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Aguila @ 23:12 – ADMIN… Help!

Posted by Maya @ 23:54 on September 10, 2015  

The links are dead for me also.   I cannot highlight them to copy/paste.

Also, I am unable to “Edit” the post, either.  The ‘Edit’ link is dead.


Do Maya’s links at 22:36 work for anybody else?

Posted by Aguila @ 23:12 on September 10, 2015  

They are dead links that go nowhere for me but others on this page (before 1500 hours) work fine.  ?!?

Test unable to access any links

Posted by Aguila @ 23:09 on September 10, 2015  

Any links posted after 1500 hours do not work anymore for me.  They no longer work like a normal hypertext link.  Links posted here before 1500 hours work as expected.  Guess I should only post patriotic messages in this land of the free or I might be pulled aside for questioning.


Posted by Aguila @ 23:05 on September 10, 2015  



Pretty Well Sums it all Up

Posted by Auandag @ 22:57 on September 10, 2015  



ABX Barrick at $6.22 tonight

Posted by eeos @ 22:38 on September 10, 2015  

If we have another down wave in gold, I’m not sure how long this stock will stay solvent. But shite that’s probably the case for all the pm sucks

U.S. court finds EPA was wrong to approve Dow pesticide harmful to bees

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:34 on September 10, 2015  

(Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court ruled on Thursday that federal regulators erred in allowing an insecticide developed by Dow AgroSciences onto the market, canceling its approval and giving environmentalists a major victory.

The ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, is significant for commercial beekeepers and others who say a dramatic decline in bee colonies needed to pollinate key food crops is tied to widespread use of a class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids. Critics say the Environmental Protection Agency is failing to evaluate the risks thoroughly.

The lawsuit was filed in 2013 against the EPA by organizations representing the honey and honey beekeeping industry. The groups specifically challenged EPA approval of insecticides containing sulfoxaflor, saying studies have shown they are highly toxic to honey bees.

more http://news.yahoo.com/u-court-finds-epa-wrong-approve-dow-pesticide-184509403–finance.html

They had to make sure to sell the days gains off into the red

Posted by eeos @ 17:08 on September 10, 2015  

Because you know no hope is ever allowed in a gold miner stock. Thanks big brother

Today’s chuckle

Posted by commish @ 16:05 on September 10, 2015  


‘bin away on Hols….nothing has changed….but Sm looking very shaky here

Posted by Maddog @ 16:04 on September 10, 2015  

Scum had better get ready, as SM could get real ugly..fast !!!!!

As for the PM miners…bargain of the Century at these joke prices.

Clearly loads of SM selling out there…but Scum still buying kamikaze style now !!!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 15:56 on September 10, 2015  

Holistic doctors poisoned at holistic convention

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:22 on September 10, 2015  


Young Vet is intentionally run over and killed

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:49 on September 10, 2015  

But Liar and chief wants to bring in a million more refugees. Note This might have been black lives matter. That state going to hell fast



Posted by goldielocks @ 14:43 on September 10, 2015  

Thanks to our uskess leadership they are making enemies and losing our allies left and right for good reasons due to the NWO UN war monger gang exposed.
Mann- ing tried to expose it but jailed him. How they were supplying terrorism to destabilize and condoned even suggested killing civilians to do it. Then Snow-en came out. They should be tried for treason and crimes against humanity and manning freed.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:31 on September 10, 2015  

In Google Earth just SE of the city of Deir al-Zor is the beleaguered Syrian airfield. Interesting fortifications … glad I’m not there.

PS What happens when US jets encounter Russian jets attacking US backed Jihadi’s?


Posted by Maddog @ 14:21 on September 10, 2015  

Until a new President is elected there are gonna be all sorts games going on….That Putin has got China to get involved is a master stroke, ….what will/can an already reluctant Obummer do, apart from act and look useless.

