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Climate Swindle – Who wants to be a carbon trillionaire?

Posted by silverngold @ 23:50 on October 2, 2016  

Climate Swindle – Who wants to be a carbon trillionaire?

James Corbett  Mon, 26 Sep 2016 22:20 UTC

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Eat your heart out, Al Gore. Being a carbon billionaire is so passé now that we’re in the age of the $100 trillion climate swindle. So the real question is who (or at least which corporate front) will be the first carbon trillionaire? Will it be a carbon eugenics promoting Rockefeller or a global government promoting Rothschild, or a carbon divesting Saudi government, or one of the shady hedge funds that are spearheading weather derivatives and other Enron-developed financial instruments to try to cash in on the carbon fraud?

Whatever the answer, one thing is for certain: you won’t see this question asked (let alone answered) in the establishment gatekeeping press. Instead you will see endless iterations of the accusation that anyone who disbelieves in the woo woo pseudoscience of climate catastrophism is funded by the very Big Oil oiligarchs who stand to benefit from the debunked climate scare.

Both mainstream press and pseudo-alternatives religiously trot out hit pieces from attack sites like Desmogblog to smear scientists and avoid actual scientific debate (which, for the record, the alarmists always lose). Conveniently left out of this chapter-and-verse reliance on Desmogblog is the fact that it is a PR front itself whose primary benefactor is a convicted money launderer. More to the point, they can’t even research or accurately report on the most basic facts. I should know; when I started my ClimateGate.tv website with a free WordPress template and about $5/month of GoDaddy hosting they produced a laughable article claiming that the website was a tv station that was being funded by Big Oil.

No, there’s not time at all in the mainstream press to raise even the slightest question about the hundreds of billions that are already being pumped into the carbon scam from government and institutional investors around the world or the tens of trillions that are expected to be spent in the coming decades. Instead, all of the media coverage is focused on the other side of the issue: who funds those who critique this (demonstrably incorrect) “consensus” on global warming?

A perfect case in point is the “exposé” that was published in the LA Times and InsideClimate News last year alleging that Exxon had the entire global warming puzzle solved as far back as the 1970s…and then actively worked to cover up that information. Never mind that they didn’t actually withhold any of their research or findings from the public, and never mind their conclusion (namely, that the massive uncertainty surrounding climate variables meant that they had no clear picture of what is actually happening in the climate) was neither well-informed nor cause for panic; the narrative was already set.



Hillary takes a 699K capital loss in 2015 but its OK when she does it.

Posted by newtogold @ 22:41 on October 2, 2016  


NYT forgot to mention that Trump businesses paid over a billion dollars in overall taxes. Typical media BS. See Hillary’s Tax return in a pdf in this article  showing her own 700K write off.

silverngold @ 14:19 Re Chinese Yuan Being Global Reserve Currency

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:45 on October 2, 2016  

I posted long ago that China in the future, would have key currency status. All part of the major reversals that I see unfolding. England had key currency status until after WW II.

After the war the globalists dumped reserve currency status onto the USA. It has a few benefits short term, but after time mostly negative, because the reserve currency gets a higher stronger value, and causes imports to get artificially cheap, and puts domestic businesses out of business.

So now the world has a fat wealthy China with climbing living standards since 1979, and ripe for the picking, or harvesting. In other words, its China’s turn coming up to buy “cheap” high quality imports from the USA and other countries for a change. Plus, China will be inundated with new environmental regulations, to help shut down and relocate manufacturing businesses to other countries.

In 2008, it became my view that the USA was in the same situation as China in 1979, and China after 2008 is like the USA in 1979. Topping off, plenty of growing wealth and higher living standards since 1945 to 1975, and ready for harvesting, industries to be shared with other countries via importing. That was us after 1975.

The future for the USA looks great, but the transition period might be uncomfortable for sectors and or that benefitted from the past or globalization.

No comprendo

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:15 on October 2, 2016  

Colombia referendum: Voters reject Farc peace deal



Posted by Buygold @ 21:10 on October 2, 2016  

there’s a certain line of thinking out there that thinks there’s an attempt to rid the world of the white race by the NWO crowd. Whether it is done by extermination or by mixing DNA matters little to them.

