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Scum at work

Posted by Maddog @ 22:49 on October 10, 2016  

RBS destroyed customers’ businesses for profit and rewarded staff who targeted struggling firms, leaked files suggest

Leaked files show RBS staff targeted struggling business customers
It bought assets cheaply in financial crisis and crippled firms, files claim
Lawrence Tomlinson issued report on RBS and small businesses in 2013

Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-3830850/RBS-destroyed-customers-businesses-profit-leaked-files-rewarded-staff-targeted-struggling-firms.html#ixzz4Mk0bjdA3


Posted by Maddog @ 22:07 on October 10, 2016  

Re Luntz….he can easily be bought. He blatantly helped David Cameron become leader of the Tory Party, with a rigged “Focus group” and rigged reactions from them…..never trusted him since.

Bets against Trump going crazy..u can get 5/1 against now with Illary at 5/1 on……even after she was slaughtered.

Ticking higher

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:49 on October 10, 2016  

U.S. 10 Year Treasury Note


Watch Billy Boy Squirm

Posted by Auandag @ 20:46 on October 10, 2016  

Buygold @ 17:20

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:40 on October 10, 2016  

Say it out! emoji_1f601

In Murph tonight=our “good friend” dan norcini posted on kitco. he said the “HUI is coming unglued”. since he is wrong about most everything he says, this is a good sign

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:25 on October 10, 2016  

hi bill,
since january the HUI has been the most accurate indicator
of the metals. it went from about 100 to 280. a 50% correction
for that would be about 190. it fell to 199, which is within 5%
of the exact number. close enough for government work. if
the HUI holds at this area we should not only be fine, but
actually very strong.
our “good friend” dan norcini posted on kitco. he said the
“HUI is coming unglued”. since he is wrong about most
everything he says, this is a good sign we’ll have a
50% correction and be in good shape. as of noon
it seems to be holding.

Good Evening Oasis

Posted by Farmboy @ 18:51 on October 10, 2016  

Back from a few days on the Gulf. Weather was great. Sunny, water warm and nearly calm the entire time. Quite surreal to come back to the hotel at night and watch the news of the destruction by Matthew on the other coast of Florida. Had a great time, but happy to be back in Atlanta again. And really GOOD to see some recovery in the PM’s !! Most of the trades back in the green again. Welcome back China ! Amazed at the strength in that dollar, but doubt it has much more climb left in its legs. Lets see what happens the rest of this week. Fingers crossed.

Got a Live Trump feed coming up in a few minutes. Here is the link to watch.



But wait, there’s more – thanks Nigel, Laura

Posted by Buygold @ 17:34 on October 10, 2016  


I love Rense.com

Posted by Buygold @ 17:20 on October 10, 2016  

Trump Crushes Clinton And Her Memorized Soundbites

Without Her Rigged Podium And MicroTeleprompter, Clinton Was A Two-Faced, Two Dimensional, Tired, Hackneyed, Has-Been…A Political Farce…A Caricature Of The Failed, Deadly, Liberal Policies That Have All But Destroyed America. The Fraud Marxist Media Is In Shock…Watch How They Will Squirm Trying To Explain Away Trump’s Astonishing Performance. How Could He Still Be Standing After Their Savage Abuse Of The Last Year And A Half. How Could He Have Dominated The Stage So Strongly And With Such Resolve And Stature…Especially After Having Been Ambushed, Pummeled And Put Through Such Contrived And Orchestrated Media Hell Over The Last 48 Hours? He Was Supposed To Be ‘Dead’ By Now. The Media Still Doesn’t Get It…Donald Trump Did It With His Enormous Strength Of Character, Flawless Discipline And Unswerving Passion For America And Its People. Trump Stood Like Mt Everest On His Sterling Positions On ALL The Key Issues We Face. America Is Clearly Bored And Disgusted With Clinton’s Arrogance, Sneering Condescension And Her Memorized, Empty, Tired, Non-Answers. Trump Defeated Not Only Clinton But An Evil And Corrupt Mass Media As Well. It Is Time For A Massive Change In America And We Have Seen, Once Again, That We Have The Right Man To Lead Us To Recovery And Prosperity…The Man Who WILL Make America Great Again.

Natural News….No surprises here but is 1/2 the country really so blind?? Or is that to justify the election rigging??

Posted by silverngold @ 17:18 on October 10, 2016  
President? More like a SUICIDE CULT leader to destroy America from within
Mike Adams One of the candidates running for President doesn’t really want to be President.

Instead, they want to serve as the leader of a suicide cult that will destroy America from within.

Click here for today’s article that explains it all

The Best News Last Night

Posted by Buygold @ 17:01 on October 10, 2016  

from that stunned dimwit “Republicrat” pollster Frank Luntz was this from his focus group.

Focus Group: Who are you willing to vote for?

BEFORE • Hillary: 8 • Trump: 9

AFTER DEBATE • Hillary: 4 • Trump: 18

Posted by Auandag @ 16:55 on October 10, 2016  

If you or anyone else you know still has doubts……

Posted by silverngold @ 16:28 on October 10, 2016  

lest we forget

Posted by treefrog @ 14:58 on October 10, 2016  

“if I don’t have a woman every three days, I get a bad headache”
…john f kennedy

Well of course DB flies high!

