly tried to get her phone and may have baiter them trying to grab her phone out of her hands that was really a taser, which was hilarious.


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:52 on November 13, 2023  

Pretty crazy that in some areas items at the pharmacies are chained up because of shoplifting. What a pain in the as*!

I would rather have had Marathon develop their mine themselves

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:50 on November 13, 2023  

Calibre and Marathon Announce Combination to Create a High-Growth, Cash Flow Focused, Mid-Tier Gold Producer in the Americas with Expected Annual Production of 500,000 ounces


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:45 on November 13, 2023  

Cobre Panama Operations Update


Barrick Announces Additional Investment in Hercules Silver


Scorpio Gold Prices Private Placement at $0.02 per Unit


Perpetua Resources Announces Third Quarter 2023 Highlights


Halcones Precious Metals Intersects 3.91% Cu and 0.21 g/t Au Over 8 Metres at Carachapampa Project, Chile


Omai Gold Drills 5.89 g/t Au over 12.0m and 8.7 g/t Au over 4.6m at the West Wenot Target


Blue Thunder Announces Important Technical Collaboration plus Investment by IAMGOLD


Osisko Metals Reports Additional Drill Results From Pine Point With Up to 10 Metres Grading 8.71% Zn + Pb


Canadian Gold Corp.: Approval of $300,000 Grant From Manitoba Mineral Development Fund (MMDF) Increases Company’s Exploration Funding


Taura Gold and Ensign Minerals Announce Subscription Receipt Financing




First Mining Announces Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results and Operating Highlights


Collective Metals Announces Flow Through Financing


Sierra Metals Reports Third Quarter 2023 Operating and Financial Performance


Marathon Gold Announces 2023 Third Quarter Results


Calibre and Marathon Announce Combination to Create a High-Growth, Cash Flow Focused, Mid-Tier Gold Producer in the Americas with Expected Annual Production of 500,000 ounces


Wallbridge Discovers New Area of Gold Mineralization 15 kilometres East of Fenelon


O3 Mining Drill Results Confirm VMS Deposit Environment at Horizon Project


First Quantum Provides Operational Update at Cobre Panama


Maya – I am now an old man and can remember the sound of steam locomotive drive wheels slipping on the tracks on morning dew or frost

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 6:54 on November 13, 2023  

When leaving the station .

The sound was CHUFF……CHUFFF……..ch-ch-ch , etc. until the engineer cut back on the throttle and traction was regained and you would hear again ; CHUFFF………CHUFF…….CHUFF…..CHUFF…CHUFF..CHUFF .chuff,chuff

Ipso 12:55

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:50 on November 13, 2023  

Not only that food supply and quality and they give us toxic junk even in children foods.
Have you noticed that pharmacy’s are closing down. Here a bunch of Rite Aids people liked did to lower prices closed. Someone in Texas said their pharmacy  closed. It  was in a store that closed. The unscrupulous greed from real estate groups raising rents.

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