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Dollar Seasonal & Pre Election Seasonal

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:49 on September 3, 2015  

Dollar Pre Election Year dollar seasonalDollar presents a good seasonal enviornment for Gold

Two China Currency Funds turn UP !

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:22 on September 3, 2015  

cny china currency merk ChinaCurrency


Posted by treefrog @ 23:02 on September 3, 2015  



Posted by goldielocks @ 22:57 on September 3, 2015  

Right, he  has undone arms basically trust but yet they’ve given him a peace prize? That’s what the blood moon significance is really about, change. A new beginning and perhaps a sign of the end for America thanks to the club and all their wrong decisions. Obama was gonna change things but instead he whines it’s Bushes fault and has caused friction globally including with our allies forcing them to go it alone as well as internally.


Posted by treefrog @ 22:26 on September 3, 2015  

kicking a little a$$ on the night shift.


gold?  not so much   …yet.


Posted by Ororeef @ 22:10 on September 3, 2015  

have UN DONE all of NIXON and KISSENGERS good will with CHINA …UN_DONE ALL of REAGANS  and  Gorbachevs reduction of Military and NUCLEAR threats   ….OBAMA has undone it ALL … He’s clearly a UN AMerican ,pro WAR fool.   and now he has an ALLY the JESUIT POPE …

The Jesuits were banned from the VATICAN ,one time for their conniving  ,but after Obama got in ,the CHurch decided it was in their interest to elect a SYMPATHETIC JESUIT  to Obama  ..a fellow Communist if you will…ITS Obamas fault we got this POPE ..BIG MISTAKE !     Trumps got his work cut out for him ….He’s gonna need some FOREIGN friends too…..

The JESUITS are the ACADEMIC ,anti WOMEN branch of the CHURCH  very similar to the ACADEMIC egg heads RUNNING new england colleges AND fem ORGANIZATIONS DESIGNED TO KEEP THEM FROM MINGLING WITH male universitIES.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:06 on September 3, 2015  

Yes it is and so far it doesn’t seem he is for mandatory vaccines. Right now there’s the issue with him signing a unconstitutional pledge with the GOP when he was in a position of strenght and they knew it. He could of used it against them as well made his own demands. Instead it makes him look like he caved to them so what else would he cave to. One tea party now patriot said its like signing with the Mafia to clean up the gambling casinos. Side tracking personally think they were fairer when they ran it lol I don’t remember 5 card decks in black jack for instance. Last time I played craps which I don’t do often but found I was good at it once I got the hang of it I had them try to get me drunk, had men in suits standing behind me, they changed the stick man to a mean man on and on. Sheesh wasn’t even gambling that much a few 5 dollar chips but thing was everybody else and gave me chips was lol There are worse. Then they think even if he’s lying to them will he lie to us so this is a issue as they’ve been burnt by the GOP and another ditch for them to maintain a club with the demos at our expense.

commish @ 20:46

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:57 on September 3, 2015  

He’s a narcissistic fool  !  He looks into a mirror and loves what he sees then takes a SELFIE   …That will be his un doing

goldielocks @ 17:57

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:44 on September 3, 2015  

NOW is the TIME to make BIG PHARMA an election issue  ..If Trump wants to continue his winning streak ,we need to get his attention and make a campaign promise against forced inoculations  …If he’s not getting money from them ,it shouldn’t be too hard ..,but he does need to be made aware its a problem …!   WE need a “genuine” clinical Study on the preservative involved in inoculations to be sure it dosent cause attention deficit disorder ,Asbergers or AUTISM …They have immature immune systems .Maybe combining different immune shots is the problem ,it may overwhelm their systems..with too much too soon in the interest of saving money ..Now is the TIME to RAISE the ISSUE  !

He did a nice announcement today…He made the Party come to him,He made BUSH look Un American for speaking Spanish and pointed out he speaks English taking that issue away from Bush..a brilliant move ! He commented Carly Fiorna should be in the NEXT debate taking advantage of the audience and put a plug in for Women  ..great strategy  ..He’s Politically smart !  He can win because he is out smarting the DEMOCRAPS POLITICALLY ..

