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re 19:54 American Medical Assoc. Announces New Mandatory Vaccine

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:19 on June 10, 2015  

TPTB are trying to generate revenue for various businesses for the non-industrial economy in any feeble way possible. I heard recently that any medical related employees like nurses etc are REQUIRED to go for annual inspections (check ups) for early detection. And with the machinery they have, they can find something wrong with practically anybody they inspect.

Some day, mark my words now, some medical whistle blower like Snowden will expose a medical system doing zillions of tests, operations, procedures and prescriptions that cost the gov’t and insurance companies big money, and don’t really need to be done.

Go into any oncologists or cancer treatment centers, and all the people waiting their turn look very healthy. Also note how so many people are surviving cancer these days. Why? Because they really didn’t have the REAL cancer. The one that kills you no matter what you do.

A recent study showed less treatment for kids with cancer resulted in longer survival rates. Just search Google. One Dr was saying they need a new name for certain cancers, because they don’t really need to be treated. He said when people hear “cancer” they want it treated right away.

TPTB use the environment excuse for non productive jobs. Ethanol in gasoline causes more unneeded repairs and replacement. Add the effin check engine lite, another money grabber. TPTB are making us cannibal ourselves, rather than THEM paying more taxes to support the system.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.