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1.8 Billion transferred from Clinton Foundation to Qatar Central Bank

Posted by newtogold @ 22:24 on October 21, 2016  

The rats(Bill and Hillary) are jumping ship? Maybe for a variety of reasons.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y13INFBrcc

Richard640 @ 19:03 re Trust

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:04 on October 21, 2016  

I remember when I was a kid in the 1950s, everything depended on trust and people being honest, and practically everyone went to church on Sunday.

Well, that group of people got a whole lot smaller over the decades, just what Yoko and John Lenin’s song “Imagine” wished for…”And no religion too”. Remember that part?

Just what the communists wanted. I feel the communists won out in the ’50s and soon after sex and drugs permeated the media, in some cases, especially under way the 1970s.

Well a bigger number of people are not afraid to be punished from God these days, so they tend to do things they should not do. One by one they are all getting caught lately. My front page today, three people were arrested. Suffolk county supervisor, his wife with a no show job and some other big shot in gov’t.

I predicted after Bernie Madoff, everything was in reverse, including the decades of liberal permissiveness and looking the other way on crimes. The future looks GREAT! 🙂
Transition will be??


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:54 on October 21, 2016  

I was waiting for that from Assange as it was pretty clear that Seth sent him the info and they were trying to pry it out of Assange but he wouldn’t give up his sources. Seth probably knew he couldn’t Trust the media or insiders. If your a whistleblower on insiders even if your in a witness protection program you wouldn’t be safe. He was tryomg to do it the right way and look what it got him. That is the greatest disgrace about it all. It also just verifies  actions of people like Snowden or Assange who knew exposing corruption meant his life if he didn’t get out of dodge first.

The angry geologist

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:27 on October 21, 2016  

This guy has interesting, understandable analysis of some of our favorite projects. Why some projects are feasible and others aren’t. His reading of the drill results for Alexco, Orex, Impact, Timmins etc




COT Report

Posted by Buygold @ 19:27 on October 21, 2016  

More covering by the commercials – ratios look more normal now… go figure


Ahhh….wasn’t sure about this as reported on Rense.com weeks ago – but now???

Posted by Buygold @ 19:24 on October 21, 2016  

Hillary and the MSM will do anything. I remember when Chris Wallace in the last debate asked for their last speeches to the public she seemed way too polished and ready for that question. JMHO

‘Rigged’ Debates? Questions Arise Again Over Lighted Screen At Hillary’s Podium

Some curious abnormalities surface when comparing video footage of the debate podiums of Clinton and Trump during debates 1 and 3.

Goldcountry, Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 19:03 on October 21, 2016  

Goldcountry – I’m not sure I believe those polls but I do think Trump will win in a landslide. Amazing how the media – including FOX – finds a way to interview the only Hillary supporting liberal idiots in the U.S. but they do….

Goldie – awesome news! Of course it’s the Democrat’s like Seth Rich who’ve leaked the emails! They bought the bullshit until they got inside and figured out that the Democrats were corporate/neocon/NWO/ MSM/ warmongering whores.

Then they went, Oh Sh..! and got themselves killed.

This is why Trump could still win=

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:03 on October 21, 2016  

94% of Americans don’t trust the media.

We are facing a crisis of trust in the world today.

Edelman’s Trust Barometer, which measures levels of global trust in institutions, reached an historic low this year—hitting a level not seen since the great depression.

For the first time ever, the majority of Americans say they do not trust either leading Presidential candidate (55% for Clinton; 58% for Trump).

33% of workers don’t trust their employer, 70% of African Americans don’t trust the police, and 94% of Americans don’t trust the media.


Trust has never been so low. Yet, all major trends that shape our world today—from globalization to social media, immigration to e-commerce, distributed workforces to fighting terrorism—sit atop a bedrock of trust.
We trust when we stay at a stranger’s house, after having only exchanged a couple of messages on Airbnb; we trust when we rely on a co-worker halfway around the world, to come through with a deliverable despite never having met them; we trust when we board a plane, enter our credit card information, swipe right on Tinder, when we drive, visit a doctor and vote.

Wikileaks exposes DNC blaming Russia.

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:55 on October 21, 2016  


But what Rich didn’t know about the hooks Hillary had on the FBI boss.

The 27 year-old Rich was a DNC staffer who had joined the Democratic Party because he had believed that the Democrats actually want to use government to help people. As he learned that the party he admired was actually nothing more than a crime syndicate masquerading as political party that cares about the people, he decided to go to the FBI with what he had learned while he worked at the DNC.

Wiki leaks releases batch of Obama emails

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:33 on October 21, 2016  

Discussing staff in WH BEFORE the election.

White House In Full Red Alert: Wikileaks Releases First Batch Of Barack Obama’s Emails!


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:04 on October 21, 2016  

Trump and DNC smut pedaling.
I’ve been working in hospitals and medical related fields for years starting out floating because it gave me more diversity in medicine.
I’ve seen all sorts of things concerning men.
Back in the starting 70s when in Hosp by then we had a lot of vets from Nam.
Theyd joke around all the time.
Some of it they’d call sexual innuendos now. From joking around when taking their pulse something like My arm my arm you broke my arm to dropping prophylactic on the floor asking you to get it for them. I pasted that one to his chart for his doctor to see. Jokes can go both ways. From not letting your hand or finding out you can pull back on your hand ” to get it back” harder to what’s your number.
Sometimes they were like kids you had to watch over them. Like Id hear I don’t want my sleeping pill tonight do you want it to another guy. Oh no you don’t you have your own. In those days some pills were handed unlike today you have to watch them take it ” and that’s one of the reasons why.”
This kind of joking around was a sort of peer pressure and a way to boost morale and relieve stress.
Yes they were a pain sometimes vet or not but I could see it as they were getting better or morale getting better. Time to go home maybe.. Yeah. These days people are too sensitive and want to make a issue out of everything a person says and we have a generation that never saw how things were then.
There’s a difference in true equal rights which means being able to handle what comes with it and setting separate rules and mislabeling it as equal.

