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Yo rednekokie

Posted by Aguila @ 23:27 on January 26, 2016  

No baffling yet but a little humble pie tastes good once in a while.  We gotta do BZ also but our passports are expired.  Hopefully this week we apply for passports and then wait to make reservations.  The beaches are full of seaweed all along that part of the gulf of mexico.  Nobody knows why. Google it to see what I mean.  But the resorts rake it up everyday… it sounds like tons and tons and tons of the stuff.  Hopkins beach is getting busier but we’re going back there as we really enjoyed our last $tay there.

Last year we didn’t do much of a garden but the infrastructure is in pretty good shape i.e. 12+ inche raised beds, no tilling required.  This year I have to do a little more planting, a few tomatoes and some other things. We have lots of armadillos now compared to zero a few years ago.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:21 on January 26, 2016  

Have you baffled the hvac students with your ability to crunch the numbers for air flow? Are you able to take advantage of the tax credits that have been renewed?

I got my heirloom tomato seeds. I will plant them in about 3 weeks.

I am taking my wife to Belize for a week. Haven’t firmed up the date yet.



Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:07 on January 26, 2016  

A democracy is 5 wolves and 1 lamb deciding on the dinner menu. A republic is a well armed lamb!


Farmboy – Welcome back not much has changed -just getting closer to the cliff

Posted by Aguila @ 21:15 on January 26, 2016  

I don’t have any charts but it sure is good to see you’re still around.  As time goes on the value of old acquaintances grows greater.  Too many of mine are passing away ’round here mostly due to lifetimes of “too much fun”!   I charted my net wealth and age in years versus time and the two curves diverged.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad but figured the only sure bet is to have an income producing job or business.  Still doing the day job and going to trade school for that elusive HVAC contractors license and playing with the sun on the side.  Trade school is a hoot.  The best part is I’m surrounded by potential employees whenever in class.  Ms. Aguila is beginning to succeed in keeping me within bounds if you can believe that. Today anyway. 🙂

Hi Farmboy

Posted by Buygold @ 21:10 on January 26, 2016  

I don’t have any charts on the DOW/GOLD ratio, I think Wanka is the local expert if memory serves.

Funny though, I read the ZH article and the read the comments below.

There are really a lot of people or trolls out there that absolutely hate gold. I wouldn’t think that if gold were so insignificant so many people would have such strong feelings about it.

Oh well old buddy, the beat goes on…

re “DOW 23,000 and a chance to see 40,000 soon”? My guess for the DOW?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:59 on January 26, 2016  

Regarding DOW 23,000 and a chance to see 40,000 soon? That logic suggests, or does make sense, if the trends of the past 100 years will continue, unchanged. The past was a 100 year gradual stealth trend of phasing OUT gold and silver for use as money.

During that same 100 years, people naturally, over time, unconsciously or automatically, gradually, started buying THINGS like stocks bonds and real estate with the excess unspent saved money. Some folks even BORROWED funny money from their future income, to buy today and sell for a profit later.

My view, “3-5 years, Dow back down to 8,000 again. And we wont see 18,000 again for 10 years, or 2026” down in 14:58, is based on last 100 years going into reverse, ever since the 9/11/01 and especially after the summer 2008 into 2009 meltdown.

In other words, crazy as this might sound, I think Gold and Silver in a bank deposit, or a coffee can, is gradually going to return for use as real money. And the other unqualified, poor, impractical risky publically visible and taxed alternatives, like stocks bonds and real estate will gradually not be used for savings.

My guess for the DOW

Posted by joe12pack @ 20:32 on January 26, 2016  

I’m with Martin Armstrong… We will see DOW 23,000 and a chance to see 40,000 soon.

The U.S. Markets are in much better shape than the rest of the world and most people on the street are not invested in the markets yet so no bubble yet. This is the false move down before the big move up.


Also Bonds have topped and that bond market dwarfs the stock market– all that money fleeing bonds has to go somewhere.

Buygold @ 19:10 Thanks For The Heads Up On That Comex Ratio

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:24 on January 26, 2016  

Have you or anyone else on the board looked into the DOW/Gold Ratio lately ? Anyone have a chart going back a few years ?

Appreciate your help, Farmboy

Sweden is falling apart

Posted by commish @ 20:02 on January 26, 2016  

Comex Ratio 542-1 now?

Posted by Buygold @ 19:10 on January 26, 2016  



That 100 mark on the dollar index looks like strong resistance

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:20 on January 26, 2016  


Ruh Roh

Posted by Buygold @ 17:22 on January 26, 2016  

Crude Plunges After API Reports Biggest Inventory Build Since 1996

After a day of exuberant hope from rumors of production cuts, WTI crude is plunging back to reality as API reports a stunning 11.4 million barrel inventory build. This is the biggest weekly build since May 1996.

In addition. AAPL not responding well to Tim Cook’s conference call….maybe he should go see the Pope again and pray…


Posted by Buygold @ 16:53 on January 26, 2016  

AAPL and AT&T both miss revenues.

I wonder if they’ll punish gold for that?

The Fed better spit out some dovish talk tomorrow or the SM will be in some serious trouble.

