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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:53 on September 16, 2015  

Any comments of the republic debate.

eeos @ 14:40

Posted by Maya @ 21:51 on September 16, 2015  

Yeah, that’s a real mess.  Two different ecosystems and water colors now.  Back in the day when they built that causeway they didn’t think about environmental concerns like that.   Bulldoze away!    Nowdays they don’t want to think about what it would cost to fix.

Speaks for itself

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:40 on September 16, 2015  

“Total Failure”: Pentagon Spends $41 Million Training “Four Or Five” Syrian Fighters


Re Constant Gov’t Media Warning Of A Rate Increase

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:55 on September 16, 2015  

I strongly suspect they keep saying that, for a few years now, to encourage or push people to buy real estate. Real estate had a few good years around here, but suddenly, I hear nobody’s buying.

The opposite of pent up demand. We might have an over bought peak buying situation now. A new real estate bubble?

Anyone else out there see a similar situation in your area??

Scum’s Darth Vader doesn’t want a rate hike

Posted by Maddog @ 15:27 on September 16, 2015  

Sorry to concentrate on this POS, but as long as he is a free man the Rig goes on.


The Darth Vader of Scum doesn’t like the Donald

Posted by Maddog @ 15:18 on September 16, 2015  

When the Donald puts Lloyd in the slammer, he’ll have to like Bubba.



Posted by goldielocks @ 14:43 on September 16, 2015  

Speaking of buying low I got got a free shipping at mint products dot com and had trouble Cuz I didn’t log in to get the coupon so called them. By occasionally through time for gifts or collection whatever. I asked what are those point for they keep telling me I have. They are money off future order I guessed and was right. What I didn’t know is I accumulated over 2000 of them through time lol  So plus buying there is collecting points.

Hey Maya

Posted by eeos @ 14:40 on September 16, 2015  

What do you think of the Great Salt Lake Railroad Causeway in Utah? I’m seems like a giant screwed up environmental mess. Take a look from Google Earth someday.


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 13:50 on September 16, 2015  


It’s Hump Day!

Springtime in the Rockies, and some massive steam
power to get us up the mountains.

@ Molyminer

Posted by Moggy @ 12:56 on September 16, 2015  

Go to Ebay, they have plenty ASE.

Buy Low

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:48 on September 16, 2015  

Silver 5 year

India to auction 80 gold mines

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:56 on September 16, 2015  


Hmmm … these guys ain’t exactly our buds

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:48 on September 16, 2015  

JP Morgan: calling the bottom

HALIFAX – JP Morgan joins the trickle of institutions and funds eyeing the mining sector. In a note this week with a few stock recommendations, it slapped a buy (i.e. overweight) on the sector in general Monday, ending what has been a bearish view of the commodities and mining sectors.

The view has been supported by high profile investors putting their money where their mouth is. Carl Icahn bought an 8% stake in Freeport McMoRan recently, taking on one of the hardest hit among North American headquartered miners that faces a heavy debt load, but owns top tier mining assets. George Soros bought a sizeable stake in Barrick Gold, which has seen a modest pickup in fund interest recently.

JP Morgan’s argument for miners was simple: that there is little downside left in the space. Mining has been punished more harshly than most sectors in recent years on the back of falling commodity prices, of course. But JP Morgan sees commodity prices as stabilizing in the coming year or so. That, combined with the depths mining shares are plumbing, has the vulture in JP Morgan circling.

“In price relative terms, mining is back to its levels from 10 years ago, when the Chinese commodity super-cycle was just starting,” JP Morgan notes, as others have in recent months. JP Morgan may be a bit early in bottom calling – and acknowledges this – but that’s part of its argument in favour of the sector. The prevailing view of it is still bearish. Yet it sees headwinds that have long been against the mining sector as diminished now, overblown or turning about.

more http://www.mineweb.com/news/base-metals-and-minerals/jp-morgan-calling-the-bottom/

Is this why “the environmentalist” Soros made recent coal investments?

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:45 on September 16, 2015  

We are nowhere near peak coal use in India and China

Resource investors, take note: By 2025, just 10 years from now, energy consumption in Asia will increase a whopping 31 percent. A whole two-thirds of that demand, driven largely by China and India, will be for fossil fuels, most notably coal.

That’s according to a new research piece by financial services group Macquarie, which writes that the estimated rise in fossil fuel demand is equivalent of “three times Saudi Arabia’s current (all-time-high) oil production.”

more http://www.mineweb.com/regions/china/we-are-nowhere-near-peak-coal-use-in-india-and-china/

New Poll Vote Vote Vote

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:36 on September 16, 2015  

at the bottom right

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:34 on September 16, 2015  

Orezone Provides Update on Bombore Permitting and Bondi Project


Randgold Resources Limited: Groundbreaking Partnership to Revive Obuasi Gold Mine


Integra Gold Corp.’s C$1 Million Gold Rush Challenge Officially Opens Today to Competitors Worldwide


molyminer @ 10:50

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:29 on September 16, 2015  

Thanks for relating the “on the ground” experience. I’ve never heard of First Majestic having a shortage before. Wouldn’t it be great if they could shift even more of their production to selling ounces to the public. They could help leave crimex high and dry, twisting in the wind like in a Clint Eastwood flic. 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:25 on September 16, 2015  

“Why even pay attention to the Comex data?”

