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OldTimer, drb2, and Commish, I always seem to see the elephant in the room, which was completely excluded in this 2000 Mules video report…..or did I blink and just miss it???.

Posted by silverngold @ 18:56 on May 8, 2022  

What about Dominion Voting Machines??????????? I recall seeing unfolded no watermark ballots by the thousands being dropped off in the dead of night at various voting locations and caught on camera. WTH??????

Maybe there will be a sequel to this video that will expose that????

Maybe that is why the power went down and the votes were not tallied until much later than normal????

Maybe this video is a Magician’s trick so nobody thinks to look into the Dominion Voting Machines????

Or maybe there is another elephant in the room???????????  All The Best From Silverngold!

Well what do you know

Posted by commish @ 17:55 on May 8, 2022  

@ Old Timer – RE: 2000 Mules

Posted by drb2 @ 16:51 on May 8, 2022  

Many thanks for your post.

Just watched it and thought it VERY well done.  And very upseting – it is hard to imagine any one thing more crucial to the security of the American Republic than election integrity.


While watching, I couldn’t help thinking – where were our intelligence agencies while all this was happening?

Considering the enormous budgets and access to information that the NSA, CIA, Homeland Security etc. have – they had to know the extent of the fraud exposed in this movie.

Yet they have made no definite statement either way.


If our security agencies didn’t know – what good are they?


The only conclusions that can be made are:

  1. They are incompetent
  2. They were complicit in the crime


Both are scary thoughts.


I would love to hear a contrary argument in their defense.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:30 on May 8, 2022  

Tks for that Malone link….listening to him talk about the vaccines etc a while back , u could see he would end up looking into what Davos man had to do with it all…he has made that journey and now they have one very bright enemy.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:17 on May 8, 2022  

I can see u know of what u speak…I on the other hand am merely remarking on what I have heard about in the UK….that u can run a diesel car here on cooking/frying oil…..

where things get tough here is that Customs and Excise (taxman) do spot checks , mainly looking for farmers running what is called Red Diesel in their cars on the road….that is farming diesel with a red dye in it,….. and if caught …u really get hammered.

Members of the World Economic Forum (“WEF”)  

Posted by drb2 @ 12:35 on May 8, 2022  

If a person has ever been curious as to why the news, and our many crises, seem so well coordinated, one could do worse than look to the WEF for the answer.

Below Dr. Malone details more.


Members of the World Economic Forum (“WEF”)  



by Robert W Malone MD, MS

Inventor of mRNA & DNA vaccines, RNA as a drug.

Scientist, physician, writer, podcaster, commentator and advocate.

Believer in our fundamental freedom of free speech.

To All Our Beautiful Mothers Out There…HAPPY MOTHERS DAY from Silverngold!

Posted by silverngold @ 10:31 on May 8, 2022  


old-time @22:57 Voter Fraud

Posted by commish @ 9:51 on May 8, 2022  

I got half way through 2000 Mules and my vital signs started going  critical.  Can’t believe how organized this was.  When I simmer down will get back to watching.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:58 on May 8, 2022  

Coast Starlight meets Coast StarLATE


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