A Bigger List of Closes

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:48 on January 26, 2016  


The only Reason a Billionaire becomes a DEMOCRAT

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:15 on January 26, 2016  

is he needs to keep an eye on the real ” Progressive DEMOCRATS ” (AKA Communists ) that are always in favor of spending someone else’s money  ..Thats why Billionaires need to buy a Congressional Seat or a Senate seat   to prevent the Poor from taxing them into the Poor House ….Why would Rockefeller need to be a Senator from West Virginia ?

thats Laughable !  Why would he want to live there ?  Thats a high price to pay ..He must have a lot of money to protect !   hehe

Democracy is TWO WOLVES and 1 Sheep taking a vote on what to have for Dinner…

Huge buying PM shares into close…for once

Posted by Maddog @ 16:03 on January 26, 2016  

But GDX saw insane offers at 13.96 to stop a top tick close…..still out of nowhere we have a serious rally on.

The Federal Reserve In Charge Of The Money Is Like Dracula In Charge Of The Blood Bank

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:57 on January 26, 2016  

Asking the Fed to regulate the Economy

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:43 on January 26, 2016  

is the same as asking the DEBT CREATORS not to create more debt for Governments !   Asking money Lenders not to lend money to Governments !  Asking them not to charge interest ! to Governments ?   Why would Governments need TAXES ?    Think about that !

Whats a money Lender to do ?      They are smart people and they understand money ..pay them to reduce debt !  Everytime they reduce the countrys debt PAY them a bonus !    or CHANGE what you use for money  …Look at the Dollar BILL  !   It says Federal Reserve NOTE !   What  a note?   Its an IOU   !…Stop doing that !

PRINT  TREASURY NOTES  with NO interest attached to them and print enough of them to pay off Federal Reserve NOTES  and the interest !    After they are PAID off  simply Print ONLY Treasury NOTES    until all the NATIONS debt is Gone…..NOW the BANKS have to make LOANS to the PRIVATE SECTOR and live off the interest .  Can you imagine the Banks need to keep the Private Sector  alive for them to stay alive ?      That places the BANKS in the SAME BOAT as the Private Sector !

The thought of that is so enticing !   Then with no Interest to pay ,Governments wont need any more TAXES ! They have the Soverign right to Print for Governments needs with NO interest attached !  Simply print only enough for whats needed to avoid inflation but enough to accomadate commerece growth in line with population growth !   Problem Solved !   nations DEBT=zero  inflation = zero

Force the Federal Reserve guys to become Government employees at the same time debt is reduced thats how you get rid of the Money Lenders !

Listen up  you Fed Guys ..your NOW working for ME !  (CITIZEN SOVEREIGN)  Not Rothshield !  Figure out how to pay those guys off and get rid of them or your out of a job Period..

Ororeef @ 14:39

Posted by silverngold @ 15:26 on January 26, 2016  

6000?? Well the potential is sure there. Doesn’t mean it will happen but TA says it sure can.

Ororeef @ 14:39 Re Dow In The Graveyard In The Sky Above 18,000

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:58 on January 26, 2016  

Just last night I was discussing that with a friend, shown below FYI.


This chart http://www.mrci.com/pdf/dji.pdf is a picture that tells a thousand words. Open a separate window on the side so you can look back and forth between chart and e-mail.

#1 Look for the 1987 crash that looks so small.

#2 Look for the March 2000 dot com peak/out that did not break even again until late 2005.

#3 Look how Dow went up only late 2005 until 2007 only a little over one year ‘in the money’.

#4 Look at the crash bottom in March 2009.

#5 The peak in 2007 was not matched again until 2013, 6 years.

#6 Now Dow at 18,000 flat for over a year, if it drops from 18,000 like prior drops….

Questions Quiz:

#1 How many points down? and

#2 How much time in years?

#3 What year or how many years?

#4 For turning point or,

#5 Next time we see 18,000 break even point break even point?

My guess?
In 3-5 years, Dow back down to 8,000 again. And we wont see 18,000 again for 10 years, or 2026.


Posted by Buygold @ 14:42 on January 26, 2016  

Dangerously close – go figure.

$Gold 200 DMA


I’m More Confident Now Than Dec 3rd, Gold Is In Gear Going Higher

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:40 on January 26, 2016  

Naturally it won’t be a steady climb, so its back to nibbling in on the manipulated drops. TPTB are toast. Its over for them. They are failing at everything. A day late and a dollar short.

All their old decisions and objectives were big mistakes, square pegs hammered into round holes, and its taking its toll on them since 2008. The problems are more complicated than ever, and TPTB group are dumber than ever.

Besides that, doing what has to be done goes against their old plans and creations like “globalization” and they have too much pride and stupidity to admit when they make mistakes.

TPTB R.I.P. 🙂 Its time to be happy. We have more company. Lots more of the public is “on” to them. And we DON’T need a conservative president. We haven’t had a patriotic conservative president since JFK.

The ONLY presidential qualification the USA needs at this point is a PATRIOTIC isolationist type or leader.

silverngold @ 14:03 on January 26, 2016 u-tube ,,,thanks I captured a Chart 6000 ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:39 on January 26, 2016  


On the run

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:34 on January 26, 2016  

Police officers flee angry mob in Swedish refugee center through back door


Ororeef – Wow!

Posted by Buygold @ 14:33 on January 26, 2016  

Hey Ororeef – can’t believe Molycorp went BK. They were almost an $80 stock back in 2011. Unbelievable.

Makes me think, if molycorp can go from $80 to $.04 in 5 years, can gold miners be 100 baggers in five years if gold goes to $3K?

It’s nice to dream…

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