Another Guru Flops

Posted by Auandag @ 20:19 on October 2, 2016  

Didn’t Jim Rickards say that with the addition of the yuan to the SDR basket on Oct 01, that gold would fly and the $ crash. Just like pms were supposed to fly when the Shanghai gold exchange opened. And then there is Maguire who said this is it. Nothing happens and then he disapears for six months. Shows up again and again says this is it. Nothing happens and he disapears again. Is it just me or is everything just a gigantic Clown Show. LOL!


sng @14:19 – Concerning SDR Bonds

Posted by commish @ 19:09 on October 2, 2016  

Can see now how they took our invention the internet and gave it away to the UN.  Legislators tried to stop it but got over ruled.  Just another added piece to the NWO.

silverngold @ 14:19 Pardon the Pun

Posted by Auandag @ 17:39 on October 2, 2016  

But we have bigger fish to fry


Ororeef, women only? VP pic for hillary.. White people need to be the minority.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:45 on October 2, 2016  

They’re working hard at this with open borders. We already are, pandering idiot kaine out of Cain and Able. Africa, India, south Anerica, the Islands, Mid East, all coming here.


Worth the bandwidth. I hope a few will absorb its importance

Posted by silverngold @ 14:19 on October 2, 2016  
Message From James

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nif_sdrworldorderSDR World Order

by James Corbett
October 1, 2016

I’m not sure how to break this to you, but it appears the world is ending this weekend. Or at least that’s what you’d believe if you were reading certain corners of the internet.

As you may have already heard, the UN is “taking over the internet” this weekend. But as you’ve also heard if you follow The Corbett Report, that is a complete misrepresentation of what is really happening. Worse, hyperbole about a “UN takeover” of the internet obscures the real solution to ICANN and the centralized DNS system.

But there’s another “end-of-the-world” event taking place this weekend that you might not have picked up on: the SDR.

sdrbasketThat’s right, the IMF is formally adding the Chinese renminbi (aka the yuan) to their “Special Drawing Rights” basket on Saturday, October 1st. The move boosts the yuan to the status of global reserve currency alongside its basketmates, the pound, the euro, the yen and the dollar. At 10.92% it will be the third highest-weighted currency in the basket, behind the euro at 30.93% and the dollar at 41.73%.

For those who missed my previous reporting on the SDR and the significance of the yuan’s inclusion, here’s the primer:

  • The SDR is not a currency, but a potential claim on dollars, yen, euros, pounds, and now yuan.
  • It is issued by the IMF and held (and traded) as a “supplementary reserve asset” by central banks.
  • There are 204 billion SDRs outstanding, equivalent to $285 billion or about 2.5% of total global reserves.

The upshot of the SDR is that it provides liquidity for global transaction settlement in times when dollars and gold are in scarce supply. Inclusion of a currency in the SDR basket means that there is a built-in demand for that currency as central banks tend to match their currency holdings to the basket’s weighting, meaning that central bankers around the world are now (or have already) adjusted their aggregate holdings of yuan to about 10.92% of their portfolio. With $11.6 trillion of reserves globally, that equates to over $1 trillion worth of yuan being held in central bank coffers around the world.

More than that, the move is expected to boost investment in the yuan from both FX reserve managers and global portfolio managers. The FX inflows alone have been estimated at as much as $3 trillion in the coming years, with onshore bond buying accounting for a further $1 trillion of expected foreign investment.

Some outlets are hailing this as the largest transformation of the global monetary order since WWII.

sdrOthers, like Barron’s Chi Lo, are putting a wet blanket on that hyperbole. In an article titled “What Now for China as Renminbi Joins SDR?” Lo argues that much of the re-balancing of global reserve portfolios have already been completed, and would have only amounted to an extra $31 billion of demand for the yuan, a drop in the bucket of global liquidity. And global investors, he says, will not base their investment decisions on China’s SDR status, but on China’s commitment to the structural reforms which have been put on the back burner since the yuan achieved SDR status:

“SDR inclusion of the renminbi is not relevant to the portfolio re-balancing decision (to increase the weighting of renminbi-denominated assets) of international investors. The impact on global portfolio decisions will come from foreign investors’ assessment of China’s fundamental outlook, the opening of China’s capital account and the decision by international index providers, such as MSCI, to include Chinese A-shares in their global indices.”

So who’s right? Is this the dawn of a new monetary order, or a blip of little significance in and of itself? Well, in a weird way perhaps both are right. China’s SDR inclusion is not going to turn the world upside-down overnight. And if it was just the inclusion of one more currency in the global reserve basket (and only 10% of the basket at that), then this wouldn’t be significant all by itself. But while you were sleeping another development came along that gestures to the potentially transformative nature of this SDR makeover.

In August the World Bank announced to relatively little fanfare an historic bond issue: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IRBD), one of the five institutions under the World Bank umbrella, would sell nearly $3 billion worth of SDR-denominated bonds. And the currency of settlement? The Chinese yuan.

SDR-denominated bonds were flirted with decades ago, most recently in 1981, but the market for SDR bonds did not develop and they soon went the way of the dodo. But now, lo and behold, 35 years later they’re making a comeback, right in the heart of the world’s rising economic dragon.

