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Maya. Its a nice 2016 treat to see you post again. Wishing you all the best.

Posted by Equisetum @ 23:30 on January 11, 2016  

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:16 on January 11, 2016  

Woo Hooo!   Clear the track!  My TOR browser finally made a connection here!  Hope this is a permanent change (thanks Admins).

Still Unemployed… collecting dem ‘benefits’… hoping it costs my former employer some big premiums.  Didn’t find the house of my dreams on the trip to Hawaii… yet.

… but there’s a train comin’…



SNG 21:53

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:36 on January 11, 2016  

Could barely make out on my phone that news clip. They are trying to ” limit drivers right to fight a ticket?!?”  I hope they find out who thought that one up and get rid of them. Maybe they should evaluate who determines prices of them while they’re at it.

They can’t call it terrorist less they have a category for it or they admit it. They could be sued by the thugs. Read that some guy pepper sprayed some Muslins and paper all over that calling it hate crimes but their constant attacks going on they keep quiet. They wonder why MSM is loosing viewers.

Were the two Mohameds who shot up a Calgary bar Muslim terrorists?

Posted by silverngold @ 21:53 on January 11, 2016  
Late on Saturday night, three Muslim men pulled up to a bar in Calgary. One of them just walked up to the front door, pointed a gun in and randomly shot — sending one man to hospital and barely missing others in the crowded bar.Before he could shoot again, he was tackled by the bar’s bouncers.

Can’t leave out BG…

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:33 on January 11, 2016  

For ipso, Bowie crossed the Rubicon…

Posted by macroman3 @ 20:56 on January 11, 2016  

and yet…

Posted by Buygold @ 20:11 on January 11, 2016  

U.S. Mint Gold & Silver Coin Sales Reach 81k oz, 2.8m oz On First Day

Monday January 11, 2016 16:36

The U.S. Mint started selling 2016-dated gold and silver coins Monday, and based on first-day sales, investors seem to be interested. According to the organization’s latest press release, a total of 81,000 ounces of gold coins were sold, while a total of 2,756,500 ounces of its 2016 American Eagle silver bullion coins were sold Monday. Earlier in the day, the mint sent out a press release stating that its first allocation of Eagle silver coins for the year would total 4 million ounces. Of the gold coins sold, another press release says, 21,000 ounces of its American Buffalo gold coins were sold and the rest were different denominations of its American Eagle gold coin. A total of 60,000 ounces of its Eagle gold coins were sold Monday – 41,500 ounces of the one-ounce coin, 12,000 of the half-ounce, 22,000 of the quarter-ounce and 70,000 of the one-tenth ounce coin – the press release says.


Posted by silverngold @ 18:46 on January 11, 2016  
This is a lot more than the title. The last half of the video is a GREAT RANT that exposed what is happening all over America, not just in Flint. It’ll really open your eyes to who the REAL terrorists are!!

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:40 on January 11, 2016  

Endeavour Mining Confirms ASX Delisting and Corporate Update


Goldcorp will need to look outside Americas for assets, incoming CEO says


Kinross Completes Acquisition of Strategic Nevada Assets


Eldorado Gold suspends much of its mine construction in Greece


Centerra Gold Exceeds 2015 Production Guidance and Announces 2016 Outlook


Natural News: 45 million Americans now on food stamps… where does it end?

Posted by silverngold @ 18:24 on January 11, 2016  

A whopping 45 millions Americans are now on food stamps, revealing the dire economic environment that thrusts people into poverty and despair.

With those government-funded food stamps, people are buying mostly processed junk food that promotes disease, dramatically raising healthcare costs and leading more employers to cut hours or jobs due to unaffordable health insurance mandates.

This, in turn, causes precisely the mass unemployment that puts more people on food stamps, which they almost universally use to purchase toxic, processed, genetically modified foods that worsen their health conditions.

This downward spiral is part of what’s destroying America.

Click here for the full story.


P.S. We’ve just launched PharmaDeathClock.com – check it out.

Samb @ 16:01

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:46 on January 11, 2016  

Still 5 days left. 🙂


Posted by Ororeef @ 17:42 on January 11, 2016  

if Hillery gets undone by her own Party  most likely Bloomberg will emerge as the Financial Engineer that tries to destroy the Builder Engineer TRUMP

It will be the last ditch effort to bring on the NEW WORLD ORDER  ..by Liberal Communists.

The Clash of the TITANS will be EPIC…..WE will either get a World of DEBT and Slavery from Bloomberg  with NO NEW Construction or investment …OR we will get a BUILDER of NEW and Beautiful places as Trump has proven he can do !

Remember when the Liberal NYC MAYOR KOCH couldent get an Ice Skating RINK built in NYC because of cost overruns and DEBT?

