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Monsanto wants to replace the bees they are killing with GMO flying ants

Posted by silverngold @ 23:26 on August 31, 2015  

Are you ready for GMO ant honey?? LOL!!!

Trump says if elected President

Posted by commish @ 22:41 on August 31, 2015  

a7306f3ee8 Will change the name of the Alaska Mountain from Denali back to Mt McKinley.

Heads Up People!!! This Is Disturbing!!!

Posted by silverngold @ 21:30 on August 31, 2015  

‘Cashless Society’, what the government doesn’t want you to know!!


Posted by Moggy @ 20:56 on August 31, 2015  

My computer has been in the hospital since the 26th and I brought it home today only to find that internet service is down and not expected back up until tomorrow.  On a chance, I gave the Tent a try and here I am…all this to say that was one a fine pussycat video on the Frenchy, lol.


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:25 on August 31, 2015  

Yep like it just paused but don’t look too good right now. Your nemesis has more immediate numbers out and said

We need a closing today ABOVE 17007 to firm up the market and a closing below 16632 will warn that the Dow is weak going into […]

Silver & Gold Are An Accident Waiting To Happen – Mike Maloney

Posted by silverngold @ 15:15 on August 31, 2015  


Another explosion in China

Posted by newtogold @ 15:07 on August 31, 2015  


Here’s 15425

Posted by eeos @ 14:40 on August 31, 2015  

Marty's Line

It looks to me that we’re floating in outter space. “Strong support”….um hum or just magically hovering sir

20 yr $DJI


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:22 on August 31, 2015  

Major bullish support just moved to about 15425 on DOW.  Either way doesn’t look good right now. Armstrong came out with numbers for the close and doesn’t look like it’s gonna stay above it.


Posted by commish @ 12:22 on August 31, 2015  


This is it in a nutshell!!

Posted by silverngold @ 11:15 on August 31, 2015  


Auandag @ 10:43 … Mineset just did a correction on that story

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:08 on August 31, 2015  

Posted August 31st, 2015 at 8:44 AM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under Bill Holter.

Dear CIGAs,

I must apologize to readers. Shanghai has in fact reported deliveries for the last two weeks, I reported this incorrectly when writing they have not reported. We try to be as accurate as possible but occasionally we err. That said, “something” has definitely changed over the last 2-3 weeks as evidenced by market gyrations and volatility. I stand by the rest of what was written, the knowledge something is different or changed should tell you past or existing trends in place should also be questioned. Stay vigilant as volatility “kills” in an over levered system.
Standing watch.

Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration

Wanka – Dr. Carson

Posted by AuNeophyte @ 11:05 on August 31, 2015  

Outstanding.  That will be the opening of my study next Sunday!



WANKA @ 10:48

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:03 on August 31, 2015  

Just beautiful. I’ll have to remember that statement.

Re the “situation”. It’s reminding me of 9/11. The market crashed in ’00, soon after the economy started tanking, or slowing, and little George, not elected yet brought it to attention while campaigning.

The enemy was purposely waiting for a recession to get more effect for the attack. So, if the enemy has planned another attack, it might happen again on the same date. Just some dumb thoughts. Probably never happen.

“Something” Just Happened!

Posted by Auandag @ 10:43 on August 31, 2015  

OK, what do I think “happened” three weeks ago?  I believe the day finally came where China did not receive gold delivery.  I say this because Shanghai all of a sudden has shown zero withdrawals since then.  For the last 10 days I have been calling events “financial war” but did not connect why or why now?  My theory may be all wrong, or, it may be right on the money.  If it is wrong, the day of defaulting on delivery will come because the simple math says so.  You can only import more than total production only as long as vaults have metal to dishoard.  If I am correct, in effect the U.S. just “defaulted” to China.  It would also mean our hoard of “power” is gone and so is the façade of financial strength.  If correct we should know quite soon by actions in all markets.  If correct, our standard of living will collapse into third world status hand in hand with a broken financial system.


About 80% of Colombia’s gold output comes from illegal miners — Gov’t

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on August 31, 2015  


Tangled Web

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:03 on August 31, 2015  

Egypt sends Assad secret arms aid, including missiles, with Russian funding

Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi has begun supplying Bashar Assad with arms, including missiles, after concluding a secret deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his consent to pick up the tab, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources reveal. The first batch of short-range Egyptian-made surface missiles has reached the Syrian forces fiercely battling rebels for weeks for the recovery of the strategic town of Zabadani without breaking through (See picture showing missile with Egyptian factory markings.)

It is not clear if the Egyptian missiles have also been passed to the Hizballah forces fighting with the Syrian army, considering that El-Sisi and Hizballah are at daggers drawn.

Our sources also reveal that the Egyptian arms consignments are freighted from Port Said to the Syrian port of Tartus by Ukrainian cargo vessels. These ships are today the most popular means of transport for clandestine and Black Market arms freights across the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas.

Sums and quantities are yet to be determined, but Western intelligence sources report that Ukrainian vessels called in at Egyptian ports at least three times from July 22 to Aug. 22 and sailed off to Syria laden with weapons.

more http://debka.com/article/24849/Egypt-sends-Assad-secret-arms-aid-including-missiles-with-Russian-funding

This is pretty cool

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:45 on August 31, 2015  

Polish Government Confirms Discovery Of Nazi “Gold Train”, Warns It May Be Booby-Trapped

Last weekend we reported that in the past month two men, a Pole and German, claimed to have discovered the legendary Nazi “gold train” – a 150 meter long German train alleged to be full of gold, gems and weapons, which disappeared just before the end of World War II – in the proximity of the Polish town of Walbrzych, close to where the Nazi are said to have loaded up the train with valuables for its final voyage in the town of Wroclaw, just as the Soviet forces approached in 1945.

more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-30/polish-government-confirms-discovery-nazi-gold-train-warns-it-may-be-booby-trapped

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 9:18 on August 31, 2015  


Plenty of horsepower! An A-B-A set of E9 Streamliners
with a dual engine DD-40X frame loco pull this long
gold train out of town. Eight thundering ’prime mover’ EMD Diesel engines
provide electro-motive traction. Let’s Roll!


Good morning Oasis

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:15 on August 31, 2015  

Zimbabwe relaxes empowerment law to boost investment-govt paper


Barrick Completes Formation of Strategic Joint Venture at Porgera


Argentex Signs Binding Offer Letter to be Acquired by Austral Gold


Alamos Announces Investment in AuRico Metals


OceanaGold Announces Waihi Production and Cost Guidance; Lowers Consolidated Cost Guidance for 2015


Coffee’s on

Posted by MadMike @ 7:39 on August 31, 2015  


Night Train

Posted by Maya @ 3:59 on August 31, 2015  


We’ve got a green clearance.   Time to get crackin’…



Floridagold @ 21:20

Posted by Ororeef @ 2:22 on August 31, 2015  

Serves um right ..fur making a deal with the evil ones…GS was allowed into the Chinese Banking system in exchange for jobs employing multitudes ..Now ya got neither ..Same mistake Pres Wilson MADE ..Why dont ya just shoot yer self fer being so stupid ! If ya got the Stones ,Do what Andrew Jackson did..ROUT the Bastards out …

Wanka – Double rich

Posted by Aguila @ 23:58 on August 30, 2015  

I’m still looking for my first install job.  After that then I’ll be triple rich!




Posted by ipso facto @ 23:21 on August 30, 2015  

Better than paper and electrons!

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