The issue, which went ahead on August 31st, serves a mundane, practical purpose: It allows Chinese investors to dabble in different currency assets without investing abroad. But at the same time it serves a much bigger purpose. In attempting to revive the long-dormant SDR bond market, China is tacitly backing the SDR as a reserve currency unto itself. Not a mere claim that is redeemed in other currencies by central banks in need of liquidity, but a settlement currency in and of itself.

As I explained before, this has been Beijing’s plan since the 2009 crisis: not to have the yuan replace the dollar as the global reserve, but to have the SDR replace the dollar. This allows the Chinese government to avoid having to liberalize the yuan or ease up on its rigid capital controls, but still gives it a seat at the table in a new global monetary order while simultaneously dethroning their best frenemy, the US. It’s win-win-win for China and, more importantly, win-win-win for the globalist oligarchs who want to bring in a New World Order of globally-administered currency.

As The Epoch Times puts it: “This is the first step toward one world currency.”

globalcurrencyAnd guess what? It’s been in the planning for years, openly discussed in the central bankers’ white papers, decision documents and conferences, but conveniently unreported by the media and completely overlooked by the public.

In March 2009, as the world was still reeling from the Global Financial Collapse, Zhou Xiaochuan, the Governor of the People’s Bank of China, published an essay on March 23, 2009 in an essay bluntly titled “Reform the international monetary system.” In it, he argued that the world could no longer afford to be tied to the US dollar and the vagaries of the American financial system. Instead, it needed to be presided over by those trustworthy angels at the IMF:

“Compared with separate management of reserves by individual countries, the centralized management of part of the global reserve by a trustworthy international institution with a reasonable return to encourage participation will be more effective in deterring speculation and stabilizing financial markets. The participating countries can also save some reserve for domestic development and economic growth. With its universal membership, its unique mandate of maintaining monetary and financial stability, and as an international ‘supervisor’ on the macroeconomic policies of its member countries, the IMF, equipped with its expertise, is endowed with a natural advantage to act as the manager of its member countries’ reserves.”

And in case that wasn’t clear enough, Zhou also wrote that: “The SDR has the features and potential to act as a super-sovereign reserve currency.”

The very next year the Bank for International Settlements (yes, that Bank for International Settlements), the European Central Bank and the World Bank jointly organized the Third Public Investors Conference, a chance for 80 central bankers, wealth fund and pension fund managers to hobnob at the BIS’ headquarters in Basel and discuss their world domination schemes. The results of that conference were collected in an edition of “BIS Papers” and published on the BIS website. One of those papers, penned by George Hoguet and Solomon Tadesse of State Street Global Advisors, discussed “The role of SDR-denominated securities in official and private portfolios” and predictably pimped the revival of SDR bonds that we are currently living through:

“An investor can synthetically replicate the weights of an SDR-denominated bond, but a security denominated in SDRs is self-rebalancing and is likely to minimize rebalancing costs. Additional research, particularly on the coordination problem (which limits liquidity) and operational issues, including settlement, can facilitate the development of an SDR-denominated bond market. Williamson (2009a) suggests that greater private use of the SDR could possibly facilitate greater official use, including the pegging of currencies to the SDR rather than to a basket of currencies or to some bilateral exchange rate.”

In other words, SDR bonds create the market for SDRs generally and legitimate their use as a settlement currency in their own right.

yuanphnoeNow, six years later, here we are with the World Bank helping China issue SDR-denominated bonds. This is the real reason that this bond issue is happening at all. As The Epoch Times points out: “For the IBRD, there is no advantage because it is borrowing in strong currencies and getting paid in a relatively weak one.”

No, this is not about some wonderful new way for the World Bank to cheaply finance its bond issues; it is entirely about legitimizing the role of the SDR on the world stage as a potential world currency.

It remains to be seen whether this strategy will be successful. The first bond issue was a success, with a bid to cover ratio of 2.5 and 50 institutional investors—from central banks to domestic banks, brokerages and insurance companies—bidding on the instruments. But ZeroHedge quotes a fixed-income fund manager in Hong Kong who was not so impressed by the auction: “We are not interested in SDR bonds and we can’t see why Chinese investors should want these bonds since they can easily buy much higher yielding bonds in China.”

Whether SDR bonds will take off depends completely on whether the central bankers can convince the financial world of the benefits of scuttling the dollar reserve system. That will take some concerted effort, which is why we should expect to see an increase in stories raising awareness about SDRs and their potential utility in the coming years.

In that sense, the spate of stories this weekend about the yuan’s SDR inclusion may not be so much the end of the world as the first wave of propaganda getting people ready for the end of the world.