Flashpoint: White House Confirms Russian Presence In Syria, Warns It Is “Destabilizing”

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:39 on September 3, 2015  

Two days ago we reported something which we had anticipated for a long time but nonetheless did not expect to take shape so swiftly: namely, that with Assad’s regime close to collapse and fighting a war on three different fronts (one of which is directly supported by US air and “advisor” forces), Putin would have no choice but to finally intervene in the most anticipated showdown in recent history as “Russian fighter pilots are expected to begin arriving in Syria in the coming days, and will fly their Russian air force fighter jets and attack helicopters against ISIS and rebel-aligned targets within the failing state.”

This was indirectly confirmed the very next day when an al-Nusra linked Twitter account posted pictures of a Russian drone and a Su-34 fighter jet – the kind which is not flown by the Syrian air force – flying over the Nusra-controlled western idlib province.

more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-03/flashpoint-white-house-confirms-russian-presence-syria-warns-it-destabilizing

From ZH. As China Parks Ships Next To Alaska

Posted by commish @ 20:46 on September 3, 2015  

20150903_obama here’s Obama.

Wanka since when is Farmboy ever gonna obey

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:36 on September 3, 2015  

That’s not his style.

Just learned one of my grandsons who had to detox from vaccines just got bumped up a grade. They bumped him from third to fourth. The one I took in a pick near Carmel where his great grandmas from. When he was little he decided he loves the ocean and wanted to live there and told him of he did good it school he can move here. Looks like he took me up on that. Wow

goldie looks like poor ole farmboy was pickled by she who would be obeyed! [gg]

Posted by WANKA @ 18:17 on September 3, 2015  


Wanka …Kermit

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:11 on September 3, 2015  

What ever happened to Farmboy anyways?


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:57 on September 3, 2015  

We shall see although some don’t trust that already, most it’s not going to sway them. People are fed up with it going from bad to worse at every election picking off our rights  little by little. There’s a new bill coming out in calif for mandatory vaccines for all adults working with children or jail time which they may or may not have taken out but will spread out to the next group and next then will be jail time if they don’t stop these snot for brain monsters. Child care including nurses it’s hard to find capable skilled or patient people as most don’t want to work with kids not that they don’t like them but are afraid to or in care centers work vs pay not worth it. They are going to make it worse as people walk rather than be turned into dumbed down robots or culled to appease the government sell outs. Selling out for a few beads compared to the billions Pharmas will make getting people sick  on certain vacs and flu shots then more on that. Nurses will move to other areas or retire early. Singling a group out anyways should spark a law suit so hope their plan cost them. At least Trump commented that as far as mandatory vaccines and children that they aren’t horses. However some horses have died from vaccines too. GOP has done nothing to stand by the constitution issues allowed Obama to bypass congress and now the IRAN deal between him Kerry and Biden.

Meanwhile another contemp charge by a judge jailing a woman for her religious beliefs. They should transfer her to another department rather than subjecting her to this indefinite jail time which I hope she files a habeas corpus for starts. Yet they make exceptions for Muslims.

U.S. District Judge David Bunning has jailed Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky clerk for declining to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and says he will keep her in jail until she complies. Davis has argued that issuing the licenses runs contrary to her Christian convictions.

Dr. Frank Wright, president and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries comments on these chilling developments:


Feminists are angry that Kermit the Frog’s new girlfriend is young and thin

Posted by WANKA @ 17:53 on September 3, 2015  


Kermit has denied rumours that the woman he’s been spotted out and about with is his new love – but that didn’t stop people being outraged

Denise and Kermit

Denise and Kermit Photo: © 2015 American Broadcasting Companies

Kermit the Frog has been spotted out and about with a new lady, Denise, after splitting with his ex-girlfriend Miss Piggy last month.

In typical fashion, people on Twitter had a lot to say about Kermit’s new lady and, while he denies speculation they are romantically linked, the pictures appear to tell another story.