Posted by Maya @ 13:38 on October 10, 2016  


But that landing is gonna hurt HARD!


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:26 on October 10, 2016  

You could also call it a “Sleight of Hand World” … and the magicians wear silk.

Scum World

Posted by Maddog @ 12:01 on October 10, 2016  

DB lies about it’s finances, the ECB is in on it and the stock goes up 2.5 % !!!!!!!


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:36 on October 10, 2016  

Needs to get busy with Florida, Ohio and Pen. if he wants to win this election. Women need to wake up and get out of their warm comfy safe space  with Hillary pandering. They need to keep in mind the threat to their men, that has been a on going Attack through PC and jobs through open borders. The never ending wars for their side show distractions. Biggest factor is while Hillary playing the women and what appropriate that she is taking money from woman abusers and plans to increase immigratiom from those countries 500 % Not only that their daughters will now be sent to fight her wars. Is that what they really want? This will be one war stuck in the Mid East where they will really need suicide pills if captured, or that last bullet. They are playing listening to the people, yeah since when. After elections it will be business as usual.

I also noticed they are now quiet about all the other taxing they have planned. Double taxing via gas then GPS on cars for the miles you drive on and on.

The little people have had enough – not just here, but in America too … Nigel Farage

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:05 on October 10, 2016  


Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends!

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:28 on October 10, 2016  

Save me some turkey. emoji_1f601

Mali demands Randgold pay half of $80 mln tax claim before talks

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:18 on October 10, 2016  

BAMAKO, Oct 10 (Reuters) – Mali’s government ordered Randgold Resources on Monday to pay half the 46.89 billion CFA francs ($80 million) it says the London-listed miner owes it before opening talks about the remaining sum.

The government last week closed the offices of companies controlled by Randgold, leaving three of its mines there operational.

In a statement on Sunday, Randgold said it has been advised that “a large portion” of the government’s tax claim is unfounded and that it looked forward to discussing the dispute with authorities.

“We have said that we first demand the payment of 50 percent,” Mohamed Lamine Samake, an adviser to the economy ministry, told Reuters. “And that then, we will come to the table to discuss a repayment schedule for the remainder.”

Samake also said Randgold must provide accounting information to the government that it has refused to give to tax authorities.

A Randgold spokeswoman said CEO Mark Bristow was not immediately available for comment.

Randgold says its mines account for between 7 and 11 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in Africa’s third-largest gold producer. Gold and cotton are the two largest exports and it produces around 50 tonnes of gold annually.


Quick Debate Reactions from Switzerland … Scott Adams Blog

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:13 on October 10, 2016  

I just watched the debate on replay. Trump won bigly. This one wasn’t close. And keep in mind that I called Clinton the winner of the first debate, and I now endorse Gary Johnson, primarily to avoid being called an alleged enabler of alleged sex abusers and their alleged enablers. That basket of deplorables includes both Bill and Hillary Clinton (the alleged doer and the alleged cleaner-upper) plus Trump and his alleged misdeeds.

Some quick reactions…

1. When the Access Hollywood tape came up, Trump dismissed it as locker room banter that he regrets. You expected that part. The persuasion move was that he quickly contrasted that “small” issue with images of ISIS beheadings, and cage-drownings. It was a high ground maneuver, a powerful visual anchor (like the Rosie O’Donnell move from his first primary debate), and a contrast play. In this framing, Trump cares about saving your life while Clinton cares about your choice of words. I realize the issue is Trump’s alleged deeds, not his words. But in terms of debate persuasion, Trump nailed it hard.

2. Clinton’s body language was defensive. Trump is physically larger and prowled the stage. He won the optics. It only got worse when a fly landed on Clinton’s face mid-answer. Both candidates looked perfect in terms of wardrobe and hair, given what they have to work with.

3. Trump threw in enough random details about Syria to persuade viewers that he knows more than they thought he knew. And he did a great job selling the idea that he knows more than the generals (as ridiculous as that sounds), at least in terms of not announcing where we plan to attack. I agree with the moderator who said there might be good reasons for announcing attacks – such as giving time for civilians to leave – but it wasn’t quite a counter-argument. Trump succeeded in looking informed on Syria, and at the same time reinforced the “can’t keep a secret” theme for Clinton.

4. Trump’s pre-debate show with Bill’s alleged victims dismantled Clinton’s pro-woman high ground before the debate even started. I didn’t see the pre-debate show, but I assume it was impactful. It had to be. Clinton looked shaken from the start.

cont. http://blog.dilbert.com/post/151599421561/quick-debate-reactions-from-switzerland

You’ll Be In Jail

Posted by commish @ 9:58 on October 10, 2016  

c3a1909dd7 Trump stated after he said when elected he would get a special prosecutor to look into the missing emails.



I believe him

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:44 on October 10, 2016  

‘Believe me, gold prices will go up,’ says Ron Paul


Forced immigration is killing support for the EU

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:31 on October 10, 2016  

Hungary To Amend Constitution, Block EU Migrant Plan


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