The Corbett Report: The Most Important Story You Didn’t See This Week

Posted by silverngold @ 14:03 on October 2, 2016  

Better have a look at this one. It’s short but very significant and needs to be understood and passed on.


Buygold DB Stock

Posted by Samb @ 13:17 on October 2, 2016  

The central banks can buy all the DB stock that they need to. The stock can go to $8 or $3…but, the CB’s can prevent bankruptsy. Interesting that Janet suddenly says that Congress can give the Fed the ability to buy stocks when the Fed already has that ability. The stock is bought thru the PTT which gets the money via the Treasury Dept which gets its money via the Fed. The NY Fed works hand in glove with the PTT, in the same NYC offices!

and there you have it….the criminality knows no bounds

Posted by Buygold @ 11:23 on October 2, 2016  

About That Deutsche “Settlement” Rumor: Cryan Hasn’t Even Started Negotiations With The DOJ

Tyler Durden's picture

Friday’s market session was about one thing: will Deutsche Bank stock close the week ahead of a three day holiday at a record low. It did not because, as we reported, the AFP announced that based on “sources” (most likely from Twitter), the DOJ was willing to reduce the $14 billion settlement that sent DB stock on a rollercoaster ride over the past two weeks, to just under $6 billion. The news unleashed a massive short squeeze relief rally, which sent DB stock soaring on Friday, pushing the entire market up 1%.

And while repeated attempts by the likes of Reuters to get additional information from either the DOJ, the German government or Deutsche Bank itself, have proven fruitless, overnight Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung reported that Deutsche Bank executives are heading to the United States in the coming days to negotiate the $14 billion settlement over a fine the infamous $14 billion for misselling RMBS.

The FAZ did not cite any sources for its report. Deutsche Bank did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Chief Executive John Cryan’s travel plans.

In other words, not only was the $5.6 billion “agreed upon” number, as “reported” by Twitter and then AFP, bogus, but the actual negotiations have not yet even begun.

It also means that the catalyst for Friday’s ramp was, as we suspected, nothing but the latest attempt at media manipulation meant to push DB stock higher and prevent a concerned German population from pulling its cash out of the bank, of which DB has well over €300 billion in retail deposits.

With Germany closed on Monday and only the far more illiquid US DB stock trading on Monday, we look forward to the market’s reaction to the realization that what it soared on what was nothing more than a media stunt, especially in the aftermath of Saturday’s announcement that Italy is the latest sovereign to take Deutsche Bank to task for its allegedly illegal manipulation and misrepresentation of Monte Paschi’s books.

Morning Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 9:35 on October 2, 2016  

Thanks for that great video from Lou Dobbs. There are a few honest people in the media – very few.

Fine wars

Posted by Buygold @ 9:28 on October 2, 2016  

Kinda doubt the DOJ will now be dropping their fine on Deutsche Bank anytime soon.


Bill Gates WIFE Melinda

Posted by Ororeef @ 3:06 on October 2, 2016  

was being interviewed and she didnt have any F__king Clue what she was talking about .She was being interviewed by another white media person of the female persuasion that simply mimicked and nodded assuringly just like Hillary nods her head every time  she thinks she’s connecting with another woman …They all fall for the same consensus crap like sheeple ..

It dosent have to be right ..as long as they all think like sheeple they vote like sheeple .

Gullable White Women

Posted by Ororeef @ 2:49 on October 2, 2016  

and Merkle are going to bring down all of Europe ….and maybe America too .Merkle has been sold a crazy idea that the Muslims will be accommodating if only we give them a chance !How GULLABLE is that !

Now Hitlary is going after the Same Gullable White women in America  and these are not  married and dont get to hear what their husbands would think .Women need to have consensus or they dont feel secure  ..then they ask what are you going to do ?  They dont seem to be able to synthesize on their own . A Black male friend once told me White women are so gullable ..no black female would believe half the shit they believe. For that reason Hillary has a chance unless married women out number them or vote in greater numbers than singles or Lesbians .  Isn’t it strange that this crap started with a Black President getting elected by White women and now they think they did something powerfull .They made the worst mistake electing a President because of the color of his skin and not because he was a Good American. Now they are trying to elect a woman President just because she ‘s a woman and not because she’d honest and capable .  How  stupid is that, or maybe I ll say HOW GULLABLE is that so they wont vote for her because they think I called them stupid and vote like a woman scorned .Stop voting with your emotions !

or you will end up living under SHARIA LAW ! Just look at what Merkle has done to Europe and you can see whats in store here ! I seem to hear more from Black women on the TV talking more sence than white women !


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