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Got gold?

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:29 on March 18, 2020  

Jeff Gundlach predicted during his DoubleLine call yesterday that “the U.S. national debt likely to grow to $30 trillion in two or three years as spending explodes in response to the crisis”, which means about $3-4 trillion in net issuance per year, and that upcoming supply tsunami is certainly sending bond prices lower, potentially dealing a deathly blow to the risk-parity/balanced “60/40” portfolio model. 

Said simply: the USD is the world’s reserve currency, which while a huge benefit to the US when times are good, is an unbearable burden during crashes such as this one. While there is no simple solution, the legendary inventor of the MOVE index did propose a brilliant solution back in 2016: the Fed can always crush the dollar by buying gold in the open market, effecting another FDR-like devaluation of the dollar. Because as J.P.Morgan famously said in 1912,  “Money is gold, nothing else.” One year later the Fed was born.

But for now, gold is being puked (to raise dollars) along with every other asset…[THAT’S A LIE]

Source: Bloomberg

In other ominously concerning news, global systemically important banks have collapsed…

Source: Bloomberg

As Deutsche Bank counterparty risk is exploding to record highs.

The great Rick Ackerman

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:18 on March 18, 2020  
The Morning Line
Published Wednesday, March 18 at 8:31 p.m. EDT

Strong Dollar Challenges Myth

The U.S. dollar has been one of the few big winners lately, but this is hardly a good thing. If the greenback continues to strengthen, it will hurt U.S. multinationals whose overseas revenues are reckoned in currencies that would be falling. In addition, all who owe will need to repay their loans in dollars more dear than at the time they were borrowed.  And it will sink prices for a broad variety of commodities, particular crude oil, that have been used to collateralize a super-leveraged derivatives market worth perhaps $1.5 quadrillion notional. Do you see the problem?

Throughout its 25-year history, Rick’s Picks and its predecessor, Black Box Forecasts, have never wavered in their extremely bullish outlook for the dollar. In recent years, our projection for the Dollar Index (DXY), currently trading around 101, has called for a test of of highs near 120 recorded in 2002. When the buck slid to 71 between 2002-08, we saw this as merely corrective.

What a Fool Believes

Our outlook for the dollar is congruent with the deflationary bust that we foresee puncturing the epic asset bubble created by the central banks. Residential real estate is a big piece of it, and you can judge for yourself whether mortgage lenders will ultimately allow homeowners to pay off their loans with a few hundred-thousand-dollar bills peeled from their hyperinflated wallets. Yeah, sure.

This is just one of many reasons why a hyperinflation is not coming. Set against them is the entrenched belief that the Fed would never let deflation happen. Well, the dollar, along with the real burden of debt, soared on Wednesday — this despite the fact that President Trump was offering up a trillion dollar stimulus in an attempt to offset economic damage from the pandemic. Ordinarily we would have expected the dollar to reel from what amounted to the most powerful inflationary shock it has ever received; instead, it rose sharply. This was a wake-up call not only for the fools who still believe the Fed is all-powerful, but for those who think that debt doesn’t matter. [Note: These commentaries usually go out weekly on Sunday night. I have written more frequently lately because of the unprecedented turmoil that has roiled the markets. RA] 

Good ole Egon=right at last–he must be in rapture….LOL

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:07 on March 18, 2020  


Egon von Greyerz
March 18, 2020

The global stock markets are crashing, but there is still a lot of room to move down. Corona is being used as an excuse to push through many measures, the result of which will be the destruction of paper money. The seemingly exaggerated measures have a nasty aftertaste, as if the collapse is to be brought about now. Time is running out to buy precious metals and important goods as supply chains are breaking worldwide.

  • 00:55 Dow Jones crash within days

Buygold–the DOW is up 400 and the 30 yr bond is UP over 3 handles tonite–WTF? Screwy, eh?

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:26 on March 18, 2020  

Gold is up $20 and silver up 50–let’s see if that survives the nite–JNUG dropped another $1.30 to $4 in extended trading so I scooped up these jewels=it just closed nite trading at 5.27

Filled Buy. 15000JNUG  Limit4.32—-17:41:22 03/18/20

CALM DOWN (and wash your hands)

Posted by treefrog @ 20:14 on March 18, 2020  
CHINA, the country that has, so far, the most experience with CV-19 has had a little under 90k deaths from it. (a large portion of these were the elderly, the weak, and those with other illnesses.)
china’s population is 1.386 billion. my calculator (made in china) tells me that this is one in a little over fifteen thousand.
in fifteen thousand.
get a grip,people. get a sense of proportion.
so sorry, that number (under 90k) is the confirmed cases, deaths are3,245 (as of monday)
confirmed cases are one in fifteen thousand
deaths are one in 427,118 (not quite half a mill !)
(and wash your hands)

deer79 @ 19:02

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:11 on March 18, 2020  

We’re trying to figure that out. Will let you know.