Guess who took over the PROJECT and built it under budget  successfully …..TRUMP.!

NOW we will see weather the Public  wants Financial Engineer Bloomberg  or successful Builder Engineer Trump ..

You will get what you deserve !

The feminization of Germany

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:23 on January 11, 2016  

is going to lead them to Communists taking over and that spells destruction for their Industry ,Engineering and Finance  ..forget about surpluses and balanced budgets there a thing of the past …Now there looking for CHEAP LABOR where everybody gets paid the same regardless of ability or willingness to work .      Watch how the Communists feminists bleed them dry ….Its going to look like 1945 in Germany…you dont think so ?   Russia will emerge as Europes leader …they got energy,political will,public support unless the US interfers and does something Stupid like starting a War….Eisenhower warned us about the “Military Industrial Complex”,but he wasent up to speed on “Financial Engineering” dangers ….

Germany will experience destruction of “German Engineering” and replacement by “Financial Engineerings”    ..Americans have some experience with that !    In one word I can explain it…”DEBT”.  The Banksters are at work there….The Fems and Commies have formed an AXIS of destruction ……

The Commies are using the Muslims to infiltrate ,and bankrupt them as they eventually put them all in DEBT.    The NEW Financial Engineering in Germany  will NOT be anything that adds to their well being …..The leeches will bleed them dry !   The average German will confuse Financial Engineering with the OLD German Engineering   to their demise….Engineering aint what it used to be…..

BG 2 16;36

Posted by Samb @ 16:51 on January 11, 2016  

I have a 20 yr chart on the $indu/Dow. It has been remarkably accurate. That is why I posted the Primary Bear Market Phases…We are now well into stage 2.   Now, just about every chart that I do has to be customized …except  when I applied the same 20 year chart to $ Gold it fit in beautifully!!!!

What it is saying is that $Gold is dragging right along a major bottom. Not there yet but, I can’t believe that the Gold bottom is later then the first have of 2016. That alone does not preclude a smash down to $1000 or lower in the here and now. The bargains in the miners will put the 10 bagger rule to shame, imo. However, now is now, and the Silver charts cry out to me to hold onto puts.


Posted by Buygold @ 16:36 on January 11, 2016  

Thanks for the heads up on GORO, saved me from throwing more good money into another pig miner.

This stuff is just relentlessly unbelievably shitty.


IPSO re 12/16/2015 post

Posted by Samb @ 16:01 on January 11, 2016  

Regarding my SLW puts. Do I rub it now? Or wait a bit later. Somebody’s gonna eat crow here…don’t think its going to be me.

good idea

Posted by drb2 @ 15:30 on January 11, 2016  

this guy has a great solution to the oil producers problem of low price.


it would work for the PM miners as well.




Posted by Maddog @ 15:29 on January 11, 2016  

I’m not sure the Scum ever cover shorts, they just sell the shares short and no-one calls them to deliver…as I said before who is so long that they can crush the shares so much…..only diehards are still long and most of them will NEVER sell…so I reckon all this selling is the Scum.

They never let the shares reflect what was going on in Gold last week, as it rallied over 1100 and now this week, just as things start to get real ugly, they kill the shares, to allow no safe haven.

However i really do wonder how much mileage is left in the strong dollar, weak oil game, esp in oil, as down here the industry is dieing fast….eg in the UK we have lost 65 K Oil jobs already. Tax take has gone from 13 billion pounds in 2009, to an estimated 600 million, if they are lucky in ’16 !!!!!!!



Posted by eeos @ 15:29 on January 11, 2016  

just another miner I poured real money into and it’s liars standing over a hole again. shaking my head. One of these days I want to rip off a mining executive. It’s only fair game


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:05 on January 11, 2016  

As far as I know they already did, days or a day before China crashed. I warned people in equities heads up sounded like a big red flag to me plus charts were pointing to correction, here anyways.

For Canadians

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 14:55 on January 11, 2016  

Did you know? The federal government cut the annual TFSA contribution limit from $10,000 to $5,500.

Stop Orders

Posted by Moggy @ 14:43 on January 11, 2016  

I’ve just learned that on Feb. 1st stop orders are going to be cancelled.  Does everyone know about this?

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 14:41 on January 11, 2016  

bin long for @ 3 weeks !!!!!!

Ballanger has a load of Egg.

mkt panics normally cause everyone to liquidate positions inall mkts.

Posted by Maddog @ 14:38 on January 11, 2016  

O/N money mkt rates of 14 and 40 % in the Yaun are a major panic…….Apart from a few diehards no-one is long PM shares, all punters/hedge funds are short.

So this selling has to be coming from the Scum/Fed.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:36 on January 11, 2016  

Lot’s of faces with egg on them. A real taint!

I thought the mine was a good prospect for a long time … took my share of the beating.

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