Many have expressed dismay that Kermit the Frog ditched the feminist and fuller-figured Miss Piggy for a younger, skinnier model, who has not yet expressed opinions on the works of Germaine Greer or bell hooks.

Some think that it is a backward step for feminism



Posted by Ororeef @ 17:01 on September 3, 2015  

The difference is…THEY came to HIM ..Party head traveled to HIS place ,not the other way round ..He’s in charge ..the Party now does what he says if they want to win…!  He’s proven himself ..now he leads ,they follow ..he’s the new Party HEAD…

FFunds has been rising since JAN 2014 …. in small increments

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:55 on September 3, 2015  

ffundsWHATS ALL THE FUSS about ?

Its a distraction to aid the Short sellers

Well one thing most of us do agree on

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:42 on September 3, 2015  

Very little difference in agendas of both parties.

They must be afraid of Trump or want to do him harm or both by wanting him to sign the GOP loyality oath. I wonder if they make them stand below a sign of satan when they do it or some UN figure. Guess he signed it and causing a stir. Just shows how desperate they are wanting to hold on to power. Nothing has changed since the GOP has taken over for the tea party.

Wanka something to cheer the Salty’s

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:46 on September 3, 2015  

From the past.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:24 on September 3, 2015  

That was tragic what happened to little Aylan his brother and his mom. They are forming a petition to provide a safer passage to Europe and probably elsewhere. These families are the exceptions that were the silent victims but the problem is so many thugs jumping in boats causing so many problems including the ones who threw christian refugees overboard because they would not renounce their faith to the Muslims God bless them and all the trouble their causing familys like this will suffer.

If there was away to be screened it would help. If they stopped these wars and what’s going on in Syria it would help more. Then we have Obama not dealing with ISIS going around cutting hands off children murderimg their fathers and raping and selling the women or enslaving them. They state how France has helped but look at what happened in France now as well as rapes went up In Sweden and only Norway deported resulting in crime going down immediately. Seems like what we have going on at the borders that their getting the worst or criminals and the poorest creating welfare cities and no go zones while they complain about their freedoms and cultures not being happy where they left but complaing about the country who saved them not being like the country they left.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:01 on September 3, 2015  

Walk along people nothing to see here.

The Homeland Security Department last month released what they said was nontoxic gas into New York’s Grand Central Station to trace how chemicals might flow through the terminal in a terrorist attack. We speak with biological and chemical terrorism expert Leonard Cole, who asks what this “nontoxic gas” actually was. He wrote a book about how–in the 1950s and 1960s, U.S. government scientists ran a series of tests to determine how easy it would be to expose large numbers of people to a lethal bacteria. [includes rush transcript]
In 1918, toward the tail end of World War I, the government briefly experimented with ricin — a deadly, natural plant protein — and the Chemical Warfare Service (CWS) was formed to oversee research and development. With the signing of the Geneva Protocol in 1925 (which prohibited the use of biological and chemical weapons in international warfare), the U.S. government’s interest waned: until the 1940s, biological weapons were largely considered impractical.
Shortly after Pearl Harbor, the United States changed its mind.

In 1942, President Roosevelt signed into action the first biological warfare program; backed by the National Academy of Sciences, the initiative sought to develop biological weapons and explore vulnerability of the U.S. to such attacks. A government body — the War Research Service (WRS) — was created to oversee these activities, and George W Merck (of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company) was appointed to leadership. At his team’s directive, Fort Detrick, the United States’ biological warfare “headquarters,” was constructed in the small town of of Frederick, Maryland.

The facility then embarked on top secret plan to stage open-air “biological warfare tests” using the unsuspecting American public.

More on how even NYPD involved.


may i lodge a complaint

Posted by WANKA @ 14:20 on September 3, 2015  

complaining about a complaint complaining of a complaint of complaining? toon2iwj


Posted by treefrog @ 14:10 on September 3, 2015  

we have four, do i hear five.     four, four, four, do i hear five…


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:07 on September 3, 2015  

Stop causing trouble! :mrgreen:

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