Love this forum

Posted by deer79 @ 19:02 on March 18, 2020  

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never contributed and $ to this forum. I’d like to contribute. Who do I send a check to and made out to whom?

Buygold @ 17:18

Posted by Captain Hook @ 18:31 on March 18, 2020  


But more, the libtards are testing how far they can push the public in a totalitarian police state a la China.

It appears the public is more than happy to capitulate without a fuss.

Heaven help us.


Something is definitely off in the treasury markets

Posted by Buygold @ 18:11 on March 18, 2020  

Ten yr. rose to 1.27% today with the SM getting crushed?

Makes no sense. The world must be dumping bonds en masse, hence the rising USD.

Not supposed to happen this way. Even bigger trouble on the way if this continues.

Picture Taken This Morning

Posted by commish @ 17:54 on March 18, 2020  

etuvnf7woaetf1k Trailer trucks outside the Charmin plant in PA.

Everyone needs to watch Chris Martenson

Posted by GoldenAge @ 17:40 on March 18, 2020  

GoldenAge @ 17:18

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:27 on March 18, 2020  

Yes the truth will come out in the next few weeks. Is it a hoax or not? We just have to wait a bit.

I’ll check out the videos. Thanks

Buygold @ 17:18

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:26 on March 18, 2020  

re: silver price. Yep the futures exchanges are the only place on the planet where silver is $12. Seems like some big entities could cause a problem if they demanded delivery. Crimex would likely default and pay in cash instead.

New Poll New Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:23 on March 18, 2020  

ipso facto@16:56

Posted by GoldenAge @ 17:18 on March 18, 2020  

Good article. If our hospital system gets overwhelmed in the new few weeks, it will be hard for anyone to label this situation a “hoax”.

Have you looked at Chris Martinson’s videos? He publishes a YouTube update just about daily, and is science based just as Mike Adams is. I think you would like them.

I edited my 14:25 post  (which was a reply to you) because I had the time stamp wrong in the original post. It should make much more sense now.


Ipso, Hook, Copper, R640

Posted by Buygold @ 17:18 on March 18, 2020  

Ipso – the only place silver is under $12 is at the Crimex – nowhere else on the planet can it be found for that. I used to scoff at guys that claimed the paper market didn’t set the price. No longer.

Hook – Problem, Reaction, Solution – IMHO , this is the cover for the great reset we’ve been hearing about for a couple of decades now – all to “save us”

Mr. Copper – “cash is King” for now. A few months from now, cash will be trash and gold will resume the throne. JMHO

R640 – Gold a moon shot like Tesla – no doubt about it in my mind. Paper is the only thing holding us back right now.

Silverngold 14:52

Posted by Warren @ 17:12 on March 18, 2020  

Thanks for the Corbett report video. Spooky, but we know it is probably accurate, we will know soon. Could the masters of the universe be going after guns and ammo, calling down martial law and getting rid of cash all at once? These have been forecast for some time. I viewed a Corbett from a post from yesterday that I have lost somehow, where James Corbett likened the climate change agenda to this virus debacle. It is interesting to note that they couldn’t get much traction for climate change for as long as it has been an issue, but the response to this virus is off the charts. The former did not affect an individual right now, but the latter is freaking us all out today. They have found the key. They have pushed our “right button”. Unfortunately we are training the rats how to lead us into the abyss. Human nature is very self-interested and climate change doesn’t measure up like our immediate fear of dying from a pandemic. They will know what to do in future whenever they have a new objective – make it personal.

From Natural News

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:56 on March 18, 2020  

Pro-Trump publishers and pundits go “full FLAT EARTH” with cult-like denialism of the coronavirus, claiming it’s a “hoax” and “no worse than the flu”

(Natural News) Thanks to a coordinated right-wing media disinformation campaign that has spread bad ideas faster than the Wuhan coronavirus itself, we have now arrived at a point in America where many prominent pro-Trump publishers, pundits and thought leaders have devolved into something resembling a suicide cult of mathematically illiterate “Flat Earth” deniers of biological reality. It’s truly horrifying to watch.

