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Posted by Maya @ 23:53 on March 23, 2020  

We have five cases on the Big Island here.  Population about 200k very spread out and rural here.  No worries.  We are all on selenium at the house.  I have a nebulizer and colloidal silver if needed.  We are all spraying nasal and throat with silver daily also.

Hawaii Governor issued mandatory stay at home/work at home orders starting Wed. similar to other states.  All public gatherings shut down.  Essential services only.  Thru April 30.

The ‘Norwegian Jewel’ cruise ship limped into Honolulu several days ago with one of two main engines disabled.  They were denied port at several south pacific islands in recent weeks and need serious engine repairs here.  Hawaii granted them resupply docking and agreed to offload passengers here for evacuation only.  No visible illness onboard.  All passengers were screened before being offloaded on buses and taken directly to the airport where charter airlines were arranged to take passengers home.  Some were Australian, some American, and maybe a few other areas.  So we accomplished a humanitarian evacuation here with little or no risk.  There are still 1000 crew members onboard staying with the ship during repairs and back to home port.

With Aloha Stadium shut down until at least April 30, the stadium parking lot is jammed full now with thousands of  ‘mothballed’ rental cars in storage since we have no tourists.  Strange sight to see on video.  Car rental companies are paying the state rental fees for storing the cars.

Hawaiian Airlines is shutting down ALL long-haul overseas flights at the end of this week.  InterIsland flights only.

USD taking it on the chin tonight – SM futures up a bit – pm’s surprisingly good, long night ahead

Posted by Buygold @ 21:14 on March 23, 2020  
GOLD 03/23/2020 21:07 1583.70 1584.70



1486.00 1585.70
SILVER 03/23/2020 21:07 13.98 14.08



12.31 14.12


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:00 on March 23, 2020  

If it’s starts to spread there any you think your exposed. Drink hot drinks gargle with antiseptics as well as your other regime as it can hang out in your throat before it gets to your lungs. Change cloths if you go to the store or public place when you get back and jump in the shower.
If you get the bad form of it know a fever high or low probably won’t go away and you might think you have bronchitis.
If you or anyone gets to that stage they need to visit a doctor or urgent care and check out their lungs as well as test. It can quickly morph into coughing and what you think is bronchitis to pneumonia and from there respiratory failure fast with out medicine and oxygen. And that’s with a healthy person with no preexisting conditions.

Washington State Governor issues “Stay at home” order.

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:45 on March 23, 2020  

Hawaii Case Load now 72

Posted by Maya @ 20:36 on March 23, 2020  

55 in Honolulu

Now 5 on my Big Island.

R640 – yeah, they hit the shares again

Posted by Buygold @ 20:36 on March 23, 2020  

I guess this will be the new norm for awhile until silver gets rolling again.

BTW- I see silver is up 2% in the AH tonight, we’ll see if it holds overnight.

Not sure the SM needs to go up for pm’s to go down anymore. Not sure what should be an impediment to pm’s going up based on the Fed’s latest “fire up the printing presses move” today, but I suppose we’ll be subject to the power of the futures market shortly.

Tomorrow is a new day. We’ll see.

Posted by Maya @ 20:34 on March 23, 2020  



Well the grubberment of Denver

Posted by eeos @ 20:05 on March 23, 2020  

just reversed this probationary tactic, dumb bastards to think that would have flown


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:05 on March 23, 2020  

To the pitchforks! 🙂

I think CA left their dispensaries open … and WA too … although Inslee is speaking in half an hour …

Yes Ipso

Posted by eeos @ 19:54 on March 23, 2020  

dispensaries too

Life in the Present

Posted by commish @ 19:40 on March 23, 2020  


eeos @ 18:44

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:39 on March 23, 2020  

Now they’re really trodding on our rights!

In Denver our mayor is closing liquor stores in two days

Posted by eeos @ 18:44 on March 23, 2020  

The lines are blocks long. What are homeless people going to do, go straight into Detox? It will kill lots of them.

A good presentation on the coronavirus:

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 18:29 on March 23, 2020  


Muni Bonds, eh?

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:06 on March 23, 2020  

“Fed purchase of municipal bonds is unprecedented,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s. “They didn’t go that far in the financial crisis. It illustrates the severe stress on credit markets, and how aggressive and creative the Fed needs to be to keep credit flowing.”

From Murph tonite.

