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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:12 on March 19, 2020  


The Western Pacific flies over the Keddie wye


Hawaii case count now 26… up 10 today

Posted by Maya @ 23:09 on March 19, 2020  

Two new on Maui, the rest in Honolulu with 18 now.  Two cruise ships planning to dock were told that no passengers could get off the ships.  So I guess we cannot ban the ships without federal approval, but we CAN ban the people getting off.   Good for all.  Still only one case on my Big Island.  Now I read that Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green, M.D., is implementing 14-day quarantine for ALL people coming in to Hawaii.  Returning residents quarantine at home, Tourists at a hotel.  Any symptoms appear, testing and isolation at medical facility.  Trying to stay ahead of the hockey stick curve.  Hawaiian Airlines slashing overseas flights to mainland now, too.

Spent exhausting day doing yard work out here in the jungle… far from anyone else.  I could be quarantine happy here, but I spend several days a week doing house-sitting and elder care in Hilo, so I gotta take care of myself… and others.

Buygold @ 14:49 on March 19, 2020

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:04 on March 19, 2020  

Ditto    AMEN  screw CDE  buy WPM ……same experience

Won’t be long before other states follow suit

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:55 on March 19, 2020  

California governor issues statewide order to ‘stay at home’ effective Thursday evening


Buygold–OK-I see where u got it–Bloomberg is showing gold up $14 cause they key off the chicaco close at 2:30 pm east coast time

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:50 on March 19, 2020  

gold is up 6.70 keying off the 5:15 est after mkt trade

Buygold–gold up 6.70 but the nite is young–the $ is down a big .720–gold could be flying by morning

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:46 on March 19, 2020  

But we thought gold was “on its way” the last 1/2 today until the grinch came….

Brazil nuts are among the richest dietary sources of selenium=one nut can provide the daily recommended adult allowance of 55 mcg.

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:40 on March 19, 2020  

Apr 17, 20197 Proven Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts


Brazil nuts are among the richest dietary sources of selenium, an essential mineral with antioxidant properties. … A single Brazil nut contains 68 to 91 micrograms (mcg) of selenium, meaning that just one nut per day can provide the daily recommended adult allowance of 55 mcg.Apr 17, 2019

2. Rich in selenium

Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium. In fact, they contain more of this mineral than any other nut with an average of 96 mcg per nut. However, some pack as much as 400 mcg per nut (1Trusted Source3). 

The RDI for selenium is 55 mcg per day for adults. Thus, the average Brazil nut contains 175% of the required amount of this mineral (1Trusted Source2).

Selenium is a trace element that is vital for the proper functioning of your body. It is essential for your thyroid and influences your immune system and cell growth (5Trusted Source). 

Indeed, higher levels of selenium have been linked to enhanced immune function and better outcomes for cancer, infections, infertility, pregnancy, heart disease, and mood disorders (6Trusted Source). 

Although selenium deficiency is rare, many people around the world have insufficient selenium intake for optimal functioning. For example, suboptimal selenium status has been found in people throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East (7Trusted Source).

Brazil nuts are a highly effective way to maintain or increase your selenium intake. In fact, one study in 60 people found that eating two Brazil nuts per day was as effective as taking a selenium supplement at raising selenium levels (8Trusted Source). 

SUMMARYBrazil nuts are rich in selenium. One nut can contain 175% of the RDI. Selenium is an essential trace element that is vital for your immune system, thyroid gland, and cell growth.


Trying again tonight

Posted by Buygold @ 21:39 on March 19, 2020  

Let’s see if London shits in the Cheerios again.

GOLD 03/19/2020 21:33 1483.00 1484.00



1455.90 1496.90
SILVER 03/19/2020 21:33 12.33 12.43



11.69 12.44

eeos @ 19:45

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:09 on March 19, 2020  

Interesting chart. I wouldn’t bet my life that that level will hold.

Buygold @ 19:42

Posted by Captain Hook @ 21:00 on March 19, 2020  

That’s exactly what happened. The aggressive specs have been loading up on NUGT, JNUG, and GDXJ calls like good little banker rubes, which is what caused that crash. The open interest put/call ratios are in the tank. No squeezing possible. Just the opposite.

Lets hope for a reprieve next week no?


There’s lots of people that want to go long and catch this dead cat bounce

Posted by eeos @ 19:45 on March 19, 2020  

Because it will be fast and furious and people will bank big that try to pick the bottom buying calls in the general markets

Soee posted this and I liked it: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1237869076858298369.html

Quadruple witching tomorrow

Posted by Buygold @ 19:42 on March 19, 2020  

Maybe that’s why they slammed the shares in the last half hour.

Hope they don’t slam them again on OpEx tomorrow the dumb M effers.