I suppose because other people make decisions based on it. Flawed and inaccurate as it may be it still affects the markets. I don’t doubt that the info given is slanted to benefit the market riggers.

Obvious bet taking place

Posted by Samb @ 11:16 on September 16, 2015  

Gold up $16 and SLW up 7%! So, shorts are covering with the expectation that the Fed will not raise rates right now. I think that this is the correct bet at this time.

EFFECTIVE FFunds up 7.65 %

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:59 on September 16, 2015  

FFunds sep16Its been rising since 1st of the year of 2014

ipso facto

Posted by molyminer @ 10:50 on September 16, 2015  

I went to Boise over the weekend and stopped off at the coin store to buy a little silver as I haven’t bought any for several months. They only had numismatic silver available which I’am not interested in. There were no silver eagles or generic rounds and at the most maybe 5 ounces of gold which included placer gold. After I returned home I decided to order from First Majestic , they are all sold out of one half ounce and one ounce rounds. I hope that I have enough silver and gold already because I don’t think we are going to be able to buy any shortly.

IPSO @10:03

Posted by Samb @ 10:43 on September 16, 2015  

Why even pay attention to the Comex data? The Banksters and their central bank providers can provide, via the Comex whatever numbers that they wish you to see. CME actually places a disclaimer that the data may not be accurate. Perhaps the data provided is actually coded to give the insiders and allied hedge funds a heads up. Now there is a conspiracy theory for you all.

Scramble for the crumbs

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:03 on September 16, 2015  

According to the latest Comex vault data, not only was another 157K ounces withdrawn today, but the conversion of Registered into Eligible continues, and as a result another 10% of total deliverable gold was “adjusted away”, leaving just 163,334 ounces of registered gold: the lowest in Comex history.


Ron Paul

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:58 on September 16, 2015  

Ron Paul: Congress Is ‘Fiddling’ While The Economy Burns

Submitted by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Reports that the official unemployment rate has fallen to 5.1 percent may appear to vindicate the policies of easy money, corporate bailouts, and increased government spending. However, even the mainstream media has acknowledged that the official numbers understate the true unemployment rate. This is because the government’s unemployment figures do not include the 94 million Americans who have given up looking for work or who have settled for part-time employment. John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics estimates the real unemployment rate is between 23 and 24 percent.

Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, few in Washington, DC acknowledge that America’s economic future is endangered by excessive spending, borrowing, taxing, and inflating. Instead, Congress continues to waste taxpayer money on futile attempts to run the economy, run our lives, and run the world.

For example, Congress spent the majority of last week trying to void the Iranian nuclear agreement. This effort was spearheaded by those who think the US should waste trillions of dollars on another no-win Middle East war. Congressional war hawks ignore how America’s hyper-interventionist foreign policy feeds the growing rebellion against the dollar’s world reserve currency status. Of course, the main reason many are seeking an alternative to the dollar is their concern that, unless Congress stops creating — and the Federal Reserve stops monetizing — massive deficits, the US will experience a Greek-like economic crisis.

Despite the clear need to reduce federal spending, many Republicans are trying to cut a deal with the Democrats to increase spending. These alleged conservatives are willing to lift the “sequestration” limits on welfare spending if President Obama and congressional democrats support lifting the “sequestration” limits on warfare spending. Even sequestration’s miniscule, and largely phony, cuts are unbearable for the military-industrial complex and the rest of the special interests that control our government.

The only positive step toward addressing our economic crisis that the Senate may take this year is finally holding a roll call vote on the Audit the Fed legislation. Even if the audit legislation lacks sufficient support to overcome an expected presidential veto, just having a Senate vote will be a major step forward.

Passage of the Audit the Fed bill would finally allow the American people to know the full truth about the Fed’s operations, including its deals with foreign central banks and Wall Street firms. Revealing the full truth about the Fed will likely increase the number of Americans demanding that Congress end the Fed’s monetary monopoly. This suspicion is confirmed by the hysterical attacks on and outright lies about the audit legislation spread by the Fed and its apologists.

Every day, the American people see evidence that, despite the phony statistics and propaganda emanating from Washington, high unemployment and rising inflation plague the economy. Economic anxiety has led many Americans to support an avowed socialist’s presidential campaign. Perhaps more disturbingly, many other Americans are supporting the campaign of an authoritarian crony capitalist. If there is a major economic collapse, many more Americans — perhaps even a majority — will embrace authoritarianism. An economic crisis could also lead to mob violence and widespread civil unrest, which will be used to justify new police state measures and crackdowns on civil liberties.

Unless the people demand an end to the warfare state, the welfare state, and fiat money, our economy will continue to deteriorate until we are faced with a major crisis. This crisis can only be avoided by rejecting the warfare state, the welfare state, and fiat money. Those of us who know the truth must redouble our efforts to spread the ideas of liberty.


Beefy drilling results for Lakeshore

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:33 on September 16, 2015  

Lake Shore Gold Reports High-Grade Intersections From Initial Underground Drilling at 144 Gap Zone


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