The truth will get you hunted.

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:34 on October 21, 2016  

The DNC mad about leaking emails for ” leaking emails still out for Assange.
The truth shall set you free??  Gathering at the Embasy maybe over Assange.
WikiLeaks Tweets “Heavily Armed Police” Gathering Outside The Ecuadorian Embassy In London

Auandag 23:33

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:10 on October 21, 2016  

I was able to watch the fundraiser. It was pretty good. A lot of good jokes on both sides. The end of Trumps speech  got kinda off track on the jokes making everyone start squirming in their seats.

Wasn’t really a place for it since a fund raiser for children and the Cardinal it seemed to me anyways seemed to miss some of the ones coming at Hillary looking at her like what is he refering to? But then look what Hillary did to him crossing lines of smut pedaling in desperation they never did to anyone else before that I can remember.  But maybe it was,  because he could hit them in there homes. Probably makes them unconfortable when they can’t  seperate from everyone else like they are doing to everyone else, even in bathrooms.  Their turn.

It is a perfect example though in how they all went to the same schools that told them they were better than everyone else and are indeed in colusion. They tried to make a class clown out of Trump who they saw out of assigned status of business but now that clown may be their president.  After Obamas jokes at another quite a payback that was due because he’s been doing it to everyone with more serious consequences than just jokes.

eeos @ 14:23

Posted by Maya @ 15:11 on October 21, 2016  

And so I rest my case:  It does no good to vote.  Elections are bread and circus for the masses.

Mainstream Media-Language Warning

Posted by Auandag @ 14:44 on October 21, 2016  


I see suggestions TRUMP was selected by the shadow government,

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:44 on October 21, 2016  

Don’t Forget, TPTB groom, pick and chose the winners. In Trumps case he “groomed” himself. Plus he’s widely known and liked. A handy easy pick for the New World Order. The old NWO died ya know. 🙂

Auandag @ 11:05 Trump’s Roast of Hildebeast…

Posted by Maya @ 14:43 on October 21, 2016  

…was stunning… outrageous!  Wish he could have done that on the debates.  But this was so outrageous even the MSM is covering it.  Denninger has it right:  “Truth Bombs”.  None can deny it.


Posted by silverngold @ 14:30 on October 21, 2016  

So why was nothing done about it?? The whitehouse is the shithouse from the top down…. and needs a good cleaning!  IMHO!

WikiLeaks Bombshell: ‘There Is No US Election’

Posted by eeos @ 14:23 on October 21, 2016  

Today’s revelations raise questions about why it was so smooth — suggestions Obama was selected by the shadow government, rather than elected by the people, are no longer tinfoil hat territory.

The most eye catching email in today’s leak contains a message from John Podesta about an invitation from President George W. Bush to the “President-Elect.”

Should that have read “President-Select?” Podesta sent the email to Obama before the election result was known.

But it gets even worse.

The emails show a transition plan was being worked on long before the 2008 election had taken place. According to an attached memo in one of the emails, Obama was already discussing his transition to office with members of the Bush Administration, including then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, prior to the election.

As you have observed in your interactions with Secretary Paulson, he is apparently eager to involve you and your transition team extensively in his policy choices following the election.

Read here


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:22 on October 21, 2016  

What I have to say about that is not fit for publication.

To arm enemies of the USA, of the free world (such as it is) is treason isn’t it?


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:21 on October 21, 2016  

Yes it is something interesting if all the transactions are with US Dollars. Maybe the spreads are related to various currency exchange rates converted into dollars to transact buy and sell orders.

ipso facto @ 13:57….ISIS/R/US

Posted by silverngold @ 14:16 on October 21, 2016  


Re My 12:11 Post, To Be Continued

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:13 on October 21, 2016  

I was not finished and had to abruptly end it. There is no choice for TPTB’s, Propaganda press. They have to totally re program the masses brains or minds, and reverse all the “teaching” or early propaganda that greased us up for globalization, politically correct crap etc.

EXODUS of Gold From the COMEX! – Harvey Organ

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:12 on October 21, 2016  



The Shanghai fix is at 10:15 pm est and 2:15 am est

The fix for London is at 5:30 am est (first fix) and 10 am est (second fix)

Thus Shanghai’s second fix corresponds to 195 minutes before London’s first fix.

And now the fix recordings:

Shanghai morning fix OCT 18 (10:15 pm est last night): $ 1276.80


Shanghai afternoon fix: 2: 15 am est (second fix/early morning):$ 1274.31




London Fix: OCT 20: 5:30 am est: $1269.20 (NY: same time: $1269.30: 5:30AM)

London Second fix OCT 20: 10 am est: $1271.65 (NY same time: $1271.70 , 10 AM)

Shanghai premium in silver over NY: 87 cents.

It seems that Shanghai pricing is higher than the other two , (NY and London). The spread has been occurring on a regular basis and thus I expect to see arbitrage happening as investors buy the lower priced NY gold and sell to China at the higher price. This should drain the comex.

Also why would mining companies hand in their gold to the comex and receive constantly lower prices. They would be open to lawsuits if they knowingly continue to supply the comex despite the fact that they could be receiving higher prices in Shanghai.


cont. http://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/exodus-of-gold-from-the-comex-harvey-organ/

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 14:09 on October 21, 2016  


It’s the weekend.  Skiing and testing preps for a nuclear winter are in order.  Silver & Gold Ski train in Rocky Mountain winter

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