Then again neither China or Russia want a strong ISIS, or to even let is exist, as both have major Muslim areas internally and on their borders…so maybe they will deal with ’em and they won’t have CNN questioning their every move.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:48 on September 10, 2015  

That doesn’t surprise me. What had the UN done about I-S-I-S ? NADA Some are watching the oil deals around there and the names are interesting like Rothchilds. More involved than I want to go. My mind goes to innocent familys in the middle of that there’s watchin the business that may be causing it like the pipeline but this is something else about oil and rather not bring it up not knowing if it is true or not. PS then we have Obummer giving nukes to Iran. No worry if they do something they’ll act after the fact. Sure they will as they already make it difficult for troops now. Hope there first target is them.

‘Iran, Russia, China, Syria plan ‘largest’ war game’ ( Translation….. beating shit out of ISIS )

Posted by Maddog @ 13:19 on September 10, 2015  


This is getting more and more serious….oil ain’t gonna be kept down with this going on.

Putin Sends His Dirty War Forces to Syria

Posted by Maddog @ 13:03 on September 10, 2015  



Posted by goldielocks @ 12:50 on September 10, 2015  

I think Armstrong is right as mixed with one of his long posts a reset will be challenged when the dollar rises against other currencies as the flow moves with the dollar. They look to want to back off of raising interest rates because it appears theyre looking at global cues which aren’t good. PS what happens going forward should be our cue.

Libs teaching kids 911 was our fault.

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:41 on September 10, 2015  

Guess they want to change their views on history. Maybe they should discuss the unanswered questions and possibility it was a inside job as well.


HUI….What I (hope I) see

Posted by silverngold @ 12:19 on September 10, 2015  

HUI PO 1000


That is, if we do not get a reset before hand. All The Best…..Silverngold


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:18 on September 10, 2015  

Yep, the crime gang. There’s more Trojan horses in office. Through history nations were predominantly a common race and or religion and had to defend it from others who use theirs as a cause to invade. We don’t have to be racist see reality and their trying to use the word racist to subdue people with politically correct jargon to weaken us since they can’t do it by force until like a Trojan horse there is more of them.

That happened while they were sleeping effectively the same thing so people better wake up.
Too many of the people coming here are not here to be part of this nation they call assimilation but to invade this nation.
Three nations Im aware of now are speaking up about that concerning refugees invading the shores of other country’s that will not assimilate and become their enemies, so perhaps learned through history, Hungary the Arabs and Israel. China don’t mess around and will jail them amongst other things. Be a common culture or religion it’s the bonds of that nation.

We have a gov trying to destabilize our nation playing psychology with words and now actions as words always come first and why Trump has become so popular because people see through that and is in fact a effort to save their own when under attack which it is he throws it back in their face for what it is and tells them what they can do with it.

Already a mayor in Texas has been threatened by Muslims who tried to intact Sharia law and failed. In Germany and Sweden their already warning the young girls to keep themselves covered so they don’t get raped. Guess if they want to alienate their own kids by putting a invading nation ahead of them so be it.

Similar to these schools that want to make bathrooms gender neutral. People raise their kids to have certain norms based again by culture race and religion and these schools are messing with their heads as well as barriers. Their telling us there’s no difference. Really?? How much LSD did they take in the 60s?
Again to destabilize and we know where that leads.
The courts don’t make laws anyways they enforce them.
Otherwise we live in a dictatorship and that’s where it’s heading.
Here despotism is described in detail in the clerk Davis case being jailed.
“No law, therefore, contrary to the Constitution can be valid.” Fed #78.



Posted by ipso facto @ 11:43 on September 10, 2015  

LOL It’s the janitors! Maybe the parking lot attendants! :mrgreen:

has anyone heard from jim sinclair lately?

Posted by treefrog @ 11:33 on September 10, 2015  

i have had an occasional email correspondence with him for several years, but he has been silent lately.  i hope he’s just stepping back, enjoying life, and taking it a little easier.

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