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Received these from a friend and they were entitled. “A short prayer and One word essays”. If these 6 post okay I’ll post more. IMO they are PRICELESS and should raise every emotion you possess.

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Pretty well covers the reasons I voted thumbs down on Elon buying Twitter and taking it private…FWIW! Fox in the henhouse or Wolf in sheep’s clothing or greatest humanitarian of all times?? Only time will tell!

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I remember the 83/1 which were about there now. Converters are mostly Platinum and Palladium. But with the gov trying to push us into a recession and maybe depression new cars will be too expensive of a gamble and thus goes everything in it that’s made for them.
Tech uses gold and silver more in computers but we have supply issues and they’ve been over played due to Covid.

The market with the Fed interest rates and gov unqualified people running things is pulling everything down with it right now except the dollar.
Listening to Richard’s ??? in between multi tasking on that video below gave a interesting bit of info. That they want to discourage buying gold which he thinks is a good idea to buy, because it’s helping Putin’s Ruble. When gold goes up so does the ruble. I know he’s the messenger but I’m thinking they always have to have a excuse to depress gold over the fiat don’t they. He goes on to say the problem for the dollar is they have caused lack of confidence in it because of freezing accounts and sanctions over using it as a weapon. He goes on to say why no other currency would be sufficient either so there will be a move into G/S. He moved up the price to 15,000 to 40,000. He explained the reason being is that as it moves higher the percentage is smaller ie a 1000 move from 1500 to 2500 or 2-3 K is a big percentage where 7-8k is much less percentage wise.
So once it gets going 1000 moves won’t be as big of a deal like now.
Orrrr it’s just another carrot on a stick lol It does make sense but what will be the significance to the currencies at that point?

Gold/Silver ratio

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 12:22 on May 1, 2022  

Does anyone remember the ratio being at 83/1? I think maybe the industrial side of silver may be telling us a drop in demand may be coming.

SBSW keeps falling with metal stable and paying a good dividend. Perhaps the slowdown in the auto industry (converters) may be a big factor.

The stock market casino appears to be a bit wobbly. Some commodities are having huge daily ranges. 30 year bonds have little to no demand.

Putin has really stepped in a pile and seemingly has no way out. The sanctions are really tightening the screws in Russia. He will have popular support until public lifestyles fall into unacceptable levels. I don’t think he has enough Vodka to appease the populace. I really don’t have much faith in the leadership of every country involved in the Ukraine struggle. Somebody is going to do something stupid.

Those with young grand kids nephews or nieces.

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This doctor is very thorough in explains the symptoms of Hepatitis.
Parents should be aware of these symptoms so they can seek proper medical help SAP so pass it on. No matter their skin tone look for jaundice in the eyes
They haven’t found
a cause but have popped up globally all at once and not limited to a certain area.
I’d like to know if the vaccines can be crossed from adults to child as polio did to non vaccinated , due to the fact that Ferrets died of liver inflammation after being vaccinated and then exposed to Covid. Also if there is any food similarity’s.

Dept of Homeland Security

Posted by commish @ 9:55 on May 1, 2022  

Disinformation Governance Board

I almost have to laugh at some of the theory’s but I haven’t seen the in-depth studies on why they believed it was a snake venom.

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Is There Snake Venom in SARS-COV-2?

Has anyone picked up this theory yet.

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:39 on May 1, 2022  

It has to do with enzymes working in away that is similar to a poison snake or even snail.
Snake venom in vaccines. One thing for sure it is a poison so to speak.
Next, you publicly discredit or ban any substances that are helpful in fighting the shot induced illnesses. You label hydroxychloroquine as dangerous and ban its use. You smear ivermectin. You pull N.A.C. from the store shelves. You pull quercetin. You ridicule zinc and vitamins C & D3. You tell smokers to quit smoking because of nicotine.
In reality, Dr. Ardis said that all of these substances are effective when used in early treatment to defeat the shot-induced “COVID-19” snake-venom poison. If this is accurate, it appears health authorities have an agenda and it’s not your good health.
Dr. Ardis also speculated that Remdesivir is deadly because of snake-venom poison, used to attack multiple organs including renal. Dr. Ardis worked for months on his snake-venom research and exhibited many pages of documentation.
Not surprisingly, Dr. Ardis’ conclusions were immediately ridiculed by the medical establishment. The mRNA injections allegedly cause the body to continually reproduce more synthetic snake-venom. Dr. Ardis suggested that if you’ve gotten the COVID-19 shots, get a “D-Dimer” test to see if you test positive for cobra or krait snake-venom.


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:36 on May 1, 2022  

The Galloping Goose (aka Ment’s Dumpster Train)


silverngold @ 11:55 – 5G Radiation

Posted by Maya @ 1:30 on May 1, 2022  

When it comes to RF radiation, distance is your friend.   Intensity decreases as the square of the distance.  The miniscule RF from 5G satellites is tiny and hard to receive even with a big dish antenna on the ground.  I guarantee you are already getting more than 5G coming down from the sky from hundreds of satellites on differing frequencies.   But it is so weak as to be almost not noticeable among the background noise radiation that comes in from the sun, also.

No, the problem with 5G service is the nearby, in-neighborhood base stations that are serving hundreds of clients in the area with high intensity signals that can be measured on a meter and DO have know deleterious effects on the human body.  Remember, distance is your friend in weakening the signal.  Now… who wants to hold a 5G phone to their head… at ‘zero distance’ from your brain?

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