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:59 on March 23, 2020  

James Mc…

The Weimar move


If there were any semblance of a free market gold and silver would be acting like there is no tomorrow. That’s because with what has happened over just the last 24 hours there IS no tomorrow for paper currencies. The biggest monetary experiment in the history of the world just got unleashed. Infinite money in 2020 is VASTLY different than the Weimar version, or any other historic hyperinflationary times. If anybody doubts my assessment the following headlines prove I’m right.

In Unprecedented Move, Fed Unveils Open-Ended QE Including Corporate Bonds

Unprecedented Intervention: The Fed Will Purchase $125 Billion In Securities Every Day

Kashkari Says Fed Has “Infinite” Amount Of Cash: “We Create It Electronically”

BofA Calls For “War-Time Measures”, Urges Near- Total Fed Takeover Of Capital Markets

The Fed Is Now Buying Investment Grade Bond ETFs Like LQD

The dislocation of the $1.5 quadrillion derivatives markets alone is troubling enough. If even 10% of that needs papered over you’re looking at $150 trillion. The cascading defaults, and financial cross contaminations have to be gigantic.

With Friday’s 13,334 gold EFP’s it brings the 18 day total to a whopping 317,863 EFP’s, well over half of the entire current open interest. That 952 TONS, at a notional value of $48.5 billion, in very short order. Now how many tons are in the GLD? I wouldn’t want to be invested in ANY alleged gold-baked vehicle such as GLD. They are desperate, and will invoke some obscure clause buried in the prospectus to screw investors. These EFP’s are imo real, and getting done. 

What would the HUI be if gold was $10k and no offer? Gold and silver put in some late pops late Friday afternoon, calmed down, and then exploded this morning on this news:

Fed announces unlimited QE and sets up several new lending programs


So who’s selling PM shares at the end of the day. Round up the usual suspects …

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:08 on March 23, 2020  

Newest virus victim in Thurston County 20 years old. 11 infected so far.

I use the Google Chrome browser on my PC.

Buygold–shares got bombed pretty good the last 20 minutes…not as bad as that massacre last week

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:11 on March 23, 2020  

in the last 10 minutes of trade

I can’t believe I got stopped out of my JNUG this last 1/2 hr…I made about $5500 on the day…and my intention was to keep my shares….but the late day massacre of last week made me put a stop and I’m glad I did….

O. yeah! another think that I didn’t like was the dollar coming back so far…so if gold runs true to form, it could really get smacked tonight and tomorrow

GDX hit for 6.3 % in last 20 mins….classic scum trick

Posted by Maddog @ 16:05 on March 23, 2020  

This is what represents the the ultimate in High Finance….print like a drunken Weimar banker and sell hell out of the PM’s…for that u get paid a fortune and worshipped non stop by Fall st …..it’s just a thieves charter.

Gold shud be up $ 500 not 50, with damn all offers.

Geez, Dow SnP Just Can’t Get A Break

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:31 on March 23, 2020  

Maybe its for the best. The quicker they hit rock bottom, the sooner they can start climbing. No Chinese Water Torcher like us gold guys always put up with. But we can handle that, we’re men.:)


Posted by Buygold @ 15:31 on March 23, 2020  

I’m just surprised the pm shares are holding up as well as they are considering the SM carnage with the DOW down 900.

I hope Ballinger is right. If so, pm shares will be ripping higher.

2 people I know have it, both recovering well.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:03 on March 23, 2020  

neither very bad symptoms, both had nasty coughs and felt really bad, but on the road back now.

According to our medics, if u have it u only have to wait 1 week afterwards, before u can mix with people again.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:51 on March 23, 2020  

What’s happening with silver is pathetic. I got my last order pretty far fast though. I was surprised.
Right now especially equities are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the demos to get it together with the repubs agree on a package for the economy. If they don’t get hospitals in order and roll out what hospitals and people need now to shed some light at the end of a tunnel how much good is it gonna do?

J Kim is not too polished but IMO he has this figured right!

Posted by silverngold @ 14:30 on March 23, 2020  

I hope gold can close with its gains, the publicity may draw in more hedge fund/institutional money tonight and tomorrow

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:51 on March 23, 2020  

I just got this from my good buddy Mike Ballinger

Here us another prediction: Within thirty days, we will see regular $100 daily UP moves in Crimex gold, multi-dollar up moves in silver#bank_it

I say we are less than two weeks (and maybe hours) from the arrival of a Bear Market in global stocks…
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