Did the reset just happen?

Posted by goldcountry @ 19:17 on March 19, 2020  

The great Ballinger 3 hrs ago on Titter

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:21 on March 19, 2020  

Long the miners in a big way now–but it took some pain to get there



Factoid=silver closed up 36 cents-that is 37 cent off the low & 20 cent off the high

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:30 on March 19, 2020  

gold is down 4.90 at 1473—Murphy talks about the “silver signal”…today it’s relative strength–after soooo much weakness–must be seen as a milly bullish factor….this late day plunge was dempralising for traders…I will just have to take my chances nd hope for n early sell off to get back in…I’ve got no feel for how the overnite will go don…do u? gold should be 3000 and no offer….sigh!




Hi, gang, GDXJ dropped six bucks the last 1/2 hr. I got 2 theories—the FED/PPT felt gold could explode

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:12 on March 19, 2020  

by tomorrow and put the kibosh on….and besides that traders–like me–had the strong dollar on their minds all day long and their confidence was low in the days performance–so like a herd of cattle, the PPTs’ late selling stampeded them

JNUG was all over the place today…I would have just bought it and walked away had the $ not been so strong…

Now the great trade could be to pick up some after hours and hope the $ comes in flat to down tomorrow…it doesn’t have to be down much, either

Maddog and Buygold

Posted by deer79 @ 17:05 on March 19, 2020  

It was so blatant today. The PM stocks are play toys of the criminals. Another reminder for the general public, not to get involved in PM stocks. Not much we can do about it. What pisses me off, though is that none of the CEO’s of these companies do squat about it. SVM came out a few days ago and said they would buy back their shares for the next year. Perhaps it’s because these companies are beholden to the bankers…..

Maddog @ 16:15

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:23 on March 19, 2020  

That’s why they let the corona-virus loose through their friends in China…to screw Trump.

They are desperate so I don’t think they will stop til they win or we are all dead.

Hope I’m wrong.


Captain Hook

Posted by Maddog @ 16:15 on March 19, 2020  

According to E wave the move from 2009 to 2020 can easily be counted as a 1st wave, if so the 2nd can sniff sub 700 in S&P…

I hear what u say about letting the mkt fall to trip up the Donald…but I really doubt that will work…only insane Dems will blame him, the vast majority will see he got tripped up …he will still win huge and jail them….he has yet to release loads of their dirt.

This hit is the worst ever for PM stox

Posted by Maddog @ 16:08 on March 19, 2020  

GDX hit for 15 % in 35 mins, by the scum……

All they have is manipulation ….which is plain criminal….as all they really are trying to protect are the banksters..

Wow, that was bullshit

Posted by Buygold @ 16:05 on March 19, 2020  

They must’ve dumped the shares en masse in the last five minutes.

WTF was that???

Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 15:40 on March 19, 2020  

In the near future gold will be considered exactly like toilet paper- something everyone has to have.

Unfortunately, many will be steered toward the GLD and SLV rather than physical, and they won’t understand why their investment failed to perform as it should have.

Six Month Over Lay Graph, The Canadians and the British are Enjoying Weaker Currency with 6% Higher Gold Prices

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:38 on March 19, 2020  

European, Japanese, the Swiss and Americas have stronger currencies with 5% lower Gold. Who is luckier?


PS Look at the 5 year view. British Gold up 62%, Canadian up 45%,


Maddog @ 14:23

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:32 on March 19, 2020  

I think you are right. Nenner is on the same page too. He has called every crash since ’87.

The next time the Dow closes down 2k it could just keep going to 10k in short order.

And it makes sense because this is exactly what Hillary and Obama need to make sure Trump doesn’t get re-elected. So their operatives on Wall Street will let it happen. If he gets back in he will try to toss them in jail.

On top of that, the bearish speculators / hedgers are broken. They cannot short stocks / buy puts anymore. In fact, they are buying the dips via derivatives (index calls) attempting to play counter-trend moves. Just think of PM stocks in 2013 to get an idea of what can happen to the broads with the speculators on the wrong page.

Here comes a ’29 style plunge down 90% that does not recover.

If Trump gets back in despite this it won’t be good, but at least it would be better than having a full blown China style authoritarian in charge who will throw in a reconditioning camp (or shoot you) for going out of your house without permission.


Oil having a nice bounce

Posted by Buygold @ 15:30 on March 19, 2020  

Up over $5, as Putin and MBS battle it out. As usual, not seeing as much of a discount at the pump as we should.

These pm shares-especially the large caps-are bouncing hard. They never cease to surprise, gold down, the SM fading a little. PAPER SILVER up a little.

Makes me the think the market is expecting shortages of pm’s.


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