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Opened YouTube found Celente on first page.

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:59 on November 2, 2023  

He reminds me of a Italian version of Patton but in a different way to stop war not start it.
Somewhere along the line it turned into a war and slaughter against civilians and their land including our land just different people. And the so called leaders who are supposed to be stopping it are now part of it.
I was ahead of him on RfK though, he would be important in gov I’m battling the pharma cartel but  he wouldn’t be strong enough to deal with what’s going on out there and took sides when land grabs Genocide and  killing of babies, children  and unarmed citizens on both sides there is no sides.

experience speaks…

Posted by treefrog @ 22:23 on November 2, 2023  


They’re bringing them with em

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:58 on November 2, 2023  

“Tailor-Made For Terrorism”: Republicans Raise Alarm After Illegal Immigrants Caught With Explosive Devices



Posted by Buygold @ 13:44 on November 2, 2023  

The stock market is NOT going to crash for the very same reason as your correct call on the treasuries, and the enormous amount of specs short treasuries. Rates have topped, the dollar has topped.

Now, many individual stocks have already crashed, but the indexes will not. The mega caps will continue to get bigger. That’s what we’re seeing today, the BEGINNING of a new bull market.

Gold and silver and the shares should also be soaring for the same reason. They aren’t, for the obvious reason that they are manipulated. The only thing that matters is air (Bitcoin) and paper (the dollar and stocks).

It does not matter if central banks are buying, both metals have plenty of supply, just check out your dealer’s inventory.

At some point, reality needs to set in. The dollar reigns supreme, and that’s not going to change. Rates will go where they need to go to service government debt, and they’ve peaked. All of this is wildly bullish for pm’s, but it’s not, and never will be because paper controls the price of the real stuff, plain and simple.

I have no doubt that we’ll get a 5% rally here and there, maybe 10 or 20 in silver, but there is never going to be a moonshot, and the shares will never have a price that’s high enough for them to be worth investing in.

It is a shame, but that is the reality we live in. I’m tired of the fantasy, it’s all bullshit.

I’m going to check out for awhile and reassess things. Time to live in reality.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:23 on November 2, 2023  

I’m glad you got in  Agi. I never recommend stocks but someone asked me here a while back and pointed that one out because of the company and the younger crowd watching and trading it too. They can move things if they want to and fast.. either way.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:09 on November 2, 2023  

You bring up some good points. I assume most people that buy physical, leave it for the kids. And at that point, they get a new higher cost basis. Re real estate? I always figured you can’t really own it, because you have a tax landlord that you can’t argue with, that raises the taxes lock step with inflation.

Thanks for your concern. But I never bought the highs in AG. I’ve had it for a very long time down but not too much. My best play was AGI, and I’m still in the money on that one.

Mr Copper 12:48

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:02 on November 2, 2023  

Lol Yeah yeah excuses excuses but their new project snowline went up thought where they drew money away from AG. Now they have a new angry investor lol Sorry for your loss,

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:56 on November 2, 2023  

Seems like every time I try to post someone calls me so I was trying to give up plus r with these tiny words of a reflective background, Yeah if, including if they had 250,000 in some account then considering it a risk with retirement where a house is tangible and you can live in it or rent it,  With that much hanging around they should have some insurance for theft plus taxes will come out once they sell it for 2 mil.
if you bought a house with potential to be worth much more later and got in back then you would have lower taxes. People dokt think about that when they Refi at the higher prices and take the sudden equity out for cash their taxes will go up with it. If they sold it and got something else less in a lower price and tax area their taxes will go up with it and likely insurance.
Still that’s good or was good at that time.

First Majestic Silver Down 14%?? This Smells Like An Over Reaction Bottom.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:48 on November 2, 2023  

I found this on another site:

Don’t get it twisted, the vast majority of “bears” on here are just former bulls who bought a top and are upset. Their victory lap today isn’t them making money, its them trying to cover up their pain and don’t bother expecting them to show up when this stock goes on yet another massive run along with the rest of the industry. The company is smart to hold off on production until higher prices and even smarter to develop a direct to consumer service.”

Comment: What the hell. I just bought some.

@goldilocks re part Many others, gold to the moon

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:32 on November 2, 2023  

Back around 2000 Gold was $250/oz. If we bought 1000 ozs, or $250,000 invested (the cost of a home back then) that $250,000 today would around $2,000,000. None of the typical homes of that day are worth $two million. More like $450k-$550k. Plus zero property taxes, zero maintenance or insurance or interest payments. Naturally it was not a smooth gradual uptrend.

Old timer

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:50 on November 2, 2023  

I figured out how my grand son did it after googling it. It kind of made me feel Like like these ancient tribes who used sticks and rocks to start a fire and with climate change  they should know how to now  who saw a man from the future world lighting a match and thinking how did he do that. Generally if it isn’t about medical, news, the weather or now stocks I could care less.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:21 on November 2, 2023  

Back through time when all these talking heads were calling gold 5000 especially going towards 2012 like Armstrong who did a reverse course after he was released.  Many others, gold to the moon, silver to a hundred “ I missed that bullet in 2011-12 although figured if they were right  later it would come later, then 200 and beyond. All if these gold bug sites. Everyone. Meanwhile said crypto would go nowhere even Armstrong at one of the meetings when he first got out when someone asked. I figured he didn’t get the message in that where he was but at least say he doesn’t have enough data or even know Gov we’re buying it. It could go by the wayside some day but not at that or this time.

