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Posted by ipso facto @ 20:56 on December 20, 2022  

No they’re not the only ones. The ultimate destination for all fiat currencies.

Getting packages from Amazon ahead of estimate. Online buying slowing down?

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 19:38 on December 20, 2022  

Re Japan

That 3 % equaling the entire budget, is far too close for comfort…….but they ain’t the only ones….

America, WTH Happened to you?????????

Posted by silverngold @ 18:15 on December 20, 2022  

goldielocks @ 15:04 Yeah, I noticed that. Trump had it slowed down to a trickle and Biden has created a Tsunami of illegals bent on destroying America.!

Posted by silverngold @ 17:31 on December 20, 2022  

Worse than that, Apathy seems to be the order of the day in the citizens of both USA and Canada who seem to have no power to squelch it. The criminals are running our governments.

Eventually the insurance cos will charge higher rates if you are jabbed

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:44 on December 20, 2022  

German insurance data shows 88 fully vaccinated people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly every day


and gold gets a big boost today

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:36 on December 20, 2022  

Before Americans Got Conned into Buying Imports

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:31 on December 20, 2022  

In ‘64 the work week was down to 40 hrs. We made everything here. Wives not working. The money was great. We thought in the future we would be down to 30 hours. But after ‘70 wives started working, n we were up to 80hrs. So the boss got 2 sal for price of one.

SNG 13:44

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:04 on December 20, 2022  

Did you hear when she was asking where they were from someone say you should ask permission first. Did they ask permission when they crossed the border or paid for their own food and place to stay? Does it give you a clue of the mindset crossing into our country.

Welcome to the USA

Posted by silverngold @ 13:44 on December 20, 2022  

The Shadow Government coined by the Spotlight

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:35 on December 20, 2022  

Who told justice dept Eric Holder t tell the ATF to tell gun dealers to sell guns into Mexico? Has to be the same people above the FBI and CIA. Who tells the mass media what to say? The president of the world is a big secret. They opened the southern border.

the January 6 attack was not against our domestic government it was a political message against the other unknown government leading manipulating our domestic government fools or Democrats.


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:51 on December 20, 2022  

“cess pit” I think there’s a good case for that.

I used to think that calls to disband the FBI were exaggerated, were over the top. I’m not so sure anymore. We should at least get rid of agents that are politically biased.

Everything In Reverse After 9/11/01. The Global Trade Bankers Got Busted, Sucker Punched

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:47 on December 20, 2022  

Stocks bonds n real estate gradually over 100 years became used as money and savings. But ever since 9/11 and the 2008 crisis, everything is in reverse if you look for signs you will see them. So a reversal suggests Gold and Silver will return as money and savings.

If you bought 1000 oz of Gold after 9/11/01, or $250,000 today your gold would be $1824/oz or $1,824,000 if you are a seller. A buyer has to pay $200 more per oz, or $2024/oz or $2,024,000. No annual property tax on it. Very liquid.

Postscript Document (mrci.com)

Anybody notice that dog IAG had a 25% B/O today?? CDE is the other dog that should be doing better.

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 12:42 on December 20, 2022  

Re FBI and Twatter

surely paying Twatter is completely illegal, as that is Tax payer money…..if Twatter had info etc, the FBI could just demand it etc…..the Police don’t pay crims to fess up……what a cess pit u have.

The Animal Kingdom

Posted by commish @ 10:26 on December 20, 2022  

FBI was paying Twitter

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:24 on December 20, 2022  

A continuing criminal enterprise

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:09 on December 20, 2022  

Wells Fargo Ordered To Pay $3.7 Billion Over Widespread Illegal Activity

Wells Fargo has been ordered to pay $3.7 billion by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for a variety of illegal activity, including wrongfully foreclosing on homes, illegally repossessing vehicles, incorrectly assessing fees and interest, and charging surprise overdraft fees


Digging that hole ever deeper. The consumers will pay for it. Klaus must love it!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:49 on December 20, 2022  

EU Imposes The World’s Largest Carbon Tax Scheme, Inflationary Madness Sets In

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

To prevent “carbon leakage” the European Parliament Reached a Deal on a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, CBAM for short.

An EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) will be set up to equalise the price of carbon paid for EU products operating under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) and the one for imported goods. This will be achieved by obliging companies that import into the EU to purchase so-called CBAM certificates to pay the difference between the carbon price paid in the country of production and the price of carbon allowances in the EU ETS.