All over conservative media the last day or two, we hear prominent voices calling the coronavirus a “hoax” (Ron Paul), a “sham” (Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit), a “no worse than the flu” scenario (Rush Limbaugh), a “false flag” operation or a “fake science” event that’s rooted only in mass hysteria and nothing else. Joe Hoft, a guest on InfoWars earlier today, claims that the coronavirus has a lower fatality rate than the regular flu, and he says the whole thing is a “sham.” (I’ve dismantled his bad math in this article.)

Showcasing their science illiteracy, conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh claim the entire coronavirus “hysteria” is nothing but left-wing media hype engineered to harm Trump. Rush Limbaugh is the same radio host who claims that Leftists are morons for thinking that biology isn’t real, thanks to their transgenderism beliefs. But when Rush doesn’t want a virus to be real, he wishes it away in precisely the same twisted fashion. Biology is only real when it serves his political purposes, it seems. In other words, it’s selective biological realism, not universal biological realism.

Meanwhile, celebrity doctor Dr. Drew continues to claim the coronavirus pandemic is no worse than the flu. Yes, seriously, people are still saying that, but only in America. Nowhere else in the world are large portions of the population dumbed down enough to think the coronavirus is some sort of elaborate global hoax.

Just remember: Even if you manage to survive the pandemic, you still have to survive the STUPID.

By the way, even the New York Times can do basic math, and this graphic from their site shows that if just 30% of the American people get infected with the coronavirus, a 2% case fatality rate results in two million deaths:

continues https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-03-17-pro-trump-publishers-and-pundits-go-full-flat-earth-coronavirus-denialism.html

3-18–EXCELLENT Armstrong updares=hedge funds, Relative Value funds, and correlation desks have lost hundreds of billions of dollars.

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:33 on March 18, 2020  

The European Bank Holiday & Closure of Markets?


QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong!
About the bank holiday in Europe that may upcoming shortly, what´s your thought about people who hoarding the cash, will they lose all euro cash if the manager to introduce cbcd?

ANSWER: Something is not right. The liquidations are continuing. The panic to the dollar is being magnified by preventing shorting government bonds in Europe. They are creating an economic black hole. There is no way this virus warrants the shutting down of the world economy. This is becoming so destructive, it is beyond the intensity models we have run even on the Great Depression. This is starting to smell like deliberately creating panic to gain power.

Europe may close the banks because there are runs developing. Swap cash for dollars if you can. The risk in Europe is they simply cancel the currency. They do not need the USA or Asia to agree. The ECB has no power left because of the negative interest rates. This is the move to try to do Euro bonds now. But they are destroying the capital markets.

We may see this Panic continue into the week of the 23rd as =

When Will it End?


Our Energy Models are making new highs and will probably peak this week. They appear to be reaching perhaps new record highs which reflects the massive amount of liquidation going on. The losses in the hedge funds, Relative Value funds, correlation desks are off the charts. It may exceed $100 billion minimum.

Price-wise, we may be looking at a cycle inversion whereby the failure to rally and close above 21600 on the Dow warns that the market may just decline into Monday 23rd. Doing so raises the risk of closing the banks and the markets at least in Europe. We will monitor the markets and post on timing.

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Invest in the BASICS

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:26 on March 18, 2020  

GUNS and TOILET Paper !   No paper ,No Guns ,No Chicken ,No SOUP  …plenty of candy for sale..it looks like people are going back to basics..

These guys almost always have it right. Hope you don’t pass it up just because it’s 20 minutes long.

Posted by silverngold @ 14:52 on March 18, 2020  

You have to consider everything in order to make rational decisions in a panicked and irrational world.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:51 on March 18, 2020  

Good catch! He appears to be saying “There’s nothing natural ….


Posted by GoldenAge @ 14:25 on March 18, 2020  

You wrote:

“Evidently it came from a bio weapons lab in Wuhan China”

Trump said something during today’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing that alluded to this (I think). Listen to what he says at 30:15-30:25 and then listen to the way he refers to China at 22:29. I think these clips explain why he keeps calling this a “Chinese virus” despite getting a lot of criticism for it – he is letting us know what happened in a “beating around the bush” sort of way.

Silver under $12. Amazing!

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:05 on March 18, 2020  


Mr. Copper

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:03 on March 18, 2020  

” How could this globally coordinated news event pop up out of nowhere??”

Evidently it came from a bio weapons lab in Wuhan China.

The media IS milking it for all it’s worth. That’s what they do.

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