There was only one man that called it right  that was honest in his research and opinion. That was Gerald Celente from trends journal. I remember him being interviewed far back from 2012, when asked if gold was going to 5000 next?
I think that was when gold was around 1000.  He said no, I think when it gets to 2000 they’re gonna do something. And they did. The difference between Celente and the others is that besides his very good news letter to those with less time in their hands trying to keep up with what’s going on while still focused on the market instead of controversial noise, distractions,  and fake news,  he wasn’t trying to sell you something. And they complain about women and shopping.

deer79 @ 10:16

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:06 on November 2, 2023  

You are absolutely right about the algos.

One must consider, Larry Fink sits on the board of the WEF.

You can bet Blackrock’s algos are programmed to buy tech stocks and sell PM’s.

They want the stocks of their friends, Gates, Soros, Zuck, etc higher to reward them for their efforts of bribery, fraud, and theft (and murder).

What they are doing in the stock market is fraud and theft.

It can’t last forever but considering this is the grand super-cycle bubble, it will assuredly go on for longer than most can handle the pain.

Liquidity is drying up so any accumulation in PM stocks at this point should be measured because next year, at least at the beginning, even with tax loss selling done, the broads could still take everything with them to the downside initially.

Too many so-called expert speculators have a pant-load of idiots duped into these stocks right now and are getting their heads handed to them – and the broads are still buoyant. (Not the equal weighted indexes – I know that.)

What’s going to happen when they turn lower?

What if gold and silver crash too? That’s what they did in 2000 and 2008 initially.

That’s what the bankers and WEF want – to scare people out of their positions permanently (please buy Bitcon instead) and impoverish them.

They are winning at this point.

Have a nice day.

Vote in the Poll Vote in the Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:48 on November 2, 2023  

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:20 on November 2, 2023  

The timing

Posted by deer79 @ 10:16 on November 2, 2023  

of the daily smackdowns is impeccable. The algorithm must be programmed

to carry this out.


I guess I’ve been programmed to make excuses, in my mind, as to why this sector has been

so ravaged over all these years. By now, I’m not going to sell all of the stinky pm shares that

are still smoldering in my down 80% portfolio. I have resigned the fact that I’m willing to

ride them down to zero.


Two other thoughts (here I go again; excuses perhaps?) come to mind;


  1. The tax loss selling is probably exacerbating the down moves.


2. Perhaps the desperation by the cretins is reaching a fever pitch because the end of our financial system

as we know it, is very near.

Eventually … gold will rescue the financial system

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on November 2, 2023  

We’ve seen a lot of bullshit over the years

Posted by Buygold @ 9:47 on November 2, 2023  

but this is the worst I’ve ever seen.

Owning pm shares was the worst mistake I’ve ever made. Physical hasn’t done anything worth a shit either. Never will.

All of it is a joke.

Just can’t

Posted by deer79 @ 9:41 on November 2, 2023  

get any more blatant than this. What a freakin’ joke.


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:35 on November 2, 2023  

The national debt in Japan is around $9 trillion. That is well over 200% of the country’s GDP. Interest payments on the debt make up about a quarter of the country’s government expenditures. But that’s with extremely low bond yields. If yields were to increase to 4%, the debt payment would grow larger than the current expenditures for the entire government. Peter called it a “slow-motion train wreck.”


Buygold re Dollar & Rates getting smashed

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:32 on November 2, 2023  

I think it’s because the Fed neglected to raise another 1/4 or 1/2 point hike yesterday. I think they are afraid to raise them.


Posted by goldielocks @ 9:32 on November 2, 2023  

I figured or wondered if they would try to drop the market lower before a likely pause like they said  might happen until next year. Then start trying to bring the market up for window dressing into the election,  but maybe they want to start early and bring it higher for possibility of more rate hikes next year and dips instead of straight down. .


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:15 on November 2, 2023  

Nearly 1 In 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Suffered Neurological Side Effects: Study


Dollar & Rates getting smashed

Posted by Buygold @ 9:08 on November 2, 2023  

and pm and shares barely breathing.

but look at that SM go!

Son of Hamas

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:07 on November 2, 2023  

3 days ago Who is no longer part of them and why and also the UN he has no use for either. …  Get the civilians out. Holding them hostage too.  He said  the US can put pressure Israel can’t.  They are going to be walking into a trap.
Maybe if Trump was in instead of more terrorists like them just dumber than them. I saw a doctor in Gaza crying while others trying to comfort him after they brought in his family victims of this war. I saw a little boy pre school age with a blank stare who couldn’t stop shaking and making jerking movements like one bomb then another and another and when doctor held  him feeling safe for a minute he started to cry but then he pulled away started shaking again.

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