6.4 quake in Ferndale Eureka

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:24 on December 20, 2022  

Power out for thousands. Not unusual for quakes in that area.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:15 on December 20, 2022  

IAMGOLD Announces Transaction with Sumitomo Metal Mining to Provide up to $340 Million in Additional Funding for the Construction of the Côté Gold Project


IAMGOLD Announces Agreement to Sell Its Boto Gold Project and Surrounding Exploration Assets to Managem for Total Consideration of $282 Million




McEwen Mining: New, Near Surface, High Grade Beside Our Mill


Mayfair Gold Closes First Tranche of Non-Brokered Private Placement Financing to Advance Fenn-Gib Gold Project




Guanajuato Silver Drills 1.15m True Width of 3159 gpt AgEq at Topia


Emergent Announces Drill Program at its Trecesson Property, QC


Brixton Metals Drills 262m of 1.04 g/t Gold Including 75.49m of 2.35 g/t Gold Including 6.93m of 7.16 g/t Gold at its Trapper Target on the Thorn Project


Signal Gold Files Updated Mineral Reserves for the Stog’er Tight Deposit at the Point Rousse Project


Emerita Intersects 25.1 Meters Grading 0.3% Copper, 1.5% Lead, 6.0% Zinc, 0.74 G/T Gold and 82.0 G/T Silver at La Romanera Deposit, Awards Contract to Prepare Independent Resource Estimate


Arras Minerals Closes C$7.2 Million Financing


Thor Explorations Returns Significant Gold Grades and Widths from Latest Drilling Intersections at The Douta Gold Project, Senegal




and the scum do what they can only do…take Au back below $ 1800…..by selling paper promises,

Posted by Maddog @ 8:13 on December 20, 2022  

which even the Biden family might be ashamed of.

Posted by goldielocks @ 6:51 on December 20, 2022  

I saw on the news San Francisco may have to file for bankruptcy. Maybe they should lay off all their useless government workers and lower their over inflated pay.
It went way down hill since Gavin Newsom ran it and now he’s Governor spreading poverty all over the state with his policy’s that hurt tax payers and even more the working poor. Now he claims he want to give money to blacks for slavery that went out a long time ago and many back then were already compensated with land and animals.
I think he’s doing it to appeal to minority’s like he did here because there’s so many of them because he’s got his eye on being president next. Legal immigrants aren’t much of a problem and did their own building like adding diversity to restaurant choices with good food. EXCEPT perhaps they way they vote. But illegals are something else. Like dumping our drug and crime infested homeless on another country to take care of.
Now he’s pretending he’s concerned about the borders when he claimed Calif is a sanctuary state and won’t even deport criminals.
Booming city’s turned to crime and drug infested towns. It destroyed the infrastructure and thefts closed stores and other businesses and the rest followed as they voted with their feet in a rigged or stupid people in elections.
Cheaper areas are full of drugs theft and crime. San Bernardino once a booming city has empty stores skating rings nothing there anymore not being stripped of anything the homeless that took them over can sell. Trash cardboard boxes ahd tents all over.
My city’s holding its own so far and other areas most most people can’t afford to live.
The rest of the city’s are going down hill.
Do they really think importing more poverty, homeless, drugs and crime across the border and placing them in lawless policy city’s with no jobs but to consume welfare, other than drugs, theft and human trafficking and crime and gangs is going to improve things or just add to the problem and more flight of the remaining producers and working class and cost to them to house and feed them when they can’t even house and feed their own.
It’s all about the votes and the “ party” not the citizens who actually built the city’s these freeloading con artist moved in and destroyed. It’s all about them when they say party.

Not sure the scum will be happy with the Japs admitting they can’t tighten…..which of course virtually no CB can

Posted by Maddog @ 5:52 on December 20, 2022  

especially any Western ones and that is the dirty secret, they want to keep hidden by sitting on Gold…..so thank you BoJ for a very nice Goldbugs Christmas present.

Ipso 0:13

Posted by goldielocks @ 5:47 on December 20, 2022  

I don’t think any of them can guarantee that. Things can change and surprisingly the more gourmet advertised brands said to have more metals than regular brands like Hershey’s. Some suspect some brands of red beans too
Things can change but a known one here that’s allegedly safer for now anyways is Ghirardelli.
So not too much if at all Tuna for kids growing brains or chocolate.
I found through not intense since everything you eat they find something wrong I did find “ through health effects of every metal as there more that just those two cadmium and lead in it like nickel and copper
That copper although we really need a certain amount in safe levels can contribute to hardening of the arteries. Copper had been used for centuries for different health reasons and getting a copper cup or vessel incase of supply issues thats not sealed inside is good to have. So if you have a copper vessel maybe cut down when having chocolate. Just don’t over do as more is not better in many cases. People look at the inside on non sealed copper vessel and complain as it will change colors that can be cleaned with lemon and salt. 100 percent copper not mixed with other metals. But if they get a sealant on the inside it will look nice but will prevent the copper from leaching in the water and undermine the health effects.
Guess just not too much of anything and add things that counter the negative effects including metal detox if you eat a lot of chocolate or drink or make mochas like moi. lol
Pesticides and soil treatments as fertilizers is apparently part of the problem.

Welcome To The End Times

Posted by silverngold @ 0:33 on December 20, 2022  


Posted by ipso facto @ 0:13 on December 20, 2022  

I’ll take the low cadmium please.

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